Leisurely Beast World: Plant Some Fields, Have Some Cubs


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As soon as she fell into the world of beastmen, a leopard forcibly took her back to his home. Indeed, Bai Qingqing is at a complete and utter loss. The males in this world are all handsome beyond compare, while the women are all so horrid that even the gods shudder at their sight. As a first-rate girl from the modern world (she’s also a quarter Russian), Bai Qingqing finds herself sitting at the center of a harem filled with beautiful men — at the very peak of existence.

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Beauty and the Beasts
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New MLisMyHubby rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c139
I like this novel a lot. I already finished reading this on a different site and I've reread chapters that have fluffy moments with the MC and her husbands. Those are bishounens and it's legal to have them all. So why not? Lol. I like how the MC is strong and smart and I ship all of the husbands to her. Each male lead has their own strong points and flaws but that makes them more lovable. The smuttiness of this novel is not that much like Lucia. So if... more>> you're looking for that then this novel is not for you. But if you're looking for a novel that has romance and adventure then I highly recommend this one. Despite of the long list of chapters, this novel will never bore you. You won't feel like the author is dragging the story. It has a good plot and good mix of romance. Enjoy reading! <<less
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acetylcoa rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c71
This novel was adapted into a comic, and that's how I found out about it! Have been trying to avoid spoilers since the actual novel is many chapters in, but I'm liking the story so far. Not the typical clique novel for sure, since there are a handful of male leads, each with their own charm. Thanks translator!
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Lostemm rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c38
The novel is a reverse harem with beastmen. Its very tribal but the main characters are idiots. So far the leopard is overly everything. In a society like this he still acts like a fool. Doesnt explain, doesnt listen. The MC is probley one the s*upidest girls. While I get hiding the whole world thing, she just doesnt explain anything. When she does finally ask questions she doesnt push for an answer and the rest of the time goes off with half info to make major life decisions. Wtf. Im... more>> so annoyed. Basicly all her problems start with her. I was so hoping but I cannt stand this idiot anymore. She gives mixed signals and basicly wants everyones niceness with no payment. I really hate these types of female leads so im out. The writeing isnt bad but nothing awesome. <<less
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mtran17 rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c98
I think the translator is doing an awesome job and I hope she finishes it to the end. I like the story line and I agree with some of the people that the MC is dumb but I have a couple reasons for that; shes only 15 and not fully emotionally developed, thrust into a new world, kidnapped pretty much twice, chased by dinosaurs, and almost sexually assaulted a copy times but thankfully these men can take a hard no. This happened all within 2 months? I can give her... more>> a pass for that because she eventually comes to accept the world and the situation she is in. She wont really act dumb and more and will be more considerate towards the guys. If you want to read ahead, the manga on webnovel is very farther along so you can see what I'm talking about. It makes you wanna stay till the end. <<less
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Aryanicky rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c68
It's still a few chapters in but the story is getting good. I read the MTL version but I had to quit due to headache. I can't forgive those MTL sites murdering their names. Pakla and white chingching?! The heck! I'm really glad that there's a new translation of this novel and I got no complaints since it's perfect! I love some of the male leads especially Muir (Moore) and Winston (Vincent) —their names differ in the novel. Muir's the most pitiful one of all the male leads that's why... more>> I wanted him to be happy with FL even though FL doesn't deserve his love because she's ungrateful. But it's all fine in the end. I also love their cubs! I love this story that I'm willing to wait for translations of the new translator rather than reading the MTL. <<less
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June 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly speaking, I had read this novel a year or 2 years ago. I didn't expected this novel be translated into English.

The story is okay for me. Not the best, but not too bad since this is the first time I read this type of novel and also the reason why I got addicted to read this kind of story where the MC transported into beast world.

... more>>

I see this Female MC way too young and naive which led her unable to make a firmed decision.



Though it be much better if the author didn't write the last arc where the MC and her four husband went to her modern world because the author leave an unsatisfactory ending. I felt the author write it in a rush.



Despite saying I enjoyed reading it, the story still made me feel bitter especially her children was left in the beast world and Curtis seems to be giving off a melancholy aura at the ending. As for why, I'm not gonna tell you. It's better to read for you to know. : (


Like I said before, I enjoyed reading this novel (despite the fact that the are loopholes in it) SOo...I'll gave a four star since I would feel unfair if I gave this novel a three star. <<less
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sashidesuyo rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: c139
I read through the entire story on another site, LOVE it so MUCH though the translation was extremely difficult at times. So excited that the story is getting a proper translation. Can't wait to read more of Winston and Moore. They are my ABSOLUTE favorite loves out of any story I've ever read in my life. 😍 Their stories made me cry and also feel joy many times. 😭 The world and culture around her is very well developed, all other characters' behavior is always consistent and makes sense with the... more>> primitive tribal animal kingdom culture. The plot events are all creative and exciting, I love the adventure/conflicts/romance as well as the slice of life family moments.

My only complaint about the book at all is that the ending felt like the author was over it all by that point, and huge life events were minimized into very brief bullet points. 💔 I also did not enjoy the epilogue. 😓 But that's the author's choice, that's how she imagined things to be.

I'm still extremely grateful that this book was created, and that this translation is being given to us. It's truly a treasure. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻

I wish this translation would be continued. Please don't give up. It's the absolute best. 🙏🏻❤️ <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: c70
MC is a freaking user. She uses everybody there and doesn't reprociate. At least she can find out some things about the world. But no, she is still using her modern mindset in the beastmen world. Okay, the story is interesting and bruh, Curtis is a bae. Otherwise I would drop this novel at chapter 20.

Okay, I understand if you are first few days confused, but after more than a month in other world, you should start adapting. Especially if you don't know if you can ever go back home.

And... more>> she has big advantage, females have a last say. Bruh. <<less
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