Let Go of that Shou


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Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that ever since he was young, the young master of the demonic sect had cultivated a skill called “The True Secret to Turning to Yang”.

Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that as long as they were a man, if anyone dual cultivated with the young master, their martial level would advance rapidly, moving at the rate of a thousand li per day.

Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that whoever obtained You Mengzhe, would obtain the world.

One day, the sixteen-year-old young master of the demonic sect ran away from home, and went down the mountain.

And immediately a wave of bloody rain washed over the Jianghu…

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New Logophile rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: --
so I think Harem Seeking protagonist in tags means different from a genre with Harem so, I'll give it a shot.

chap 1: MC seems really into dual cultivation, really want to ascend. Seems promising.
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ylial rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: Completed
It's really funny!!! XD This is the first smut novel I've read with lot of hilarious scenes and some heart warming scenes that will make u smile. There's also a feud between demonic cultivators and righteous immortal sect. But don't expect this to be too deep like a cultivation focused novel. Drop ur common sense and u'll enjoy this. Otherwise, look for a novel that suits taste. There are twist and turns near the ending, and they are not what I've expected

*for confinement/r*pe (2 ch's only) and incest (...)... more>> - they are near the ending ch's
*lazy to update my review below XD

The gist of MC's cultivation-the more practioners u dual cultivate the more yang essence it can accumate. The MC can also transfer what he got fr the former to his current dual cultivation partner.

the MC... is from demonic cultivation sect. He's dim-witted but funny. He keeps asking the strong people to dual cultivate. He's also straightforward but really stubborn. I'm wondering why his dad brought him up like that. MC as the heir, the father should be strict to MC. Dunno d purpose of his father, probably he wants to be the last to dual cultivate with Mc

For the Love interests:

as of c22, I've read only 5. Thief, shadow guard, Yu changqing, Zhang yuanshan (mute) and his master (this master is a leader from the righteous sect and is in love with his mom. But is eventually eaten by MC XD

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