Legend of the Great Saint


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Among the demons, the supreme ones are called “Great Saints.”

A young man leaves his mountain village and travels around the world. By unceasing efforts, he finally becomes a legend of the age.

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MoTheGreat rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c102
A unique perspective plus interesting approach to writing plus a solid translation is a formula to success. This is one of the better novels I have read, and I really expect some great results from it.
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freezray rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: v1c84
It's far too early to make a score but I can comment on the potential of the story and so far it's looking really good. I really recommend adding this to your reading list. Although there have been plenty of stories with great beginnings only to disappoint later on so take this with a grain of salt.


Definitely Five Stars
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Raubtier rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: c130
The story is great. Discusses certain philosophical views on things, makes the story really interesting read. I'm of the opinion that this story might turn out differently from other CN novels but the last few chapters are dissuading me of that notion.

Hope I'm wrong though cause I am enjoying reading this. The only downside is the update speed.
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Verycoolname rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c121
Overall the book feels like a better version of the run-of-the-mill chinese xian xia novel that this site is full of. The plot, MC, characters and setting seem a little more thought out than the standard novel of this type and it makes it really shine.

The plot has a surprising amount of polish and logic compared to other novels of this type. The characters feel real and the enemies don't feel like they were forced into being the enemies and don't feel like they were behaving stupidly for the sake... more>> of making the MC look good.

The main character feels special and powerful without being unrealistically lucky or a complete Mary Sue, which is super rare for a novel like this and really refreshing. The other characters feel more like people going about their business rather than 'generic thug type a' or 'arrogant old man type c' so even the cliches of running into them don't feel as painfully cliche'd as they do in other books.

Normally I would get a lot less enthusiastic about this type of novel when I'm forced to wait for the next chapters this long, but I actually want to reread the story so far as well as read more. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c100
One of the best xianxias I've had the pleasure of reading, and I'm damn hard to please. It blows the mainstream stuff like CD out of the water in almost every aspect. The MC is very human and believable, and his character developments are very satisfying to read about and don't feel forced.

LotGS is very grand and filled with depth, and the pacing is moderate. Important side characters are fleshed-out, with their own goals and personalities, and make the reader genuinely curious about them. There's only 100~ chapters translated so... more>> we're still in the prologue-ish phase, and the main arcs have yet to start. <<less
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starfyre7 rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c107
This novel is very interesting due to the characters introduced as well as the method of cultivation.


Li Qingshan (the MC) cultivates as a monster and eventually turns into a real monster, with bull horns, hooves, and everything. His constant companion is a skeletal child who was formerly a ghost.


The translation is also excellent, and is released at a fast rate of about 1 per day.
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Tenku_kun rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c144
It's a hidden gem if you ask me.

It's got a rare yet kinda generic start to it, but it builds up over time. Romance is... weird, to say the least, but nothing like Oh I'm a princess from birth nobody has dared to say no to me, so why does he, and why do I feel weird when he does, fortunately. There's a few generic stuff included here and there but most of it seems new to me even after all the time this novel's been out. Overall, I'd... more>> say give it a read and check Mr Tao's review for the link of the first 160 chapters. <<less
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ankushmelancholy rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c126
A perfect gem of a novel where everything is logical and plot armor is not thick. The character development is steady and all in all its a good read. I would even rate is among the top "must reads"

also a new translator has already picked it up so that's a good news

Any recommendations similar to this kind of novel would be highly welcome
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January 2, 2018
Status: c120
Good read but I can't find any Great Saint in it. More like atheism and satanic novel. Jokes aside, the story is unique and I need more chapters.
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c280
Should have written this... that is one author who really does excellent work with a non-human main character. this thing is pure excellence, for the first 100 chapters or so... but like I was afraid of it quickly falls short being the average story of cat and mouse until the roles flip.


I am amending my previous evaluation. it is not average but good, a step higher yet still a step lower than what I had initially come to expect. it's a good read, but one cannot help feeling a vague... more>> sense of Déjà vu that sensation of having read it somewhere before. that said the story is currently every bit as interesting and engaging as it was in the first 120 chpts. <<less
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I've read about 70ish chapters. I don't see the plot is the most intricate or mind boggling, but what sets this apart from other novels is that it is a good cultivation story about a demonic method. Not a "demonic" method that is considered "really evil" by the whole world and is banned and yet the MC acts like any other person but rather a demonic story where the main components are alcohol and meat to cultivate it.

I would say I have read quite a bit of cultivation stories but... more>> whenever its about demonic method, it is either a "really evil" method but the MC acts like everyone one of us and is basically a good guy trapped in bad skin or its a MC with no empathy what so ever towards humanity and often showing extremely limited intelligence, which should not be attributed to a human being, in order to create those really cool moments like massacring a whole clan of people just because they kidnapped your girl.

Of course I don't know how this will progress however so far I like it, even if I don't think its plot is amazing, as I feel like the author has nicely shown what a demonic technique should be like and that alone makes me want to read it. <<less
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Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: --
So far, this novel is good... The story so far seems to move very slowly, but the plot or the story is fresh I’ve never seen anything similar to this (plot wise). Would definitely recommend giving this series a shot. The story is beginning to pick up and I've been looking forward to every chapter.
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Konstantin rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: c300
This novel is one of the best in the genre among those I read. It manage to have above average story and characters, but at the same time don't deviate from standard formula too much to make reader bored - there are always challenges, level ups and enemies, there is no boring arcs where nothing happens like in most "plot based" novels. So far world building is consistent and there is no major plot holes either. Even though novel use standard xianxia power system (qi refining, foundation building, golden dan... more>> and nascent soul realms), but it actually have much more original cultivation system than most novels, specially in case of MC.

Author could make us feel that even weaker enemies not just random small fries, but actually people with power and status, at least in current environment of MC. For example (and comparison) in Will is Eternal MC was from the start put in the sect with Nascent Soul level elders so it was unavoidable what almost all enemies he met felt like just insignificant characters, at least until he become more powerful. This novel on contrary allow you to have a feeling of "frog in a well" by gradually making a level of environment higher, starting from small insignificant village where just being brave is enough to intimidate most people and become respected strongman. But unlike novels like MGA there is no such exaggerated feeling as if author tries to cheat us and making ants look strong, power progression feels realistic and making perfect sense.

This novel feels somehow similar to Reverend Insanity (Gu daoist) in terms of how it could integrate "weak to strong" theme with decent story and characters, also MC here not easy going "hero of justice", he could do cruel things, but unlike MC from RI he is human-like and relatable. And you actually could see how his character changes step by step, even in later parts of the novel there are some character development. Also there is one certain character who reminds me about MC from RI, she is very nice girl actually, lol.

Overall, so far, this is a novel which is worth it to read RAWs. Too bad it was put on hiatus and based on relatively slow cultivation progression it is unlikely what within 1600 chapters story reached its apex. But it is not so bad, considering what most such novels have sh*tty and / or rushed endings anyway.

upd. After reading to 1300+ chapters I eventually dropped it when last completed book started. Like it is common for those type of novels it become worse after transcending to new world. Some cultivation stages get skipped, story become rushed and old characters play lesser role in the plot even if they were important before. You could read and enjoy this story to fullest though if you just stop after they defeat main enemy in starting world. It is on hiatus anyway, so no big deal. <<less
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Rosver rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c116
Okay. The story is not bad, but there are moments where it is cringe-worthy or uncanny.

The story itself is alright with its interesting plot and energetic pacing, but you can see those moments when the events are really forced and contrived with characters and setting elements that just pops up to move the plot or artificially create tension or the MC (and other characters) forced to act in ways to create conflict when they should be easily avoidable.

The setting is rather underdeveloped with a lot of it unexplained or just... more>> thrown to the readers with no warning. Like these Wolf Guards. Poof! A few of them appear in this very remote place where the MC is for contrived reasons. There are just these things that just come out of nowhere. I know this is a common problem with these kind of stories but this story handle it with even less grace that your typical Xianxia.

I know that this is a fantasy story and would surely have rather bizarre characters, but, some of the characters (like the MC) feels like they are delusional and fit really well in psychiatric hospitals. They are just so out of touch with reality and have extreme values that are just absurd, even considering the setting they are in. It makes them really unrealistic and hard to empathize with or relate to.

Most of the characters are otherwise rather flat and forgettable. The author sometimes put in some twist in the character, but it often just feels out of place and gimmicky or annoying.

So, on the whole, this story is rather enjoyable to read, but otherwise, it still falls into the pitfalls of a typical Xianxia novel. It has a better than average plot, but with the typical vague setting and poorly realized characters.

For people who like to read xianxia novels, it more than satisfy, but otherwise, it's a xianxia. It is what you expect a xianxia novel would be. <<less
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