Legend of the Supreme Soldier


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Ye Chong was a denizen of tr*sh Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk – Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated “caveman” that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

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Legend of the Maestro
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Stark3 rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: c110

Now that I have progressed more into the novel, I actually have to downgrade my review of this to a 2. The problem I have here is that the scenes jump around too much. Just when you're comfortable with the current location and you're thinking that the MC is starting to lay down roots, he has to escape and go somewhere else. It's annoying because you get to form an attachment to some of the side characters introduced, but then the MC needs to run around again. He's only... more>> in one place for a dozen or so chapters at most. That kinda wreaks havoc in any attempt to get an overall sense of the plot, IMO.

It would have been better if the MCs personality was at least better than that of a savage so that at least you'd really care what happens to him. But he's not and it even becomes a running joke for a while - this was actually fun reading before he got yanked again and reverted back to thinking law of the jungle mode, where you have to be the one to strike first to survive.


I normally try and avoid giving out reviews before 100 or so chapters are out, but I really don't see why there are a lot of 1 star reviews for this novel. I wish people would review this novel on its own merits, and not because it's from QI.

The novel itself... it's from the same author as World of Cultivation, Five Way Heaven, Card Disciple, etc. One of my favorite authors. I'm looking forward to seeing how he/she? provides their own twist to the mecha sci fi genre.

As for how the novel is right now... It reads kind of similar to Tempest of the Stellar War in that the MC is given access to an incredible trainer. That coupled with excellent learning skills and good foundational training / survival skills allow him to make a killing at online / virtual mech battle simulations. From the looks of things by the end of ch25 tho, that paradigm is about to end, looking forward to see how his situation changes.

Now, why a 3 star review and not higher? I'm not sure if it's just the translation or the actual book, but there are some weird scene jumps that breaks story immersion. Also, right now, there is nothing entirely unique in the story elements presented. Except for Undefeated God of War tho, Fang Xian hasn't really betrayed my expectations in providing a unique story world. I'll happily upgrade my review once it's progressed to that point. :) <<less
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Atlas rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c33
The author leaves many details out of the story and drops information on the reader in baffling times. Example: when the MC fights another mech for the first time the author does not give any detail about his enemy until he actually starts to fight it, such as the name of the mech, and it also feels as if the author thinks the reader should already know the details behind the world he has created. To keep it short this story has been a fun read but it clearly feels... more>> like a novel written by a newbie who doesn't know how to world build or understand that little details in his work can go a long ways in making the story more enjoyable. <<less
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An Earnest Reader
An Earnest Reader rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c15
Hehe so I get to be the 1st to put a review eh!

Well then thank you very much. To be honest, I at first wasn't really interested. The synopsis wasn't really eye catching and sounded like one of those novels that are just made for money and attention, but then I snooped around and casually read the author message to the readers and WOAH!! It made my blood boil, what a great 'Welcome to my world.'. So I decided to give it a try.

The beginning is really slow, it's still... more>> giving us a little bit of the Mcs' background while telling us the current status of his life. It's still really slow but then he's suddenly moving, you get interested, you start asking questions, like why is he in that place, what is the source of his talent and who is Mu Shang!!!

In the end, all I can say is that this story has a lot of potential and that my curiosity is piqued. To the translating team I hope you won't give up this novel, unlike many others who gave up on theirs. I'll be cheering for you from behind. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c607
I read till the finish, well its mediocre at best. Let me tell you the plus and minus:


  • The fantasy setting is quite nice, so many galaxy and secret to be explored, the technology is advanced but you can still see how it got to that advance.
  • There is many character with different pov and different motive.
  • The excitement from reading some part is quite good, like the story sometimes leak the future but not all, so we can like to know what happen.

  • Although the fantasy setting is big, but never be really explored and become to 1 dimensional. For example, MC go to this planet to that planet using xx, he meet enemy, he meet asteroid belt, the distance is xxx. No feeling at all, to monotone, you cant feel the adventures feel in the story, so boring.
  • Almost no growing character in the story, always to simple, only the MC character growing can be seen, the others is like from poin 100 to 101, almost no development, the author create to many mob and even the heroine and villain cant be stick to much in the story. Even the MC itself is kind of lame.
  • The MC definitely is an idiot, really idiot, he do so many idiot thing and almost 99% try to finish problem with violence, if that not idiot what is? The author definitely create plot armor too s*upid this one, he always get away, and the enemy is always and I emphasize on this, always attack him also with violence or brute force. Like what...., some understand politics and have great status in the society but still finish problem with brute force, I just cant think how s*upid people who read this can say this is good. And even if so, the MC is not very strong itself, yes he become very strong latter but that only because his 'team', but at start its just so s*upid, he should died so many multiple time, and he still think to use brute force. This is the single most minus point in the story, the idiot MC, he dont know so many thing, even the common sense. He should be got scammed so many times, and got find out by his enemies by this alone, but no, plot armor in action, he suddenly know danger and got away, and the enemy late in action.
For all those above reason I score this... more>> 3 at best, and normally should be 2, but I give plus to the fantasy setting cause its not easy to make. So I recommend this novel for those who want to read a galactic setting fantasy with mecha, but dont hope too much in it, its not the best, but what is this day. Also dont hope to much to the story, its same as most CH wn, weak, train, strong, meet enemy, train, stronger and loop. The MC is also not that likeable, only ok at best. And below is the spoiler for more:


He start in the some dumpster planet, meet OP machine, train, got away from the planet, go to another place, meet other people stronger, train, kill, train again, go to another place, learn many things but not common sense, smart but s*upid at the same time, got chase away, go escape, train, meet new people. There its the summary of first 200 chapter, full of bs anyway. But if you can still read until that maybe its good for you, the rest is not much.Make a team, fight strong power, got away, trap in strage shit, got away, meet strange tribe, help them, become OP organization, after that pretty much kill anyone in the way. Oh yeah this last spoiler is the ending, dont read if you want to enjoy the storyThe MC is actually a secret kid with bloodline of super power, but doesnt know that, and he become the savior of the humankind by kill monster who kill 3/4 human in all galaxy. By killing it he become the savior duh, and they 'forget' all his past crime of killing spree, very logical yeah?

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Timid rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c150
I actually really like this author, my second favorite CN author behind Er Gen. This story (I'm assuming) must be his early work, since it's not good at all. It doesn't even read like it's from the same guy. Mind you, I'm pretty sure the translations on this are REALLY bad. So it's hard to tell how much of it is the fault of the translation. Sadly, this isn't even good enough to read as a time waster between better stuff.
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ExiledZombieLord rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: --
Exited to see a mecha novel, you don't see a lot of them these days, starts of pretty good, look forward to reading more. Keep it up translator ;D I would love to see a mecha novel actually getting fully translated :D
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Darkzeta rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c213
Think Tarzan vs Galactic Society or Mowgli from Jungle Book meets Galactic Society.

That should help frame our MC type and his setting.

I get the whole vibe that our writer is trying to create a character who is human and yet still VERY different than human.

... more>> The MC is Tarzan, (google Tarzan if you don't get who I'm talking about, but seriously, wow, you don't know Tarzan, Lord of the Apes?) and is basically tossing him into a galactic setting to ruffle things up and create a story.

For me it took me the longest time to figure out why this story seemed so familiar, then it hit me that our MC is Tarzan; VERY rough rules of behavior: might makes right, kill only for food or defense, hunt only when necessary, never to excess, but if needs to be done, Kill ALL enemies that threaten your life. Basically like that. Once you get that our MC is Tarzan or Mowgli, the rest is easy to understand and why he does what he does.

Sorry that other 'younger' readers don't know Tarzan, but you should really google and wiki that dude and you'll see what I mean.

That or imagine Conan the Barbarian or Kenpachi of Bleach vs Galactic Society and you'll probably get the same feeling too.

I'm one of the 5's that liked this so far.

as of chapter 207 our MC is 'slowly' growing his social 'norm' skills. Think Dexter psychopath level of blending in. He's about maybe 6/10 pts closer to being Dexter. Once he gets to a 10, he can easily pass off as normal and yet still kill easily.

Hope this will help keep you all potential readers interested. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: Completed
Chapter 198:

Isn't as good as the author's other works, but it's decent. It has its good moments and it's normal ones. There hasn't been anything especially bad though. Standard quality.

MC's like a rock/robot, that's amusing. He feels different from most MCs. A bit ruthless, but he can be funny occasionally and kind to elders. Mysterious background and OP now. A genius w/ hard work.

... more>> MC's partner is fun. I love how there are 'two' and the switching is refreshing.

Romance... is quite interesting. It's as if a robot/beast is trying to understand human society... which means that hilarity ensues. The girls are quite interesting.

Mech fights are nice. MC keeps losing everything unimportant though. He develops his own crafting skill later.

Kinda feel bad for the MC, getting chased everywhere because he's a hot commodity. He just wants to go live in a peaceful spot.


It still isn't as good as the author's other works. It's a decent read if you're not looking for something mindblowing.

One of my favorite things in the novel is still how awkward the MC can be. Also, his interactions with his romantic partner is pure and sweet (and epic, they deserve each other), but I still doubt the reason their romance started. For a MC that doesn't really understand love, he hit the jackpot with his choice of partner.

The MC jumps around to different places A LOT due to space being wonky or being chased, so get used to new places.

The ending, hmm. It's eh. It doesn't wrap everything up (the author's note even said he wanted to leave it open), but it gives an ending we would want to see if all the loose-ends had been tied up. The last few chapters were kinda anticlimactic, and I knew the ending wouldn't be able to properly, in my opinion, finish the story. In all, the ending was acceptable, but not a good ending.

I'd rate it 4 stars overall, but there were some hilarious moments that deserve a 5, so I'll leave it. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c507
If you are a fan of world of cultivation and avalon of 5 element, you will like this one too (but the quality still below those 2).. It has faction, wars, army building and loyal love interest.. And here, we have gundam in pokeball. The MC is piloting exia, the spirit advisor is piloting lock-on stratos.

But the downside is the story is sometime face pace, but sometimes too many filler on how things work. Moreover, there are many forgotten side characters that suddenly introduced and suddenly left. The concept of... more>> money here is also lacking.. It also has more multiple PoV scene than before. But you should be able to keep up with it. Its a masterpiece for me who like army building and wars.. <<less
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Salexe rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c62
This novel jumps around way to much. It feels like the work of a scatterbrained author who cant keep a thought or a storyline for more the 10 chapters. It doesnt feel planned at all and is simply just notes written down as they come along in the authors mind. I mean we have battles with no conclusions ending a chapter with the MC thinking about how he is gonna win, to simply jump to another story that has nothing to do with previous plot.

I dont recomend reading this since... more>> the writing style is simply bad. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
November 12, 2017
Status: c118
It's not as good as World of Cultivation nor as bad as Undefeated God of War, but, much like all of this author's works, it shares many of same story beats as either of those two works.

It's honestly a pretty average series that's mostly drug down by the lack of any real plot, which is mainly due to having a passive protagonist. That's not to say he's not a man of action, but simply that the plot happens to him, rather than because of him. As a result, the location... more>> and supporting cast of the story is constantly changing and loose threads are left hanging all over the place. Maybe the author will tie them all back together again eventually, but I think most people will have dropped the series by then.

Worth reading if you're bored, but not really a must read. <<less
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keklel rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c30
As others have mentioned, the beginning is a little slow but the story really begins to pick up from chapter 28 when he gets off the tr*sh planet. So don't give up before then!

As for the story itself, the main character can be classified as a "survivor". Someone whose main focus in life is surviving above all else. If he comes across anyone who might be a threat, then he will attack without warning. He doesn't get distracted by women, and focuses purely on surviving and getting stronger. In other... more>> words he would be a better fit in an apocalypse novel as opposed to this futuristic sci-fi novel where human civilization has spread to the stars.

I'm not a big fan of mecha as I consider the entire concept to be ridiculous. Humanoid battle robots? If you put the same armor and weapons on a tank or drone it would always do better. And why even have humans pilot them? I know mecha anime always make up some bullsh*t reason as to why super advanced mecha must have a human piloting them but... in the futuristic settings that mecha fiction are set in, are we expected to believe that AI hasn't advanced to the point where it would completely supplant humans in every endeavor? That's why I give this 4 stars. Human mecha pilots make no sense in a futuristic setting where AI is smarter than humans.

Also, the idea that a mecha pilot's maneuvers are limited by his physical body makes zero sense to me. First of all it's a literal brain interface, as in your brain is directly connected to, sending commands to and receiving the feedback from the mecha. So why should your physical body be a limitation? How do you even control a giant robot if your physical body limits what you can do? It's not like anyone is born with cannons on their back.

All in all, it's a novel with a fairly interesting setting and a MC that isn't terrible. It's worth a read. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: Completed
I lost most of my interest once the MC was split from MS. Without the banter and humor all that was left was dry tech stuff and overly long and detailed mecha descriptions.

if you like mecha and enjoy robots pounding on each other and lots and lots of tech descriptions and jargon then you'll love this story. For me, it's a pain to read and I only kept reading due to OCD (I ended up skipping pages and pages of mecha description and tech porn).

on a translation/editing note, there... more>> are some odd/ wrong word choices in almost every chapter and the grammar can get pretty bad at times. I.e. Utility when it should be utilize, underground when it should be underhanded. Stuff like that. <<less
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Kyril85 rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: c283
This novel is quite roller coaster ride. Earlier part are quite messy (I expect translation inexperience) but interesting and able to hype me up. Later on, as translator gain experience, this novel become truly hidden gem if you like mech genre.

This is a novel that world around evolved because of one person activity and he doesn't even know it. If you done your analysis a bit, everything MC done has influence on other parties and it become phenomena. Sound cheezey but it is really is done in a marvelous way.... more>> Unfortunately he become a hot item and always runaway from parties that interested in him. Like some reviewer said, give him a break, he just want to settle down.

MC like most FX MC are dumb in romance and ruthless. At first, this MC quite ruthless since he always follows jungle common sense but later on he improve and so does his skill.

Plot jump quite a lot and it feel pity because it could be better and wonderful if he managed to stay but his enemies are a lot and he value his freedom highly.

Good read and quite a hype train with all the refinement/mech/ weapon that involves. For someone who are good at imagination and fond of star war or Gundam, this novel are good sources of enjoyment. <<less
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TH34TH1 rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: --
Personally, this is one of my favorite books. And screw everyone who says this story jumps around too much cause they're s*upid. Sure from a literary perspective, this isn't very enjoyable but when you think about it logically when you're wanted by quite literally the most powerful forces in the galaxies living a peaceful life not being on the run is gonna be essentially impossible.
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Kags rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: c170
The story really does jump all over the place, at intervals when you least expect it. I would say there are not specific "story arcs", since it really seems like the author is god and writes whatever he wants, whenever he wants to.

Don't expect the MC to stay in any one place/planet too long for any reason at all, as he will suddenly pack up and leave for another place due to a sudden event (usually combat/battle related) caused by the author.

... more>>

Although the MC is a beast and has zero value on human life (he kills for any reason, or just because his intuition tells him it might get dangerous), he hasn't killed any introduced female characters so far. Don't expect any love interests though, since the MC doesn't even know the difference between male and female (and the significance of that difference, despite there being a highly intelligent AI telling him all the time about the beauty of females).

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Arcwindz rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: Completed
2 stars, it provides some good background but overall it's bad

So first, this is mech focused novel, though somehow it got mixed with a lot of things like close combat, psychic wave, hand speed, bla bla bla. Like seriously, it's hard to find a good mech story. Japanese still got the edge on mechs.

The story background is quite typical, a genius boy that grows stronger from a weak position, which is not bad considering the many novels that come with this scenario, but wow, the author suck at plotting the... more>> flow.

First, the MC was made to be an idiot at socializing, it got some funny moments but most of the time it is just a tool to invite enemies. A Very inelegant way of writing.

Second, the author loves to banish the MC to god knows where and start a whole new arc. The MC will warp somewhere or chased somewhere, or chasing something somewhere which at the end separate him from the group and start a new arc with disadvantages. It sucks, the whole build up from the previous arc was lost, there is no sense of smooth transition, and most of the time leave me hanging with gait nerf about the group that was left behind.

The ending also cut short, but it seems like the TL salvaged some of it by juicing the last chapter.

I still give it 2 stars at the end for the short run, the story still have some fun to read. If this was a long dragged novel that aim for word counts then it will get 1 star tr*sh rating. <<less
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