Let’s Tame the Insolent Beasts


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The Emperor died just one day after I married into the Empire.

As if my fate wasn’t twisted enough, the three beasts raised by the Emperor bared their fangs and proposed to me.

Until my beloved stepdaughter inherits the throne, I, as the Empress, must protect her. However, these beasts are anything but normal.

Can I tame these unruly beasts and safely protect my daughter?


“I accept your proposals.”

Violet, scarlet, and deep blue eyes focused on me. I smiled brightly and made a suggestion to the three suspicious beasts.

“Didn’t you propose marriage? Let’s do it.”

This was the conclusion I came to after pondering all night—a way to play along with their schemes and seize the initiative.

I raised my chin and added in the majestic tone of an Empress.

“For your information, I prefer someone who is gentle, kind, and warm-hearted.”

So, hide your fangs and claws, you beasts.

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불손한 짐승을 길들여 봅시다
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