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He was the cool and dazzling Creator God, entering the world with the authority to oppose the heavens,
Of course it would be a reign of terror, where he does whatever he pleases—

Yet it was not.
Because he actually forgot how to start the plug-in modifier! Pfft—!
The Creator God who had already forgotten how to operate the human body, unfortunately degenerated into an idiot in the eyes of others.

The poor and s*upid Creator God used the initial dime given by the system to buy a cheap Shadow Guard.
Nothing cheap is good, I can only improvise like this first, and then switch him out when I have money in a few days…

Three days later:
F**k, this little Shadow Guard is so fine!

Associated Names
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Dai Gua Xi Tong, Zui Wei Zhi Ming
Dai Gua Zhuang Bi, Zui Wei Zhi Ming
I Brought A Guard In Ancient Times (Manhua)
带挂系统, 最为致命
带挂装逼, 最为致命
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New shei_jie rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: c70
I read the entire main text afraid of the comments I saw before I started reading. I thought the psychological horror was going to be horrible or that there would be a lot of gore, but there really wasn't much and it was actually very mild, I would say. Anyway, I really liked the main text. I really liked the MC's personality and I really liked the relationship between him and ML. It was very comfortable to read and the translation is very good.
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XavierForest rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: c1
I've started to read the manhua and noticed that a lot of people were bashing the MC for being an idiot in the comments section there, so I thought I'd put a reminder here so you guys don't forget his circumstances:

This guy came from an era/world where I'm pretty sure the physical body wasn't something everyone had. At the very least, he might not have had one (ch1 of this novel even says outright that these people are "separated from material things and do not need physical bodies"). The people... more>> there are immortal, don't know what hunger is, and I don't think there's pain. Because of this, the MC doesn't realise that he needs food. He doesn't recognise blood. He smells sweat/dirt and just thinks of it as a strange scent. When someone tells him they're fine or they're not hungry, he believes them because he doesn't even know what his own body needs, let alone anyone else's.
Of course, the MC is actually a bit of a dumbass, but it grows on you and it's actually pretty funny at times. The ML is really adorable and I really pity him because he has the whole "a servant can't do X" personality, and because the MC hasn't had a body before he never knows if something is wrong, meaning the MC will believe the ML completely and won't notice any problems he is facing. At the same time, this poor ML also has to constantly watch the MC like a helicopter parent to make sure his master is eating properly and doesn't accidentally mutilate himself.
I've reached chapter 92 of the manhua so I can tell you guys right now that it's a gem. The misunderstandings, the dialogue, everything is quality content. It's 70% comedy with a splash of sad backstories sprinkled through with a cast of weird characters. I can't wait for the novel to catch up, which shouldn't take long considering how short the manhua's chapters are. <<less
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EllieOrgeria rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: c2
I didn't know about this novel until I came across the Manhua in Mangago. Well, after reading 92 chapters, I immediately fell in love with it, although I was pretty hesitant to continue in the first place because the first chapters seem to be ridiculous and unreasonable due to the plug-ins, that kind of stuff, but the art was incredibly amazing so I kept reading and also because each chapter only had a few pages. But to my shock when I found out the artist has passed away because of... more>> over-working. I soon enter the state of total depression knowing that the Manhua wouldn't be finished, my expectations were in shambles. Fortunately, I found the light novel which was adapted to Manhua and it is currently being translated by "Mao Translates", they are the source of my happiness and I am willing to support them so that they can get the translations done with. I know people might say this plain thing, a Manhua/novel isn't worth getting sad and heartbroken over but this was my first time feeling the intensity of my emotions so it's like finding something you truly love as being a fujoshi. So my last words are - This novel is a DEFINITE RECOMMEND, it's very interesting, nothing I've ever read before thanks to those Plug-ins and you'll love the characters's personalities and the changing of the plot after further reading. I also recommend checking the Manhua as well since the art is DAMN GORGEOUS and pretty easy to read because of the shortage of one chapter. As for me, I'll always be waiting for the novel translations to catch up with the Manhua. Thanks for reading guys!

P/s: This is not a review. I'm just a rebel :) <<less
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LoonyMe rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Bloody hell, it's no comedy.

Author, why do you hurt me so?!

It came off as light-harted for the first 50 chapters, with how MC was going through all the hardships with ease and laughs, but came out as a gorish psychological drama, borderline tragedy.

Torture, gore, mind-break, betrayal, that crazy psycopath of a subordinate (not ML, the other one), it's too much, thank you.

I added tags and genres, so that people like me, who are searching for sweet isekai romance would not be fooled into this glass-serving mess.
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applebeans rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: Completed
LOL I read this as a manhua before novel it's so funny! Most interesting/original world and protagonist setting I've seen in Cnovel and manhua for maybe years. It's amazing the author makes the protagonist really OP and really silly without becoming stὕpid. -> circa c33

The emotional highs and lows hit me HARD in this novel. The funny will knock me to the ground, while the sad doesn't pull its punches. The time does a bit roller coaster motion... but it's good twist and turn. the what-ifs fleshes out the characters... more>> for me (I skipped a lot of the side characters' love story, just not that interested in them)


A big twist in the middle where Jun Xuanheng's twin appear is SO So SO sad. WHy you no love him???? he's so heartbroken and yet he's still very gentle, he'll really do anything to make Ye Tan happy. Twin "Think, what if one day you find out he likes someone else?"
Jun Xuanheng "If Ah Tan likes that person, I'll watch over him. Doesn't matter if he doesn't look at me anymore."
Twin "Yes, you (we) do think this way."


Jun Xuanheng "why did you choose to look like him?"
Twin "I may not have a lot of opportunity to see him in my life. But when I drink and catch my reflection in the water... I won't feel so lonely" WHY??!!!?!? I'M sO DISAPPOINTED WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH TWIN??? TWIN IS ALSO JUN XUANHENG AH TAN YOU COME LOVE THIS EVOLVED BABY the sadder thing is that Jun Wuwang is someone who can rise to the top of the world (the meaning for his name Jun Xuanheng). -> circa c71


OK wow it's twist upon twists


I love love love that the author made Immortal!Ye Tan come back to his Jaded!Jun Xuanheng IMGSO HAPPY OMG The scope of changes! Jun Xuanheng had always been smart, but Jun Wuwang, himself after so many lives is very qualified to be evil villain. It hurts me so much to see past!Ye Tan distrusting him.... HURHUGGGH JWW just wants to protect you!!! only you!!! for lives and lives!!!!!!!! URGHHH INTERNAL BLEEDING WHEN HE DIDN'T GET HIS NAME FROM YE TAN AND DOESNT UNDERSTAND WHY YE TAN IS BEING SO DISTANT WITH HIM

I think it's also interesting that these big-shots in jianghu are g@ys.. when there's some little characters being anti g@y.... and these g@ys can literally fὕck the world up. ->this new addition is when I completed the main story line

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Wintercreeper rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: c67
I'm not sure what this novel wants to be and there's a brutal tonal shift out of nowhere around chapter 50, it's also very inconsistent with its own rules, not to mention that several chapters right in the middle are wasted on the backstory of certain characters.
A jack of all trades is a master of none, there are too many concepts sloppily mixed together, especially the transmigration aspect is poorly utilised.

The novel has a really strong start but around the tonal shift it all falls apart, there are glaring plot holes made to make the story more tragic, unfortunately right after MC's absolute OPness was explained, of which he suddenly makes zero use.
You can't make an insanely OP character like MC and then just make him ignore it for the sake of drama, it makes zero sense.

Character settings collapse one after another, plot points are suddenly made up, it goes from slice of life to intense violence in the span of a few chapters with no transition whatsoever, and it feels extremely rushed, like it was meant to be 150+ chapters but suddenly had to be finished in 97.
The pacing is just awful in the second half.

It honestly feels like two people co-wrote the novel and didn't bother to actually cooperate so it all matches and makes sense, the shifts from comedy to brutality are just jarring, it's not incorporated but thrown on top of each other.

From what I understand of the last 30 chapters, it doesn't get better but more messy, destabilising the already wonky foundation even further.

Seriously sad, the story had a lot of potential but it would have needed a lot more chapters to make the concept work properly, it was too ambitious for the writer to pull off.
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srrrahim rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
It's 4.4 for me. Because I feel that author kinda rushed the ending. Imo, It has so much potential to make it more larger, and beautiful, and tragic

The twist that ... more>>

It's not MC's first lifetime in this world

is a surprise for me. Even though if you read it carefully, you can see author's foreshadowing it in early chapter

The side couple is also has a good building, even though I hate that couple because

The gong always end up killing MC in all his lifetime. Such a selfish man. Even though MC is this gong and shou's master. The one who kind enough to let them live


Overall, , this is a sweet, comedic, and cute story with an element of mystery and also tragedy

My heart aches for MC

The one that has his memory of multiple lifetime

??? <<less
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whisk_me_away rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a gawddamn heartbreaker.

Reading early chapters : AHAHHAHA SO CUTE

Gets to the middle: WHAT THE f*ck IS GOING ON.


Extras: Ok sheesh....😏

Even more extras: CRIES A RIVER.....

... more>>

ya know what... I feel bad for Zhongli Ziki. Like all he wanted was to save his brother. He got f*cking tortured during his childhood like how the hell else was he supposed to act. I'm so glad Ye Jun stuck by his side because he's the saddest character in that gawddamn series. Yes, even more so than Ye Tan. That's right. I said it.

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Chuyin rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: c10
And here I am! First time in a long time to write a review. Hope it is helpful.

I noticed that many came to read the novel after manhua. Well, I'm no exception! Since we are talking about the same work, let me recommend it to you: great style of drawing + ingenious presentation of self-perception of the MC / his environment = instant conquest of my heart. At that time I was just starting to read, but I was already thinking: "This is definitely a masterpiece."

Then I found out there... more>> was a novel. A bit embarrassing for me as a fan of the genre lol. And, starting to read, I felt some anxiety - what if this is one of those cases when the artistic approach saved the work?
Buuut no! I was definitely, absolutely NOT disappointed.
I laugh and facepalm, feel sad, worry about the characters; despite the fact that I voluntarily read spoilers, unable to contain my literary hunger, I am still actively waiting for the continuation of the translation in order to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Since I am now at chapter 10 of the novel and chapter 98 of manhua, I do not undertake to conduct an accurate analysis, but I trust my instinct and the impressions I have already received. This is a readable thing that should not be ignored if you are interested in intrigue, smiles and tears, a story of characters that is much more thoughtful than it might seem at first glance. And cheats. Just a few cheats for our amazing MC.

Manhua and the novel complement each other amazingly, bringing color and clarity at different points in time, so I suggest that you familiarize yourself with both - it will be a good time. <<less
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fireflymaoh rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Funny master/bodyguard wuxia romance. I recommend everyone to read the comics until they are available. I felt like they really brought the characters to life at the beginning of the story. Sadly I read that the author for the comics passed away. The MC seems really silly at the beginning, but as the story progresses you realize he is not really s*upid. He is just taking a while to learn how everything works. There is a lot of character growth, interesting side characters, and interesting backstories.
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ylial rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I really love this novel! Really a gem!

I thought that ML is the gong but at the last quarter of the novel, they became a reversible couple

couple (MC and ML that knew their pasts. MC tried to reincarnate several times to save ML. But the MC is not as innocent as before but his feelings to ML is true, so the ML tried to alienate himself to MC and became a master-servant only)

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HoneyMilk180 rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Super disappointed after finishing the story. The beginning was so good it was funny and exciting with sprinkle of mystery but near the middle everything just ruined.

Here are some of the problems that I just cant ignore

1. Lots of plot hole

2. Its just HE for everything and everyone. Even for the antagonists like there is 0 responsibility !!! everyone is just ended up happy and somehow in good / okay term with each other. Like wtf...... more>>

the author just throw some sad background story and somehow the villain is now part of misunderstood good guy despite dude has killed bunch of people


3. MC is supposed to be OP but somehow he is the weakest out of all character

I waited 100+ chapter of the codebook that lost in the inn to be mentioned again but nope nada auhor just forget about it. Also MC can access data file where he can see the past but he only used it 1 time like WHY


4. The plot is so inconsistent especially rule about the plug in just changes every chapter tbh <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Accellia rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: --
this is such a gem!! Perfect package for me!! It has fluff, cute, freaking funny scenes, and some facepalm lol due to MC lack of common sense (that is reasonable because he is higher being who doesn't know most of these common mortal things such pain, hunger, and love)

but it also has a lil bit mystery, sadness and pain. be careful of the abrupt shift in the middle. It has funny cute early but dark and gloomy from the middle 🥲 but don't worry, ALL HE!!! even for the villains who is actually the most pitiful characters 😭😭

... more>>

he just want to protect his bro, and got tortured for it, and the more he did it the more it backfired because his personality got twisted due to torture. So glad Ye Jun stay 😭😭 this couple is very cute uwu


no loose ends (if you don't care about the "main world", it's all completely told. Main world doesn't matter much except for 2 characters, ahem) because author just give us so many extras for all characters 🥰

My favourite should be that famous DATA SCENES 🤣 it's freaking fabulous, lmao. <<less
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Caffae rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: c68
This is actually really good :) basically imagine MC is an AI that lacks basic human knowledge because he never had a physical body before. Then he goes to live in a ancient times world (like transmigrating into a game) which he has cheat codes for but forgot how to access the interface.

The story does have abrupt shifts in tone (happy romantic to incredibly horrifying and sad) but it all makes logical sense when u see the background. Character development is great 😊 I feel really bad for the side... more>> characters so far tho.

It starts off funny but also similar to a train wreck 😂 then later feelings! And random bouts of wholesome sweetness, followed by disaster, hurt feels and sadness. At chap 68 <<less
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kai0.1 rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is very good!

I normally don't read novels that don't have a goal in specific
- kill __
- get revenge
- finish a game

The first goal was very simple for me, get a guard and survive. It was very entertaining to see how little by little Jun Xuanheng learns and develops.


I found it very interesting how everything made sense, I literally couldn't guess the ending and that makes this novel one of my favorite reads!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MadGhostOfBrownHollow rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: --
Very good! It’s very funny! I read up to the last update of the manhua, the loss of the artist is very sad... Their art was beautiful.

I unfortunately cannot understand the MTL, so for now I’m awaiting a day the translations finish :’) Or I can read Chinese.

I really enjoy the personalities of all the characters, and the general vibe of the story just flows incredibly. Thank you, author!! 10/10
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 6, 2021
Status: --
1v1 HE -- Cute, lighthearted story. Reads a bit like slice of life, even though there's an overarching plot, which reveals more about MC, MC's world, and MC's purpose. Does focus on some of the side characters too.

Doting shadow guard x silly white bun "God of Creation".

Reversible couple.

MC is not your typical dense silly white bun. It's probably more correct to say MC is ignorant than s*upid. Despite being the God of Creation, MC does not have full administration rights ... more>>

(apparently that belongs to MC's other self, his blackened version, which will gradually be revealed throughout the story; novel is great with foreshadowing this)


NOTE: There is a sequel. The sequel continues after this story.

(and includes follow ups on MC's blackened version, the one who holds all the memories of their reincarnations)

Sequel seems to still be ongoing, but with irregular updates at the time of this review.

Worth reading if you want something sweet and lighthearted. <<less
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2vdwcrva rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: extra 35
I enjoyed it. It wasn't amazing but it was fun. There were definitely some logical inconsistencies with what the main character's original world was like, but author gave up on that aspect of the story pretty early on so it doesn't really matter. Also, the tonal shift was a bit out of left field but I honestly don't think it was bad enough to warrant the tragedy tag.

... more>>

It went from a comedy to briefly a generic transmigration novel to an even briefer tragedy and then honestly it just fizzled out.

And then most of the actually interesting parts of characterization and plot are all in the extras.

I do think it's funny how the main couple seems to be doing so much better within their relationship than all of the side couples.


Ye Xiao and Ye Lan are having some of the worst s*x known to man and then there's just the inherent exhaustion of Ye Xiao having to take care of and manage Ye Lan because of his memory issues but then also getting scolded by the main character everytime he tried to keep Ye Lan in check even though he's the person who knows him best. And they are honestly just in a really complicated and f*cked up situation to the point that their happy ending is literally that Ye Xiao just starts gets Ye Lan wasted every night so he'll stop raping him all the time. And like... Jesus Christ. Honestly the main character was kind of pissing me off in regards to how much he was babying Ye Lan and how much he disliked Ye Xiao for no reason.

And then another side couple is literally just the main couple. But from the future. And more cynical. And like, if they were trying to make it work after their fifth divorce. I find them delightful tbh. The guy who's usually the gong did bottom once. And while that was a kind of an awkward scene bc of the sequence of events afterwards, I was just happy that it happened. Honestly all of those two's s*x scenes were incredibly awkward. That was kind of their thing. They're working through something.

And then Zhongli Zixi and Ye Jun. They have... so many issues. Zhongli Zixi may be evil but Ye Jun is manipulative as hell...

And then the love triangle never got resolved. To bad. I kind of liked them. But that DOES mean I get to imagine them having a really awkward poly ending where Zhongli Zixu doesn't really know how to reject either of them (or rejects both of them) and then he has to deal with the consequences. That would be my ideal ending for them. Just hijinks and Zhongli Zixu suffering.


There were a lot of loose threads and slight inconsistencies so my rating would really be 3.5, but I actually got kind of attached to the characters so I'm rounding up.

Don't read it for the plot though. There really isn't much of one even though it kind of pretends there is. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: Completed
It's all fun and games, until... it's not.


Overall though, it was a fluffy light story. Despite the angst/warnings in between, I think the tone of the novel remained light-hearted throughout.

One thing that bothered me a lot was

... more>>

the game and the ending was not explained very well? MC created the game out of his graduation project but there was no more context after that. The author also vaguely mentioned that the MC broke the law etc. and would probably get excommunicated to the "small" world that he made, but none of these scenes happened on-screen (for example, if he made a double of himself, why didn't both of them get informed about the decision, and when was the decision made about their punishment?)

A lot of plot choices like the duplicate of Ye Tan going to the main world etc. were glossed over and seemed a bit too convenient.

The story could have probably been a lot more angsty (and interesting) if the author had written the two doubles merging, Ye Tan losing it / getting confused, and it could have been delicious separation angst of Ye Tan going to the main world and rewatching everything again before coming back to reunite with MC.... but alas.


Also there was no reassurance from the author that the small world/game world was not all just data and "fake."


Also there was an odd part with the concept of 3000 small worlds... if each resident of the main world can easily make small worlds, there must be millions of small worlds and there was no limit to how many each main world resident can make... so the 3000 as a number didn't make much sense.


Anyway, logic is not a strong suit here. just come and eat fluff.

Also I was a initially annoyed at the huge long extras about the side couple, but they grew on me... <<less
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January 21, 2024
Status: --
Yes... MC is very frustrating, but it's actually not all that bad because ML hasn't fully understand his feeling too. You can just say they're both slow.

I recommend you keep reading. I really like the extra chapters especially. It's short, but was a satisfying read.


there's no bad ending, but I do say the way they resolved the conflict can be unsatisfying for some. I think this is the reason why the novel ended rather quickly.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hiori1996 rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: Completed

i was a fan of the manwha, and I was really sad when the artist passed away, I had hope that someday I will find the novel BUT OMG WAS IT NOT WORTH IT. I MEAN IF THE AUTHOR PULLED A "IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM FROM MC" it would've been 100000 times better.

Please please read the book if you are really stubborn, like I was, (I didn't pay attention to the 1 or 2 stars review but boy was I... more>> wrong, I deserved it), but if you can avoid this s*upid ending of the book, please, I swear is not worth it, the art from the manwha is beautiful I know, but from the episode 52 everything goes downhill.

It just got way complicated and it didn't make sense at the end. A lot o waisted characters that seemed interesting. Some of the extras are not so bad

It just makes no sense. I can't stop writing, I'm just so angry, dmn. <<less
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