Lian Qun Fang


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One smile has the flowers vying for brilliance

One smile has the beauties all enraptured.


The fool finally couldn’t take it any longer and cried on his shoulder, “Gege, is it because I am s*upid that you don’t want me anymore?”

Du Mengluo only said one word: “want.”

Later on, Xue Dan is no longer an idiot. He is now the owner of Huaixugu, Bai Jing Fang. Languidly strolling about, shards of memories suddenly reappeared in his mind and he choked while hugging Du Mengluo. “Gege, is it because I am no longer s*upid that you don’t want me anymore?”

Du Mengluo still only said one word: “want.”

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Eny rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: c41
They should tag drama and rape, too. So with talking when characters are abusive, don't doubt it. They really are. I liked the development of MC and ml. The only thing I didn't like was because it didn't take revenge, even if the ML wanted it. It really makes me bitter. It was a lot of injustice to both of them.

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MC and ML are practically victims. For in my perception Cui jin and Zao ci (I don't know if the names are right. I used a translator to finish the story.) Has a love affair or something. And that involved the two that were just Cui jin's toys or pets. And for me Cui jin and Zao Ci are the same, even though Cui jin saved MC when he was running away from another place that treated him with tools. I will not give further details, but I can say that MC and ML have a happy ending.


Another warning, anyone who wants to read the story prepares your heart, because if you are like me with a glass heart, you will cry with anger, sadness and injustice. You may even want to get into history and go out killing everyone who hurt our babies.


I don't think MC is that cold with ml, just he doesn't have the strength to keep ml. You will understand what I mean when reading the story.


If anyone wants to know who is the top and bottom of the relationship.


In fact at the beginning of the story the two are the bottom (Because of the rapes). But forward the bottom is the ML and in the end the bottom becomes the MC.

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