Life After a Broken Engagement


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The second prince got a woman with child and broke off the engagement he had with me. Ours wasn’t a love match to begin with, and I couldn’t even claim to feel angry or sad at the news. Despite that, it would seem I was still owed an apology. But why was one who brought it the older brother of my ex-fiance, the crown prince himself?

[Crown Prince x Son of a Poor Noble / BL / R18]
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Chiaroscuro rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: c5
3.5-4 stars

MC is an introverted beautiful nerd.

He has PTSD with carriages because of his mom's death. So he prefers to walk on foot, hence being seen as weird

Quite rational and logical. Is seen as boring by other people because he's a nerd lol.

ML is a stalkerish black-bellied prince. There must be some huge political manuver for him to be able to do what he wants but since it's from MC's POV it wasn't shown.

Overall its very warm and fluffy. Relationship progression is good enough.I don't really dig the female pronouns used despite MC obv being male.

TL is top notch.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Just a sweet and simple story of a crown prince's obsessive love for MC. No angst, no terrible anger or fights. MC and ex-fiance also get along well together and even ex-fiance's wife too. MC is shown to be a super beauty who can attract others v easily while he himself remains oblivious.
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