Lemon Incest


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Shimada Mio is told that the younger brother who had been missing for twenty four years after being kidnapped as an infant is alive and well living under a new name. When she reunites with him on a rainy winter day, she is surprised to find that he is the spitting image of their deceased father.

As they try to fill the twenty-four year gap, their budding friendship gives way to something more. Despite knowing their love could never be, they can’ t help but be drawn to the other…

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12/31/12 Japanese Novels c16
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chibigamer rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c16
I rated the story a... 4. A weak 4.

I think that this story had a lot of potential and I truly liked how it was going, but the last chapter just ruined it for me. Some people might be satisfied with the ending, but for me it just seemed like the author had to end it for some reason. Be it lack of ideas, money reasons or w/e, I just hate how it was cut short like that, I think the story deserved at least 5 more chapters to work... more>> towards a better ending. Argh.

I might just be mad because I really think the story could have been a 5/5.

PS! The translator has done an amazing job! I think that alone is worth the time to pick this story up. <<less
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Dzabel rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: --
This is novel is about connections, and complexities that arrive with them. And how love can be a simple feeling of bliss, if paired with ignorance. And a baggage of hurt, if paired with constant self reflection.

Its short but bitter-sweet read, that makes you be thankful for the simplicity of your own life. And the translator has done an amazing job. Read it when you are full of fluffy stuff and want to experience a different taste of life.
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