Lesson of the Evil


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With his striking features and eloquent speech, Hasumi Seiji, an English teacher at Shinko Institute Machida High School, is a conquering force not only among his students, but even among his colleagues and the PTA. On the other hand, he is a killer devoid of empathy, who would not hesitate to eliminate anyone obstructing his path. When a psychopath gets mixed up in the school system, which is based on a belief that human nature is fundamentally good──

This is a terror-tingling psycho-horror masterpiece with the brilliance of a picaresque novel.

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Aku no Kyōten
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06/16/24 SaintHatterTranslation c3 part1
06/08/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part7
06/04/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part6
06/02/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part5
05/30/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part4
05/29/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part3
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part2
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c2 part1
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c1 part5
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c1 part4
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c1 part3
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c1 part2
05/28/24 SaintHatterTranslation c1 part1
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