Let’s Create a Sand Kingdom With Sand Magic-Because I Was Banished to the Desert, I Tried My Best to Build a Nation Beyond My Homeland


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Horus, the fifth prince of the Magref Empire, is considered useless because he can only use the magic of the sand attribute to manipulate the sand, and is banished from the empire.

Thrown into the scorching desert, Horus demonstrates his sand magic and builds a huge sand castle.

Realizing that what seemed to be hell for others was heaven for him, he decided to live here leisurely.

However, through the battle with the demons, friends of various races gather and gradually form a “kingdom” with Horus as the king.

Associated Names
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Suna Mahou de Suna no Oukoku wo Tsukurou: Sabaku ni Tsuihou Sareta kara Ganbatte Sokoku Ijou no Kokka wo Tatete mita
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Jf0709 rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c3
Yes I know it’s a bit early for a rating but I have to say it. This novel has no plot at all, it’s basically this one dude that has sand powers and in the desert. Literally no other plot and of corse they have to make him super overpowered to have any chance at being entertaining. The protagonist is a idiot he falls in love because he saw something Beautiful literally he so dumb. No character depth or world building. But translator you did a good job.
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May 2, 2021
Status: c2

The way this novel was written is horrible. I reckon it's a kind of short text Japanese used to read while on the train. It's extremely barebone, rushed, no flavour text, lacking in the description in every possible way.

The story setting was alright but no amount of miracle ingenious can save it.

This novel doesn't do justice to the capability of the translator.
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Eskinos rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c5

I usually rate the novels I read on NU a lot higher than what their average rating is, so one could say I am an "easy" consumer. It's easy to satisfy me. I don't expect much from novels and if I keep reading, that means the novels good to me.

But this... thing is just too much.

Other reviewers described that it's bland, no plot and stuff, but what strikes me the most is the childishness of the writing and the thought processes of the characters.

... more>>

#1 The guy is banished because of his useless magic, sand magic. I get it standard premise. But not a single person in the royal family thought: if we were to give him more sand, would he perhaps IMPROVE his abilities? No. They banish him to a desert. Well he had to somehow get there to start the kingdom building, but please just find something a little bit more logical or convincing.

#2 The first girl (heroine I guess) introduced to us was attacked, the MC saved her yada yada yada same old story. When she wakes up with an unfamiliar man in an unfamiliar place, there isn't even a hint of suspicion in her mind, not even a single question asked. She greets him and thanks him just like that.


In conclusion I find the idea (kingdom building in a desert) interesting and the MC's power unique enough. It's just there is nothing more.

I would give a lower rating, but from the looks of it the translator is a cool guy that does his best. The quality of his work is high, I don't see any flaws or mistakes till now. So in an act of support I'm giving one extra star. Keep up the good work, just try to find something slightly better next time. <<less
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kenjirou05 rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: c75
MC has a gaara like power which is interesting in of itself. The setting is also compelling where he is exiled but turns out to be strong. The novel is essentially a nation building stoey with gaara powers. Looking forward to this one.

Sadly no english translations other than the 18 chapters you can search for online. I had to read google translated chapters for a bit to get an idea of future content. I have to say I hope some translator would pick this up again.
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