Leisurely Life in the Seventies


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As the only girl of her generation in the Qiao family, Qiao Zhenzhen was the little princess of the Qiao family when she was young, and as she grew up, she became the “Queen Qiao”, leading her nine brothers to dominate the village, with no one daring to mess with her.

Later, she fell for a young intellectual who had come to the countryside from the city, and through sheer force of will, she had two adorable twin sons. Unfortunately, she accidentally lost her life.

The unexpectedly transmigrated Qiao Zhenzhen doesn’t want to work hard, doesn’t want to take the college entrance exam, she just wants to guard her farm space, eat good food, and live a simple life.

【Little Theater】

The villagers all said Qiao Zhenzhen was lazy and gluttonous, seeking pleasure, with the demeanor of a bourgeois lady, always eating and eating, a real family-wrecker.

Qiao Zhenzhen: Braised pork trotters, delicious! Boiled fish slices, delicious! Egg and lean meat porridge, truly delicious!

Villagers: … We want to eat too!

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