Level Gacha ~ It Turns Out the Dump Stat 『Luck』 Is the Most Important


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It’s been ten years since dungeons appeared on Earth. And one man was weak because he would not grow even if his level went up.

He felt there was a possibility in the 『Luck』 stat that was ignored by everyone because it wasn’t directly related to strength, and poured his growth into this one stat. In the end of this tenacity, he found a strange skill that let him spend levels to earn something.

And so, this is a story of a man who gained the power to break through all sorts of strong enemies, and reveal a truth hidden in the dungeons.

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reberu gacha ~ hazure sutētasu “ un ” ga kekkyoku ichiban jūyōdatta ken ~
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aborednerd rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: c24
On to chapter 7 so far, I think the story is off to a good start. Main character is getting stronger, but it is disproportionate to his level based on what is happening. I like this kind of novel with a strong, kinda dense MC who worked hard for a long time to get there (even if it was off screen). It is a comfy read for me, like sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate on a cool day.

Update as of ch 24:

Story remains a good and... more>> comfy to read. If I had one complaint it would be the chapter release feels too slow at times? Though, I am just a beggar reading free work so not really a complaint at all to be honest. I think the author did a good job playing with my expectations as a reader and enjoyer of OP MCs.

This happened twice so far, the first time MC was stalked by a group after engaging with a receptionist that is beloved. Turns out after stalking him instead of it devolving into a fight they ran off to fight harder and get better themselves.

Second time, MC encountered an advanced group after he caused a ruckus fighting a rare mob. Instead of trying to fight him and steal the spoils they were respectful and pleasant.

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