Let Me Listen to Your Lingering Regrets


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People who die with lingering regrets are not immediately sent to heaven.

To guide human souls safely to heaven–that is our job.

I’m still an inexperienced apprentice though.

Just like today, under the supervision of an eccentric first-class “Agent”, new challenges come our way as we work to resolve humans’ lingering regrets everyday.

–What is your lingering regret?

A bittersweet, heartwarming story of Yuma Nikaido, an underachieving student assigned as an apprentice under the tutelage of Shindo, as she trains to become an “Agent”, professionals who guide human souls to heaven.

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Anata no Miren Okikishimasu
あなたの未練 お聴きします
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10/21/19 Lumiere Translations c5 part2
10/07/19 Lumiere Translations c5 part1
09/09/19 Lumiere Translations c4
09/04/19 Lumiere Translations c3
08/30/19 Lumiere Translations c2
08/02/19 Lumiere Translations c1
07/19/19 Lumiere Translations prologue
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