Legend of the Great Sage


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The paramount existences among daemons are known as ‘Great Sages’.

A young man leaves the mountain village and wanders the world, entering the legends step by step, becoming a part of mythology itself.

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Legend of the Great Saint
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New peoju rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c257
I rate the first volume a 3 but the novel keeps on getting better. It feels like the author didn't really know what he wanted to do with the character or the novel initially. Once he started finding his direction though the world building has been fantastic. I also like the many interesting side characters as the author really puts in the work to flesh them out. The best part is the MC's relationship with his sidekick. The MC is not your usual xianxia MC as he's just a mediocre... more>> guy who's fumbling along as best he can. He's the MC only because he lucked into an OP cultivation method. The sidekick is actually more your typical xianxia MC, with a tragic past and out of this world talent. <<less
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New Novelupdatesaccount1
July 22, 2020
Status: c224
It's still early in the story but so far it's somewhat similar to 'Record of a Mortal's Journey' and 'Way of the Devil', except this author realized that those stories have terrible end games as without any characters to care about these series start to become incredibly repetitive after an arc or two. As such the author does appear to be trying to set the groundwork for other 3 dimensional characters we might care about as well as a sort of family for the protagonist.

I can't say whether this will... more>> be successful but so far it does have tremendous promise. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: v1c73
UPDATE 5-18-2017

This novel just keeps getting better. I would not be surprised if after some polish and official editing, this novel could be published in the west and sold. Loving every single sentence that I read.


... more>> Do yourself a favor and read this. NOW

Every once in a while I'll randomly click through novels to find a new and interesting thing to read, and I somehow managed to click on Legend of the Great Saint. The translator also happens to be really good and fast. In order for a good novel to be appreciated, the author has to be good, the story has to be good and of course, the translator/editor have to be good. Without these three in harmony, you will never get a great novel that transcends.

On to the story... Cultivation exists here but it's closely related to the dao one pursues. If you've read I Shall Seal the Heavens or other similar novels, then you should understand. The main character is immediately likeable. You can also relate to his situation and feel for him. I found myself irritated and mad at other characters that wished to do him harm. I also found myself happy and relieved when the MC succeeded at things. This tells me that the author knows how to write. All characters have a life to them and aren't one dimensional. Love it.


When even a ghost that can't talk feels REAL, you know it's a good novel. Just the way the author describes its actions and facial expressions... really surprised me for a web novel especially.

Also, the MC being reincarnated actually works well in this story as his educated and modern thinking helps him.


Not too many chapters are out right now, but I can see that adventure will also be key here. Can never go wrong with that. So overall, if you like adventure, cultivation (dao), action and martial arts, you should DEFINITELY read this. If you like rich characters and a good story to boot, then why haven't you started reading this yet? <<less
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April 23, 2017
Status: v1c14
Our MC is not a young master of X-clan, nor is he tripping over spiritual herb McGuffins or buried artifacts with ghost grandpas inside that just happen to be nearby for some reason. He is a down-trodden teenage boy living a lowly life of mediocrity and suffering, who begins to slowly temper himself as he starts to realize the world is bigger than he thought it was.

This appears to be a journey of self improvement and discovery, not alchemy cauldrons and bizarrely behaving side-characters who have a compulsive need to... more>> annoy the MC. The characters are refreshingly human-like, the story flows well despite it's slower pace and doesn't feel drawn out, plus we can see hints of greater things outside our protagonist's humble origins. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c115
Verdict at c115 - Really confused at why is it so highly rated. Story started out unique but the flow is similar to many WNs out there.

It's really hard to write a review for this because it is a standard WN affair. Nothing special but a decent timepass if you have nothing better to read.
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IRainstorm rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c79
Very enjoyable read so far, the start is pretty original imo, the MC is already on the path to a demonic cultivation which I find interesting.

So far the power levels are still on the low end and it feel like a Wuxia with some references to classic chinese wuxia and the ever going philosophy about what is right/wrong.

the author isn't avaricious with the details and description and he often go out of his way to explain the mindset of MC which make him more relatable in those circumstances he... more>> faces, the addition of the ghost and his 'loyal' factor might signify that we can have a nice long running side character.

I really want to read ahead and see what supplement can embellish the story further. <<less
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mrttao rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c111
Note: the first 121 chapters are on a website that is now dead. However, it can luckily still be found on the waybackmachine internet archive here (just remove the spaces this website added in to break the link) :

https://web. archive. org/web/20170428190134/https://scatterdrift. com/2017/04/20/lotgs-book-1-chapter-1/

Warning: My review below contains spoilers

... more>>

So far this is great. MC reincarnated (for once not transmigrated, but actually reborn into an infant!) from earth... into a crappy village in the middle of nowhere. Reincarnators who retain their memories are not unheard of and are normally recruited into xianxia sects to learn cultivation (as it is considered a form of mental talent). But he instead got exorcised by the evil village witch, and having watched her kill off another family for "bad omens" (aka not playing along and submitting to her) shut his mouth and worked hard at the farm.

At age 15 MC runs away from his abusive family and lucks out into finding a master... who teaches him "demon" (which means animals who cultivate) cultivation techniques instead of human cultivation techniques. Practicing demonic cultivation actually causes him to transform from being a human into becoming a minotaur like creature.

MC personality is actually decent. He is neither a psychotic killer, nor is extreme bleeding heart pacifist / wussy japanese reincarnator.

Moreover, the world is pretty decent as well. Author even takes the occasional amusing jab at your typical xianxia insanity. With the MC expecting to be forced to kill the young master, then his dad, then his dad, then his dad, then their whole clan... only to be shocked by the reality of it not coming to pass as people are actually able to show a shred of reason.

While exceptions exist, most people can be sensible. While greedy people are many, not everyone would rob for money. MC sometimes trusts people, and amazingly not everyone of them is greedy to the bone. Some are, some aren't.

MC amusingly practices some "evil" arts, but only against unambiguously acceptable targets (eg, mass murdering bandits).

Likewise, MC avoids the insanity of the "low profile to a fault" so commonly practiced in xianxia.

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clowred rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: --
What a lucky chance for me at least to stumble upon this masterpiece. For every reader on this site, please, pay attention to the future of this novel. While you can bicker as much as you like and can complain that it doesn't reach the high AF standards you have, the facts speak stronger than a thousand men. This novel is the best piece of xianxia I've read since I first stumbled upon my first xianxia, Coiling Dragon. It's fresh, original, interesting, funny and has some of the best characters... more>> I've ever seen. Good luck to future readers, thankfully, we have a translator that releases chapters at godspeed. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
April 29, 2017
Status: v1c105
The first few chapters managed to convey a lot of tension and complexity in the writing. The beginning story is unique as this wuxia author decided not to follow the tr*sh disciple in clan format. However in the last few chapters I've began to feel as the main character is becoming OP, which is not something that I like. I will update the review as more chapters are released.

However as I read the story is becoming a generic wuxia and losing much of the tension the author managed to express... more>> in his early chapters. I will keep reading however I am losing enthusiasm.

Edit 2:

The story has picked itself up again, and while still not fully containing the tension of the first few chapters, it is still a story that is heavily worth reading. 4/5 stars -> 5/5 <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c118
Update: well my review stands that there is almost nothing new about it, except of 1 aspect the MCs cultivation is not as it seems and it brings to the field something interesting ... more>>

MC turns into an actual monster, after cultivating to a certain level and even has a monster core

and this sets this novel apart from the normal immortal cultivation and tbh I am curious how the author would progress with it.


It's okay, I mean there is nothing wrong with it, and it does have some good parts as well. But truthfully there is nothing new about it, it's a pretty standard xianxia with slightly higher quality than most out there.

the main character could be said to be a reincarnated, from modern world (btw actual reincarnation he was born in this world not transmigration) I like the fact that it slightly touched upon the reincarnation and the fact that he has memories of his past life even if it was briefly. MC at the moment is probably on of the rare xianxia MCs that isn't a hypocrite (at least from what I have seen, unsure about future chapters). Also he is pretty generic I guess, but is self conscious about what he is becoming as he cultivates and does what most xianxia MCs do...

the cultivation is body based only basically he focuses on the body whilst everyone else on Qi...

one major part that I liked is when a 2d character young master challenged him the MC said something along these lines which is dead rare in this genre


that characters with power over others degenerate mentally to savages that like to bully others

which in my opinion is a plus.

overall, at the moment it is quite good at least better than most out there, so if you have nothing to do and are looking for something to read might as well give it a go, at least you will not be disappointed and Will likely enjoy it.

reason for 3/5 is because I am used to the genre so most of the stuff in it wasn't really new to me but at least I enjoyed it enough for me not to feel like being forced to continue with each chapter. <<less
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Murderstroke rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: v1c43
It's rare that I'll read a novel so exquisitely written, one that makes me reconsider not only xianxia but my own life as a whole. This novel transcends the scope of the purely mundane and becomes something almost sacred. Almost scripture. No joke, I plan to reread passages of this and then meditate upon them, extracting their meaning to benefit from them in my own life.

That might seem a little hyperbolic, but I've never read a novel that so clearly delineates the necessary virtues and qualities. To learn boldness, to... more>> clearly distinguish between grudges and gratitude, and to behave with forbearance and prudence as necessary- isn't this what it means to be a man? Anyways, I experienced several epiphanies throughout the course of the novel.

I can't help but feel that the author must have a profound understanding of the Tao Te Ching and of the Dao itself; sometimes I felt that this novel was less a novel and more of a koan, revealing important lessons with thought and examination. <<less
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IEatPotatoes rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: c45
Only 45 chapters are out at this moment, but all 45 were a pleasure to read. Normally light novels are extremely boring/mediocre for the first 10 or so chapters, but that's actually not the case at all here. That's right, a LN author that actually wrote a good introduction, writing 101.

The MC isn't a douche and has a sense of justice that isn't twisted.

The pacing is fast and the story isn't full of filler. It has been a tad bit predictable thus far though. Ex: Author introduces x, protagonist gets x a few chapters later. It has only happened once so far; I have faith!

It's too early to really evaluate this novel more so, but the only thing it's honestly lacking at the moment is a overall plot (motivation). That... more>> sounds awful, lol, but it's still early. <<less
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synaptic rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: v1c87
I started reading this based on the few reviews available. If I had to describe what I've read so far with one phrase, it would be a classic in the making. The top notch translation makes the already unique tone of this story shine.

What a great beginning, I fell deeply into the main character's journey along the path of the demonic dao. I love the author's portrayal of the utterly realistic events that lead to him deepening his understanding of power, and further his comprehension of his dao. When the... more>> author describes the MC having an epiphany, I am right there with him.

I can only hope it remains the same level of quality.

EDIT: Wow, can I say how much I'm looking forward to the upcoming chapters after 87? <<less
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Renjisea rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: --
It called pride, and do not mixed it with justice. The author keep using the word justice for every evils the MC have done, is he super hypocrite or what? Lots of turn off event (s*upid and inconsistency plot) which killed of the enjoyment of this novel. It is so hard to read to end of the chapter but the author keep ruining a somewhat could be an excellent story.

The story is full of hypocrite and plot armor. MC rather than do things quietly so not to drag the people... more>> he want to protect, instead he announce to the world so the evils can kill those people instead and when they are death, he can go seek justice for them, haha damn.
I see why it is being dropped.

Legend of the Great Sociopath - from pretext to the story to the title (maybe Demond God Slayer would have fit better) and everything is written in hypocrite form, I was amazed by the level of it. The MC, sometime trusted people (who will likely to betray him) so he can seek justice and kill them all later on and loots all their stuffs with his Hypocrite JUSTICE. <<less
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: v2c60
A mediocre novel, mediocre in everything, hence, the rating, 3.

As in the hundreds of Xuanhuan novels, the MC dies in one world, only to be transplanted to another world. He lives a destitute life, till one day he meets a Deus Ex Machina, and boom! He gets overpowered. The twist here is that he is cultivating a demonic technique, which will naturally lead to a lot of random bloodbaths in the future.

It is not the worst novel I have tried, but it is still not fun enough to read, so I am dropping it.

... more>>

The Good:

There is nothing really good in the novel, sadly.

The Bad:

There is nothing strikingly bad either.

The Problem:

The problem with this novel is that there is nothing interesting in it. The world building is non existent, the cultivation is meh, the writing skill is below average. The other problem is that the writer is inexperienced, so he tries to shoehorn a good guy hero into a monster. The hero doesn't kill people at the press of button. But the author also wants to show that the hero is demonic so he writes a lot of drivel about red eyes and evil cultivation technique requiring human blood.


Recommendation: There are many better novels out there, read them instead! However, if you like reading novels with OP Protagonists walking a bloodbath filled path (Hint: Crappy novels like Warlock of the magus world, Against the Gods, Emperor's Domination etc), you may give this a try.

All Time Recommended: As in all of my reviews, let me recommend some exceptionally well written novels: Nightfall, Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices), Death Sutra, Pivot of the Sky. <<less
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NaM rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c118
Great Story!!

Nicely written (and translated) with a great phasing (story development) not too slow, yet not too rush. It was true that this story is not much different with the novel with the same genre BUT whats redeeming about it, was the Author's writing style which is catchy and attractive.. Not only was the author narrating a story, he was also taking his time teaching the readers how it (a xuanhuan/xianxia) should be done. Do this, Do that. Don't do this, Don't do that.

Great narrative and descriptive. It also come... more>> with a bit moral lessons.

Mc's a half-demonic beast culivator. Mc's character developing was great and also every character is colorful not dull. Overall I just love it! Hope Tl keep translating this.. And more readers appreciate this

Recommended to All!! <<less
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orig27 rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c58
I only write review when I feel like I stumble on an "unpolish gem". So it's one of those moment.

... more>>

So the story start with a village boy in a certain village. What made this boy special is the he have "innate wisdom"="Reincarnate". His parents left him an inheritance a very ordinary bull. He grew with the bull and become a part time farmer but when he starts dreaming of his past life; He starts to yearn for adventure. Thats where he learned that his inheritance isn't simple as a bull. So that marks the journey to become a Demon or a Saint.

From the current chapter people might think his becoming OP but he is supposed to be due to him being a cultivator in a world of martial arts; It's just he cultivate the body and people tend to classify it as a martial arts training. (Difference is he cultivate the body using world energy rather than pumping up muscles.)


Anyway read it if you like Records of immortal journey or any Er Gen novel due to it's detail and Chinese proverbs. <<less
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February 24, 2020
Status: v14c1661
This novel started up well with some interesting unusual stuff like non sect life, monsters being given more focus than humans, not many arrogant prick young masters. It was interesting reading about MC's struggles of cultivation and how to juggle dual identities and also the struggle between his human nature and monster nature.

Unfortunately as we progressed further down the story, the struggle just vanished into thin air and his cultivation became a plot armor that conveniently progressed just before he needed an additional strength, which took the fun out... more>> the reading experience.

Also the plot progressed at a snail's pace. Like most cultivation novels, there are higher worlds compared to MCs world and when you reach a certain cultivation base, you ascend to a higher world. In this novel, there's Six Paths of Samsara and then even Above the Nine Heavens. While MC reached peak level for his world and is preparing for ascending, author decides to send him to a lower world. That bs wasted 100-150 ish chapters. Finally MC managed to ascend around 1300+ chapters, which is way too late into the game. 1650+ chapters and MC still never got to ascend Above the Nine Heavens.

The entire premise of the story is how MC overcomes adversity and ascend Above the Nine Heavens to fulfill his promise. That never happened because author decided to go on a hiatus/straight up abandoned the novel just before the biggest war in the novel is going to start.

Then there's the random disappearance of likable characters out of the blue. Even when MC visits old acquaintances, they aren't even mentioned, like they never even existed.

Romance and relationships in general (be it just friends or lovers) is just plain awkward. MC has loads of lovers and children but those bonds seem extremely superficial. It's more like a relationship between two people working in the same company but in different departments. You know each other but barely talk. Which made the reading experience feel artificial.

Overall, it's a very very bland cultivation novel, which you can read to pass time, but can never get emotionally invested into. <<less
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HaxersDoom rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c121
The most likable part of this novel for me is, it is a breath of fresh air for martial arts novels, I see a lot of good martial arts novels, and I really liked them for a while, but eventually you see that most authors just doing the same thing, probably because the way they are doing it is good, but it is overdone, this one brings a simple but different cultivation to martial arts novels and it does not just have interesting martial arts cultivation but the direction the... more>> novel goes is interesting as well.

Also another good thing that it seems it might be doing, that I have not really seen much of before but when I do they are great.

The main character does not just steadily grow, he goes through phases, at first he was a weak villager, then he started cultivating and became more heroic, then he became more ruthless and domineering when he gained proficiency in his martial arts, but then when his martial arts merge he transforms from the seemingly powerful human body tempering martial artist, into a 10 feet tall bull demon, and from what I read in the tags and the new cover it seems he will eventually get his human form back, I mean I love how he turns into a big demon, but it gets in the way of a lot of things if you want romance and such things in the novel, but if it just a small part of the big I can see myself really enjoying how he deals with turning into a monster from a human.


I just want to ask why this is still not getting updated? Usually when a novel stops getting updated for a month I don't think about it anymore, but it's already been five months and I am still anxiously waiting for this to be updated! <<less
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Fertu rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c1680
Just finished reading 1680+ available chapters. This novel is TOTALLY WORTH READING. I've read more than 300 different novels and this one is a first one in a while that don't feel like a big piece of cliche. ... more>>

It's very well written, has unusual MC who's growing and changes as the story progresses further + there are no typical low quality xianxia sh*t like retarded 1-chapter antagonists just to push the story forward. Every important character is deep, developed, has it's own background and story. Especially Qian Rongzhi - this woman is one of the best antagonists I've seen so far.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MaliMi rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c106
Update: Chapter 106...

This chapter for me was honestly a bit let down...

... more>>

He started human cultivation and it will be possible. I personally wished to see a full monster route for once, but alas it seems to have failed. We will see how it goes in the future.


For those, who did not read spoiler, it was a let down about his cultivation... Though it is not enough to decrease my rating. We will seehow it goes...


So, this story might seem as your usual xianxia at first sight, but it is quite different. Speaking of the first 102 chapters.

Firstly, let's talk about cultivation. The MC focuses on body refining as usual. BUT! Normally, you have a technique which makes MC stronger and gives him abilities similar to some demonic beast. IN THIS story, the MC is turning into an ACTUAL demonic beast (notice the Race Change tag)


In chapter 102 he gets a monster core. He is more of an actual monster than human and so is his cultivation.


Secondly, I will mention arrogant young master. I think that there was just one true arrogant young master so far.


If I remember right, he appeared just thrice and the third time he died. Furthermore they were only chance encounters and the young master did not use his spare time trying to kill the protagonist.


Most of the enemies are actually THINKING whether it is worth it to offend MC or not.


For example, there was this guy Dragon Li. The MC offended his grandpa (village chief) and you could say he humiliated his family (not intentionally, was just defending himself. But you know how it goes in xianxias). Also there was a short fight, it was not to the death and Dragon Li was able to swallow his pride and get on the MCs better side.


Thirdly, MCs personality. You know that in some stories, the reincarnation is there only to pose as a click bait, right? (At least that's how I see it). Then it will usually make the protagonist's soul powerful, etc. However, in the end, the hero of the story will just be a jerk.

IN THIS STORY, the reincarnation actually matters. In the first about 70 chapters you can see how his personality is slowly changing and how the cultivation influences him. Albeit, it's nothing amazing, it IS there.


Examples: Wondering about why he feels so much bloodthirst. curious about how come that he is more bold. Awareness that he is slowly becoming a monster in both body and soul. Puking after his first massacre. Not killing everyone just because he is MC.


Lastly, romance. Cannot talk about it much since it is not developed yet. For now there has been just one mesmerizing beauty. Pro is that in their first encounter, the MC was able not to think with his dick. Then there is a demonic cat, which in my opinion is a pretty solid love interest. But, we will see. <<less
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HoloH rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c87
A good story. A good translation. I've only gotten more invested & interested as I've read on. It's basically just a really good xianxia, to put it bluntly. Whether it's the great translation or story, I would give this a novel a 5/5.
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