Li Han’s Little Farmer’s Wife from the Mountains


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Traveling to the ancient countryside, with broken houses and walls, no parents, no money, no food in her hands, a large group of scumbags who want to take advantage of her, as well as a village idiot who wants to marry her.

Shen Ruolan is depressed, Hey! What should I do if I am dealt a bad hand?

This cold salad is definitely not done, you can only start from scratch.

As a result, she built greenhouses, raised poultry, dug fish ponds, and sold secret recipes. With all her energy, she finally made her life flourish and abused the scumbags to abandon their armor and cry for their mothers.

Ms. Shen became famous and the matchmaker who came to propose marriage had to step through the threshold. She was wondering who to choose. A man with no ethics came to her door in the middle of the night.

“Lan’er, we have both slept together and you are still thinking about marrying someone else, do you not want to be responsible?”

Shen Ruolan said softly, “You are saying that I slept with you? Where is the evidence?”

The sleepy man replied slowly, “Evidence, I have left it in your stomach, and you can see it in nine months !”

Nine months later, the evidence came to fruition, and the man was extremely proud: “Look, the evidence is conclusive, What else do you want say?”

Shen Ruo gritted her teeth: “I gave birth to the child. How can you prove that it is yours?”

Yo! you want me to admit it?

The man’s face turned dark: “Want to be reckless? Because you are so beautiful? Let’s make another one for comparison!”

So saying, he fell down….

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6 Reviews

Apr 07, 2021
Status: Completed
A real sense of a slice of life romance and drama story.

Realistic plot, step by step career and love building, & practical main character.


... more>>

The main character was a policewoman in the modern life but got transmigrated into ancient times as an skinny village girl that starved to death because both her parents weren't there. She uses her knowledge of food recipes and 'song talents' to make money first, then overtime, she uses that capital to open shops to make even more money. In between that, she reunites with her parents and finds love, while dealing with some family and antagonist drama.

The Male Lead has the title of King because the current emperor is his brother from the same mother, who later falls in love with our main character, and shamelessly tries to stick to her. Of course, our MC with her modern thinking will not find a royal because she believes that they are all stallions, thus she will not share her husband. At first, the ML doesn't understand her thinking, but gradually his love for her overpowers his views of the world and vows to only have her in his life. And lols, his love spreads and grows, and became a father & wife s*ave later~


Although the main character has a space cheat, she does not heavily rely on it to make a living. She has her own set of skills and knowledge from the future and uses them to start her life off. (Of course, her spiritual water cheat she obtains later is helpful)


Even though there are some plot holes, the novel itself is enjoyable due to its inhumanely realistic descriptions of each plot point and character. It's almost as if the author was there himself/herself, knowing how each character would act and think.

Applaud and kowtow to the author's skills in character details. It's divine, really. <<less
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Aug 04, 2021
Status: c135
I won't rate this because I dropped the novel due to personal preference. At this point, there are two prospective love interests for MC. I'm getting a hunch that the one who wins at the end is the guy I don't like. Then, I peeked at the last few chapters and also read the previous reviews. Sadly, the love interest will be the guy I didn't like.

... more>>

I had a hunch that 2nd lead will not be end game because of his lack of flexibility when it comes to business. We all know that in Chinese novels, the male lead has to be good at making money. 🙄

Another hunch I had why the winning ML was the end game is because he has this bad boy persona. Again, it's the cliche trope that the rich bad boy will get the girl. 🥱 Want to know who will be MC's love interest? It's the guy who ONLY treated MC kindly when he found out that she has the potential to become pretty. MC started out looking 'ugly' because she was 'yellow-skinned' and sickly thin, and he treated her like she's garbage that he picked up. When she used make up and dressed up nicely, that guy discovered that she can become pretty. And when you thought he'll start doting on her, he just acted like a self-entitled prick. Throwing money and pearls to MC as if that's enough to earn brownie points, but not bothering to make her feel safe and well. He repeatedly saves MC from live and death situations that HE caused and he has the audacity to act like a bit*h when MC does not treat him like a God for saving her.
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Jun 13, 2021
Status: c362
A decent read. Gave it a 3-star just because I sympathize with the 2nd ML. I feel like the MC was a cheater and a third wheel.

A bit of a spoiler...

In my opinion, for the MC who emphasizes she wants loyalty in a relationship, her actions says otherwise just because she is not really in love with the 2nd ML. In my opinion 2nd ML just had to let go so that the MC can be guilt free to be in a relationship with the ML. The ML is not... more>> innocent either. <<less
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May 04, 2021
Status: c172
I don't typically leave reviews because I rarely love or hate novels to the point of having to, but for this, I had to.

I MTL-ed this up to 172 and decided to give it up.

Up to this point, I keep hoping the ML is not the ML because he's the typical "black-bellied tyrant" who only get plot developments depending on how hard the FL ignores him. The second male lead is so pure, I was hoping he stood a chance because the ML is so tr*shy huhu. There was a fair bit of reasoning regarding 2nd ML's family and why it won't work for them but it felt rushed. The 2nd ML was so principled at the start so this reasoning kinda just felt like the easy way out.


And tbh, by chapter 172, it started to get boring. Some arcs dont make sense for the entirety of the plot??? Plenty of loopholes and unnecessary and jarring plot twists.

Some good points:

*FL's space cheat was refreshing that it wasn't all-encompassing (although at first only. It did feel underutilized from time to time)

*FL is ruthless when she wants to be, pretty realistic with the compassion aspect too.

Overall, good start but still ended up being the usual formula of these kinds of novels. I really thought it was gonna be different but I just got disappointed that I had to drop it. The FL had good points but was still very inconsistent. The ML has no good points for me (maybe in the later chapters, he'll get a new personality but

I really can't overlook how he treated her during the post-kidnapping arc.

Usual tr*sh relatives filler chapters.

So, in summary, 3/5. Meh.
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: c85
I'm so done with this one already, Even though we haven't progressed much into the story and the leads haven't even properly interacted yet. I usually am patient to go through novels by giving them a benefit of doubt and not rushing to conclusions early. But this MC, man she irks me soo much.

The BIGGEST Annoying thing is that she was a police in her previous life, and a good one at that (supposedly).

How can a police be soo ignorant of danger?? Just how??

Even as a regular citizen I... more>> know how to guard myself (without martial arts) to a certain extent. She seems to lack the most basic common sense when it comes to self protection. Even a teenage kid knows not to walk alone at night with a stranger, not to expose wealth etc. She leaves everything to chance.


1. She earns her first silver and the first thing she does is get the highest quality clothes. Will anyone in their right mind jump from frugal to rich in plain sight when you are a weakling who's malnourished and all bones??? At most you'll wear good clothes inside while still wearing those patched clothes outside?? And she dares to walk back home with an unknown man when you've seen that everyone in the cart has noticed her sudden wealth.

2. She has space, she lives alone but anyone can just barge inside her house and she didn't even bother hiding the new found goods when she knows she's surrounded by greedy wolves.

3. She wants to keep a self defence weapon. Good. Hands over the entire goddamn model made of wood to iron smith. 😡. Dude hand her some brains. She needs it.

4. She finally grows some flesh, starts looking normal instead of a severely malnourished child. Decides to just walk out alone to a strange city in her natural appearance and eats whatever she's given a random inn and surprise !!!! She's kidnapped. I am so done at this point.
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Feb 15, 2023
Status: Completed
First things first! The summary is very misleading lmao. I thought this would be a story of a "forced romance" because of the silly "FL is pregnant with ML's baby unknowingly" premise described in the summary. The other reviews also threw me off a bit, making me believe even more that this was a story about a no-good FL who easily bends to the whims of a forceful man. Anyway, I stayed away from reading this for so long because of these two things (and, of course, because the TL... more>> is not finished any the MTL is only 70-75% readable). When I read it this time, not only did I manage to finish it, but I even liked it a bit. Ah, but I'll talk more about that later. First!


SUMMARY: The FL of this novel is a modern day police woman that transmigrates into the body of Shen Ruolan, a thin, abandoned girl from ancient times. She brought along a magical space as well as modern knowledge regarding agriculture, food, performing arts, weapon-making, medical skills, etc. The main cheat is pretty understated, but the modern knowledge was definitely a bit over-the-top, making it seem like the FL knew how to do anything and everything. Anyway, I ignored that because the story isn't really focused on the poor-to-rich aspect.

The focus is mostly family and relationship drama. Of course, the FL transmigrates into a person with lots of messy in-laws, which is pretty typical. The key thing that may be bothering you is the deal with the 2ML. Yes, as the other reviewers say, the FL meets the 2ML first, and matches her ideals for a husband (simple, honest, willing to dote on her.) As a result, they get engaged and remain that way for a while, making for it a bit difficult for the ML (King Zhan/Lord Qi, Chunyu Xuan) to get his girl. Of course, the two still meet after a while, though the situation isn't good at first. The two will have to slowly grind each other before they can settle down. In the meanwhile, there's constant petty troubles from all sides.


THOUGHTS: First, I should say, this novel is a bit horrifying at times (for example, the age gap between the FL and ML is 10 years. The FL is 14-15 the first time they do it too DX. I've learned to mentally ignore ages in historical dramas and translate it to legal age (or close to it) but you may not find it acceptable). (Another example, there's lots of triggering scenes of r*pe, torture, violence, etc. The cannon fodders definitely don't have it easy in this fic. They get the worst ending at the drop of the hat.) These two examples alone will probably turn a lot of readers away, and tbh, it would have probably turned me away too if I hadn't already invested so much time in it LOL.

In the end, I kept reading and focus on the parts that I liked. Mainly, I liked the FL and ML's romance development. It was a bit messy at times, and the ML is definitely not a good guy. But then again, he never pretended to be one. He's violent, cruel, and indifferent to the world. He continued to be that way till the end. It's just that he fell in love with the FL. I thought it was nice how the two of them learn from each other. And although I felt bad for the 2ML, I always thought he and the FL weren't right for each other. If they got together, the relationship would have never been equal, and hold the FL may fall in love with him in time, it wouldn't be the passionate kind that the FL and ML had. In the end, the 2ML, despite showing up earlier than the ML, was a bit too late. If he had married the FL directly and grew up along with her (AKA followed her to do business and get rich), it might have worked out. OR, if he had gone to the army early (earning prestige for himself), that would have been fine too. But, as it stood, they were unequal from the beginning and he didn't have a chance. Sooner or later, his inferiority complex would have probably killed him.

ANYWAY, what am I saying? Right! This novel isn't the best, but it's not bad either. It's readable. Maybe the reason why my opinion is so good is because I went into it thinking it would be utterly tr*sh and was surprised to find it was readable, I dunno LOLOL. But either way, I read it till the end and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's hard to say what rating I should give. For now, I'll write it down as 3.5/5! But it might be a little lower the next time around. We shall see. <<less
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