Let Me Ruffle Your Fur a Little


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‘He’s so cute I want to kick him flying through the air.’

Bai Yao runs a seafood restaurant in a seaside town. One day, he saw a small sentient sea otter being bullied.

Out of pity, he helped out the little sea otter.

The sea otter acts quite defensively, baring his teeth, all while still covered in wounds yet to heal.

His way of saying thanks, is gifting Bai Yao an oyster in his pocket that’s been sitting there for who-knows-how-long.

Bai Yao ends up bringing the wounded and exhausted little sea otter back to his restaurant, giving him food and a shower.

Though the sea otter is still quite scaredy and defensive. He wouldn’t let Bai Yao rub his cute little face, or even ruffle his fur.

That’s not all the quirks of the little sea otter either. Bai Yao realised he’s a dummy that didn’t even know how to anthropomorphise.

Later that day, Bai Yao wakes up in the middle of the night, when there is something soft he’s holding in his hand.

He looks, and sees the little sea otter has put his paw in his hand. The sleepyhead is also snuggling on him, his head brushing against his chest.

Not feeling drowsy enough to sleep anymore, Bai Yao just props his head on his arm, watching until the otter finally wakes up.

When he finally does, he looks around, and sees that it’s Bai Yao; he squeaks, and then nestles his face against the fingers of Bai Yao.

Amused, Bai Yao asks, “oh? I thought you were a tough little guy that didn’t like petting?”

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YoriMei rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Your typical "meet cute" story featuring a snow leopard and sea otter in a seaside town. While this is a cooking novel (MC runs a restaurant), this is one of the few cooking novels that actually doesn't feel like you're trying to read a regurgitated cookbook. Rather than solely focusing on food, it's more about the romance between MC and ML and their daily life. While reading I must admit it felt a bit strange because it felt like I was trying to read something that was meant to be... more>> a seasonal slice-of-life anime, where the story features a man who used to be alone and some cute little thing that change his world. It doesn't mean that it was bad, just that it was very reminiscent to those types of plot lines.

For our main couple, they're ok, they can be pretty cute. BY, the main character, isn't your typical "tall, dark, stoic and handsome" no-nonsense gong; he's soft-hearted and can be pretty playful with the ML (Mu Muer). Now for MM, things might be a little more divisive. MM is your typical cute, soft, obedient, polite shou, he acts very childish and is very immature BUT the kicker is that he's actually mentally disabled. Because of this, him acting like he's 8 or 9 instead of his real age (19) actually has reason and doesn't feel so grating when reading. However, what you see is what you get (as in, MM isn't going to do a 180 and suddenly become super confident and sassy) so if you don't like soft, sweet, blah blah blah cotton ball shous' you probably won't like this one.

Overall is it a cute story? Yes. Is it kneecap-breakingly life changing? No, but I did have a craving for seafood after reading and I went to go eat some salmon. <<less
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boilpoil rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Hey there! I'm the translator for the novel. This is another of those novels that was good enough I read it in one go, and huge props to the author for successfully writing such a sweet story without it feeling stale by the end.

Story and plot-wise, it doesn't offer anything new under the sun, but stereotypical tropes are employed sparingly enough, and I find the pacing appropriate for most of the novel except for the beginning when it's a little slow. Character development is quite strong and fleshed out with... more>> the male lead, and our protagonist also changes for the better, although perhaps slightly jarringly. Other side characters are fleshed out, if a bit lacking in growth.

One of the more impressive aspect of the story, in my opinion, is that the author is very good at painting a picture with words. I'm able to feel the irenic seaside town down to the ocean breezes just from the words alone, and this is something I hope I can bring across in the translation as well.

Overall, I highly recommend this if you're in the mood for a lighthearted and heartwarming story that also has some poignant bits to hit you right in the feels, but in a good way. <<less
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teagsho rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly this is good enough to read in a pass time, but if you are a reader that easily get bored, this will hard to finish in my opinion. Fortunately this novel only have less than 100 chap lol, because in the mid part, I am starting to lose focus in reading this.

For me, there are some thing that bugging me till the end, those are:

1. The condition of ML (Mu Mu'er). Mind you, his real name is not even Mu Mu, I think the brother did not even say... more>> his real name, lol.


The author describe Mu Yi (Mu Mu aka ML older brother) as someone who is rich CEO with high IQ, why not make him realize and immediately check ML health when knowing that ML is mentally abnormal?

Not to mention, even MC is not worried and wish ML will be normal? I mean, MC is not even talk about how to cure ML by accompanied him to the hospital...

The author did not input every expression that referring to "cure ML condition". Even in MC.

MC only worried that ML will be sad and bullied because he is special, but did not think in the way: how to cure this so ML can learn easier and not be bullied?


2. The fleeting conflict of MC and white rabbit (Wen Yue).


So many deep foreshadowing about how MC got traumatic experience in relationship with Wen Yue. For example, in the first half, it described that MC do not want to be in love because he has bad experience with his ex. And then later, there is scene where MC is seeing Wen Yue ads and becomes absent minded, and other scene.

These scenes make me think that MC still got little hurdle, and the conflict make him down. But the reveal scene with MC, ML, and Wen Yue actually very bland and anticlimax, even though it is actually one of the main problem in this novel, seeing many foreshadowing regarding this.

I was expecting something traumatic that needs to be talked and go back into memories in a dramatic way to explain his reluctance to believe in love but it just skipped like that. It's good but it also makes me go "That's it?"

Well, this reveal scene is important to make Mu Mu confess to MC to become his boyfriend, so maybe this past problem occur to support the confession scene lol


3. The background conflict and problems of ML and his brother (Mu Yi).


Again, I was expecting something so that worth the "climax backstory" regarding why ML run away from home, that is, what are the conflict that caused ML to run away and fall so he is mentally like a kid.

ML got the mental illness because he falls somewhere when run away and caused him to have a scar in the head and problems with his mentality.

Turns out it's because the MC is coming out of the closet with his older brother, and the older bro suprised and angry so he blasted out ML in a spur of the moment. For me, both ML and his older brother is in the wrong here. But, it seems that the author just want to shove the "perperator" to Mu Yi.

Mind you, Mu Yi is the sole person who raise ML ALONE after the parents is dead.

He also the one that work his ass off since teenager. So, even though, like 70% the one that in wrong is Mu Yi, I still think the reat 30% is still Mu Mu fault too. When coming out, Mu Mu was 13. I think, 13 is not that... kid and he understand that, the brother actually not that angry with him. Well, personal opinion.

The fact that make the reader and Bai Yao angry is because Mu Yi seems like not searching for Mu Mu for the past 6 years, when he IS actually search for him, but fate is not in his side.

I also expecting that there are something more fishy and suspicious in Mu Yi and Mu Mu, seeing that Mu Mu is REALLY afraid of Mu Yi. Well, turns out he dislike and afraid of Mu Yi because he thought that Mu Yi did not want him, so he was like "I do not like people who do not want me."

Even though in the end ML say that he is actually not angry with Mu Yi, like hell I believe lol, if he is not amnesiac and mentally like a kid I bet this meeting scene will be more exciting.

The meeting between ML and Mu Yi, also anticlimax to me.
And, once again I complained that Mu Yi did not even think of bringing Mu Mu to the hospital. 🙂


The first one bother me so much because in some chapter the author talk about it and decide not to do it because he is afraid that Mu Mu'er character will not fleshed out well. But for me, it is actually very important because the cause of the mental illness is the brain injury. It's a clinical condition and have possibilites to be cured by the hospital.

Honestly, this plothole is really big even though the author already explain why he did not put this scene in.

Cute story, but tbh I am not comfortable with ML that are overly pampered, spoiled, and can not reciporated MC equally... in the same way. Even though I know why MC doing that and ML's condition.


8.9/10✨ <<less
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Lightkaitou rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was honestly very wholesome. It is about a sea otter being saved by a snow leopard from bullying one day. The sea otter then follows the snow leopard home.

From there, they end up living together and slowly progressing in their relationship from temporarily allowing to stay overnight to pet and owner. Eventually, they grow closer and closer until mutually confirmed their relationship before progressing any further at the end.

It could be considered a slow burn but personally it felt very natural this way. Like the main lead after... more>> confirmed his feeling had changed from being a guardian to wanting to be lovers didn't force or rush his feelings onto the main character. And instead took time to carefully confirmed the main character's feelings for him. Before transitioning to being boyfriends. This is especially important, since the main character is mentally slow and acts similarly to a child.

Though don't misunderstand, the main character is 19 years old or at least old enough to go to college and understands what he wants and doesn't want. He is pretty stubborn on what he likes to do and will do it. Like constantly changing back into a sea otter and various other things.

He clearly loves the main lead and wants to do things like kissing and stuff with him. It was really cute how excited he was when they became boyfriends.


The main character wasn't born with his mental problem. His family consists of just him and his brother. His parents divorced and they followed their mother but their mother died not long after.

So his older brother had to raise him and this hurt their relationship. Since the older brother was strict on him for his safety.

One day, they had a disagreement cause the main character came out to his brother that he liked men. His older brother told him to leave but he didn't really mean it. He figured that the main character would come back after a few days but didn't so he called the police and has been searching for him ever since.

The main character when he ran away from home fell into the river and hit his head on the sharp rocks at the bottom causing him to forget how to become human again along with resulting in his current mental situation. He is then forced to live like a real sea otter to survive but it goes pretty horrible as he can't seem to understand why the other sea otters reject/bully him. It is because they can tell that he is different from them.

The older brother deeply regrets losing the main character this way and always wanted to make up for it.
He accepts the relationship between the main protagonists and supports them being together cause his brother is happy with the main lead.


While the story is mostly cute, it can be also be considered very sad at times as bits of the sea otter's past are slowly revealed. Explaining some of his unusual behaviors and reasons for being so malnourished in the beginning from starvation compared to the other sea otters at the beach.

Be prepared to spill some tears but also being warmed by the silly interactions between the main protagonists as they go through their daily lives.

One of the things that really polishes this story for me is that they keep a healthy relationship with others around them. Like they can be possessive of each other but don't get jealous of each other being close or friendly with the people around them.

Which is unlike in other stories, where anyone that approaches the main character gets glared at by the main lead. Similarly, the main lead isn't cold with no close friends nor pure as the driven snow.

The main lead has people in his life that he will communicate with and mutually support. Like one of them helped him build his restaurant. He, later on, in the story goes to help that friend during their pregnancy. He will also talk with another close friend (Yeah, you heard right. He doesn't only have one friend.) over the phone and keep updated on each others life events. Along with banter with and be asked to come hang out with together from time to time.

The main lead had one relationship before the main character. Which is pretty normal in life as most people probably don't end with the first person they are with. Especially, if that person, they used to date, was horrible and a liar.


His ex-boyfriend was only with him cause he was a snow leopard. And left the main lead after it was discovered.

The main lead was hurt by this but eventually moved on and would have forgotten about him if it weren't for one of his friends bring it up sometimes to check if he was okay.


Overall, it was a good slice of life story that when thinking back about it really felt like real life. The main lead worked every day and didn't always have time to babysit the main character. He wasn't rich and worked hard to make money to support both himself and the main character.

People couldn't just up and leave their home and work to be together. Communicating instead with each other over the phone everyday and sharing their recently life news to friends and family that live far away.


The main character also didn't magically get cured by love nor did his rich brother find a miracle doctor to fix him. He stayed the same from beginning to end except that he, now, had a place to call home and loved ones that didn't care about his disabilities.

People that would protect him and similar be protect by him.

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A.S.P. rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is guite realistic inspite of having supernatural protagonists.

mu'er has cognitive disabilities due to head trauma and I was expecting after his businessman brother came back, that he would whip mu'er to some international brain surgeon/doctor that would magically find and heal the old head injury 🤕, but it is not. As in the story I haven't got an impression that they heal unnaturally fast or something.

The story is about accepting people different from us, internally even if from an injury.

While the interaction between leads is fluffy, it slightly reminds of bd*m subcategory little/caretaker interactions. Like having rules, taking care of and such due to Mu'er development problems. Like I can see how he sees things in a simple way, but can understand bigger picture. And many things he understands instinctively but cannot connect with correct vocabulary or explain it.

All in all, I recommend it for fluffy, mostly happy with tragic backstory read.
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luoyuan rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: c87
This is one of the most heartbreaking novel I have ever read! Simultaneously it is also one of the sweetest! The experiences of Mu Mu broke my heart and made me cry so many times. Days after I finished reading I would think about him. I am so happy he has Bai Yao to take care of him. This novel stays with you with equal parts sadness and joy. It reminds me of Reverse Approach, The Moon is Coming to Me, and I Became Popular after online dating with a... more>> big shot. You will remember this novel for sure. <<less
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maevalily rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: c87 part5
This was such a cute story! Very slow romance but I loved it. The patience and the care MC has for ML is extra heartwarming ❤️

... more>>

I was a little disappointed they didn’t take him for a check-up at the hospital though, when it’s found out from his brother that he wasn’t born with the disability. With the type of injury Mu’er sustained, that may not have been the only impact and it can be years and years later that more issues from the brain injury surfaces. Taking him to a specialist would at least confirm if anything should be done for him and whether they’d need to look out for other stuff.

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woozer rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
So nice!!!!! I really enjoyed reading it! Except when I cried like a little baby when Mu'er described his struggles.

... more>>

I honestly really liked how the author was against readers saying Mu Yi needs to get Mu'er checked because, first of all as mentioned by the author themself is because character-wise, Mu'er would really not be Mu'er anymore, no? Second of all, It's too drastic. And finally, there's nothing wrong with having mental disabilities that they need to be cured? The stigma around autism or other types of mental disabilities is so strange for me as an autistic person myself, it's not normal per societal norms but there's nothing wrong with it that warrants an immediate cure, it's also not that easily cured but this is a novel so if the author did decide on it, it would be gone in a snap.

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Rollandx rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Relaxing and memorable slice of life. At first I wasn't interested because of the "mentally ill" character, but this turned out to be addicting. There is a bit of beastkin background, so it's not only our sea otter that can change shape, but also several other characters.

One of the reasons why Mu'er became like 'that' was because he had lived for 6 years in the wild without any humans at the age of 13. So it makes sense that he is mentally ret*rded. Well, their interaction is pretty good, I... more>> like it, give it a try <<less
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July 24, 2023
Status: c87 part5
the characters were pretty cute. Very chill laid back life no one trying to change anyone else or fix them.

The MC demands that autonomy is given to the ML sea otter who seems to have lost some reasoning ability due to a head injury years ago. MC correctly judges that ML can make decisions about what he wants for himself.

pretty fluffy overall but some sad bits learning about how the ML ended up the way he was.
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earlgreyt rated it
June 4, 2023
Status: Completed
It's super fluffy and lighthearted slice-of-life. I feel like maybe a little too fluffy?

As in, ML's IQ stays pretty simple throughout the story (not just naive, but genuinely incapable of more complex thoughts), which isn't a bad thing but didn't make for a very layered story.

It was a bit too much feeling like the MC was raising a kid (like literally, the day-to-day is MC coaxing the ML and getting him new toys like setting up a children's inflatable pool, blowing bubbles etc.) which didn't take that long for me... more>> to be bored as a reader.

The supporting characters were pretty fun and cute overall, and the relationships were all very wholesome. I just wish ther author took a little more risks with the story. The ML does develop a little in terms of him learning more about the human world and becoming less afraid/traumatized or defensive, but I think the author could have done a lot more with it.

Translation is by the wonderful boilpoil. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c85.2
That was so much more fluffy and heart warming that I though <fuzzyinosuke. Jpg> A rare fluff gem, indeed.

A very excellent narrative writing and translation. Every sentence felt warm and the descriptions very vivid. The author’s attention to details made it very easy to read and enjoy.
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Bluroooo rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: c84
I loved it sosososososo much it was super cute and fun im the type of person who really enjoys fluff so this, this was really good but reading in the middle of the night did not help my hunger
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 8, 2023
Status: c28
this story is so freaking fluffy and cute ☆*:.。. O (≧▽≦) o.。.:*☆

i just love the interaction between MC and ml.
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