Li Chuan’s Past


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At the age of seventeen, Xie Xiao Qiu met “him.”

Since then, “he” was engraved on her heart, an unforgettable existence.

Since then, she has been imprisoned by love to the point of madness.

“He” is called Wang Li Chuan. `

Six years ago, her boyfriend Li Chuan left without saying goodbye. Thereafter Xiao Qiu becomes the prisoner of love. She does not understand how such an intense and strong love could vanish overnight. The mystery of Li Chuan’s disappearance shatters Xiao Qiu’s heart. When they meet again Xiao Qiu wavers between advance and retreat. In the face of such a good and patient man, she suddenly understands happiness is never easy to grasp. Crippled or perfection is always accompanied by shadow.

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dysry rated it
March 5, 2016
Status: --
Started off as a very sweet and charming romance, with a cute and interesting female lead and a strong and gentle male lead. However he soon left her, and the rest of the story was filled with the female lead waiting, chasing and begging to be with him again...

Given their personalities and the situation, the arrangment makes sense, but since it was mostly from her POV it seemed very one-sided, repetitive and tedious after a while.

... more>>

The male lead found out he had a terminal illness and not long to live... and left her for 6 years. When he came back he ignored her because he was still in the ‘almost dying’ stage. And left again for 3 years. Overall their relationship lasted maybe 1 year at most and she spent well over 9 waiting...

Given how unstable his health was, I guess his reluctance makes sense... but he held out for over 10 years... And notice how there’s no tragedy tag?

In terms of strenths, the novel started out with very strong and likeable characters that suited each other and could depict their interactions well.

In terms of weaknesses, the stubborness of the characters in the latter half of the novel, which just seemed to drag the story on. The male lead causing her pain by trying to save her from pain, the female lead single mindedly chasing after him despite the lack of response. While it shows how dedicated they are to each other in a story, irl it would just be a pain and not particularly believable.

The story also does cute and light moments well but in terms of the tragic/emotional aspect it felt more removed. While this does save a lot of melodrama, it reduces the empathy readers might have for the characters. Not too sure if this is a good or bad thing.

The side stories are not too interesting but they give closure and hint that throughout this decade long chase, the male lead felt just as strongly for the female lead (though this should’ve been done throughout the story). Not too well written, mostly just extra scenes. <<less
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June 14, 2019
Status: Completed
I admire how strong the love between ML and FL, despite of the unfortunate events that they experienced and years of struggles that they battled on, they still hold the faith of love and care for each others.

I somehow understand their reasons why's and how's they have this kind of decision (like how they waste so much time.)

the question is: Are you going to disclose your sickness to someone who is naive (her 17 yrs old self), fragile, hard headed, minor, student, and clouded by love?
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