Leveling Up From Rank F


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One day, swamps appeared all around the world. Mobs of monsters lurked within these swamps. Hunters earned wealth and honor from hunting these creatures down. As a result, this occupation became the number one profession which everyone admired and sought after.

Ahn Jiwoo is a Hunter who had a late awakening. He was fired from his company, he broke up with his girlfriend, and he amassed an enormous debt after saving somebody. He believed his life would pick up and blossom from here on out.

“But why are my skills weird?”

“What’s the point of being a hunter?! When my stats are so… tr*sh!”

The journey of the lowest ranked Hunter climbing the ranks and saving the world begins now.

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F급부터 레벨업
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March 31, 2022
Status: c1
The first 6 chapters put me off. It's just the MC getting steamrolled over by his company.

small spoiler:

Seriously the story already starts on a s*upid and depressing note. I can understand having to work for a shitty company that sells rubbish products. But who on earth would buy those same products from their company just 'cause their manager told them they needed to boost sales. The MC just dug himself into a hole and allowed himself to get scammed.
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Hematite rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c29
Only just registered. Meant to give this three stars, but somehow it seems to be 4? I read other reviews on different stories saying similar, so I guess the system is just very sensitive.

Currently only translated through chapter 29, but despite this sort of story being one I typically enjoy, I'm finding myself feeling bored. It may be the relatively slow pace, or a bit too much "telling, not showing". There's nothing huge that stands out as poor, and the translation is good. The basic idea of the story... more>> details are good. I feel like I want to be able to enjoy it, but it's just not catching my attention. Not worth coming back to when more chapters post. <<less
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ladyvanya rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: c17
This is an extremely well written story. I have counted a lot of light novels that obviously seemed that the written by a high schooler. This is not one of them. In the first few chapters you really get to feel the struggles of being an adult trying to get by. Some people try to take advantage of you while others try to help you or are simply indifferent to you. It comes off very authentic. The buying of the jobs' product just to boost sales to stay employed is... more>> a s*upid move but it is a move people have made. People don't always make the greatest choices, and do allow themselves to get pulled along. Scammers take advantage of that. He was naive it was taken advantage of. He doesn't instantaneously get super OP. He becomes a hunter but he still has to learn, train and work hard to earn money for gear. He doesn't even become a hunter immediately, The first few chapters are slower because it's setting up with his current lifestyle is like.

He actually does what a lot of people do, which is ignore the problem. Then when there is a problem and people don't believe him, he takes a video of it.

If you liked tr*sh of a count's family, You might like this one too. It has the same level of quality. I would actually hazard to say that the writing quality is higher. I am not too sure about the depth of the story yet in comparison. <<less
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