Legend of the Continental Heroes


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I was just living in modern Japan, when I realized I reincarnated in a early modern European styled world… no, it’s just like Europe, right dad? Anyway, I was reincarnated in a European fantasy. This is the epic tale of I, Joseph Wallace. Probably.

My second birthplace, the Silesia Kingdom, was in a precarious situation. The neighboring kingdoms military were pressuring the Silesia Kingdom until it collapses. I felt I should use my previous world’s knowledge to the fullest so I enrolled in a military academy… to become a cheat hero. Yep. I did not swing a sword in my previous life, I did not ride a horse in my previous life. Magic? What is that? I recalled “unnecessary information”… it’d be great if my story starts.

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Tairiku Eiyuu Senki
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Asf rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: c24
Pretty interesting so far.

This series reminds me alot of the novel "Altina the sword princess"

With the MC being the strategy type and the main girl being the physical type.

This novel starts with a reincarnated MC going to the military academy.

How the students will even be drafted as soldier in a country thats in a warring state.

Its like a softcore altina novel tho since they begin at the bottom position with limited resource.

If you like the strategist type of MC, then by all means, try this out.
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ishira rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c45
Already caught up with the latest translation, in less than 4 hours, and less brain-cell survived.

This novel is like a softcore version of Altina, but suffer from barely-passable translation. There are inconsistency of words used, and bad story-flow, that forced me to give such meager 3 stars.

But the story itself is really interesting, which why I dare to sacrifice my brain-cell to read it.
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Digix rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c45
The translation is bad, very much so google translate lemme edit the sentence structure. I cannot judge the novel itself as I cannot tell how good or bad it is due to the translation quality, the story is similar to Altina: sword princess.

Main character is like Regis from A:SP just not as much character development and seems to be more a less a clone character, most of the characters have little to no development besides shes a muscle head, hes a ikeman, shes a spoiled loli, hes all brains and... more>> no brawn, etc.

I cannot judge some of the transitions as I think the issues with them is the machine translations the translator uses, but the story may have a paragraph of discussion of two people from another country then cut back to the main story the next making it super frustrating in some of the chapters as it is just filler. <<less
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Natsuyuuki rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: --
Not bad.

The MC who reincarnated, remember his past memories when reborn.

Like another reincarnated novels, he also used his knowledge and get into military academy. The MC type who not good with martial arts, but he is good with tactic-strategy military, so he is not OP MC.

Well, like the story tag, this is not harem. But more into family-friendship in military school. Quite different, really.
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shadofx rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c44
In the start there really isn't much character development and the author periodically whacks you over the head with boring fictional history lessons, which you aren't really motivated to read because you haven't really emotionally invested in anyone yet. The characters aren't very well developed.

... more>>

OTOH there's one Intermission chapter where a huge amount of character development is sunk into a side character that's not even named in the rest of the story, and then that character immediately gets killed off at the end of the chapter.


Also the tone whiplashes to whatever the writer wants to write for the chapter.

One moment MC leading spec ops child soldiers to kill enemy cavalry in their sleep and the next he's back in school teaching cute girls history.

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