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Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew into a peerless genius from an ordinary practitioner. With a sword in hand, no one is his match. Using his extraordinary Sword Principle, he killed all his opponents and eventually became number one Sword Master from time immemorial.

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Myriad Dao Sword Venerable
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orario rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: c300
Weird that there are no reviews. I will try to give you an idea of what to expect from it. I'll start by saying that it is quite different compared to most xianxia. While it is about getting revenge, the way it goes about it is pleasant. The good points:
1. It's a fast-paced novel. The MC doesn't take 200 chapters to finally gain a rank-up.
2. MC is actually smart. Yeah, not kidding. He knows when it's time to lay low and when it's time to stand out. He knows when to attack and when to back off. It's basic wisdom that most MCs of Chinese novels sorely lack. For example

while he was on the run from some assassins, he had to lay low. Someone sent his disciple to attack the MC right before a trial was about to start. But knowing that his enemies' spies could be lurking around, the MC pretended to be weak and let himself be defeated easily. Ofc, he got even with him when the time came, but the point is that the MC has common sense.

3. The fight scenes are very good. In this novel, fights don't stretch over tens of chapters in which the enemies speak so much that you'd think they're having a chat over a cup of tea and biscuits, not fighting to the death. They are rather concise. But satisfying.
4. The MC does not get powerful at an outrageous pace nor does he bump every chapter into some heavenly treasure. (WuDongQianKun flashbacks). There are plenty of other talented and powerful enough characters to give him a run for his money.
5. So far, there has been no romance - for which I am glad because most Chinese novels authors seem to unable not to transfer their wet dreams in their works. Most xianxia are shitty harems, with women sooo attractive that they could topple empires, popping up at every step of the MC and all gunning for his d*ck as if he were the last man alive in the world. This novel is not like that. At least not until now

The bad points:
1. There isn't much that I dislike about this novel. Only the "frog and the well" cliche that makes its appearance towards the end of the first volume. But this is a minor thing considering that it's a Chinese novel we're talking about.
2. The translation. Yeah, unfortunately, especially in the first 100ish chapters, there are some issues with it. The translator will confuse you greatly in regards to the cultivation system because of how often he partially changes the names of various ranks/stages. But it's still readable.

EDIT: Webnovel website, like it always does, restricted the access to this novel. Any novel that becomes popular ends up like that. Basically, you need to pay real money to read the translation. So if you're not willing to pay money for it, don't get invested in this novel.
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January 3, 2019
Status: c48
Feels like I've read this story a million times already. Not really spoilers, just a list of tropes.

... more>>
  • parents missing
  • MC is tr*sh and looked down on
  • MC isn't actually tr*sh but magical MacGuffin he's really super duper special
  • beautiful childhood friend betrayal
  • room temperature IQ
  • MC seems to be alone in a sea of people, none of which seem to stop him from being ret*rded
  • trips over himself to find magical power up plot devices
  • face slapping and arrogance
  • super strong people out of nowhere who exist just to plot the MC or oppress him
  • and more!

So far this is generic as heck, almost as if it's a just a book written by a committee of bots fed cultivation novel tropes, and it is nearly totally lacking in charm or grace. The only "adversity" the MC goes through is plot that exists to highlight how far his hand travels to slap someone in the face. So many cliches! <<less
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foomaanchu rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c7
Probably too early (chapter 7), but I barfed.

One of the earlier review mentioned that the MC is smart and can lie low. In another, the reviewer said he has room temperature IQ. Going by early chapters, I'd go with the second opinion.

Perhaps the author took time to realise when the MC was being s*upid, and perhaps it gets better. But I'm not going to waste my life waiting for that to happen.

Dumber than a wooden fire-escape.
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Bookmarker rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: c987
One of the worst novel that I've read. It's surprising even for me that I manage to "survive" until this 900-ish chapters.


... more>>

Every "great experts" in this novel feels like know at least general situation regarding their world but somehow when the new arc starts they explain that "ohh you must be from that desolate place, welcome to the center of world where all of the top experts lives" but after the arc is ending they said "you must be realized that there's always a bigger fish in the ocean. Yeah there are more powerful realm up there, and this world is just one of the many worlds out there" From chapter 1 to 987 this have happened 5 TIMES already. By seeing there's still 3000+ chapters ongoing, I believe the author would use the same sh*it again.

And another thing, the MC have several goals to achieve in every arcs. But whenever he manage to accomplish one of them, and then another goals "flies away" to another realm. "Your enemy is that one" after he killed him "ohh he is just a puppet from someone, he is from upper realm so you must get stronger if you want to kill him", or " Yeaahh I can finally kill you" and then the enemy is saved by senior brother who don't comes from where. And this goes on to the elders, and then the head of the sect, and finally they escape to another upper realm

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omgitsaray rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: c715
You get your cliche start of MC being a useless young master but there's actually something inside his body sucking up all his cultivation energy. When the item is full, he will cultivate at super speeds and smacks everyone's face with his talent.

One good thing about this novel is that it moves at a fast pace, so he's cultivation is on steroids compared to some other novels. Another good thing is that MC doesn't go around provoking people with his bad attitude and actually hangs back. Bad thing is that... more>> there's always a place he discovers where people have a higher cultivation environment, so he is constantly chasing after something. And there's quite a few times he's about to die and has to be saved by someone. The MC is also kinda 1-dimensional in the way that he feels like a cardboard cut out. The bonds he forms with his family and close friends aren't written well so you feel like he isn't close to anyone.

Worst thing about this novel that I took away 1 star rating is that the first 500 or so chapters have normal sentences mixed with Engrish. You also have changing names and descriptions of things. I find that this happens very often with the translation group Transn.

Overall, this novel is somewhat entertaining but don't expect too much from it. <<less
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vaserick rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c126
The MC is a tremendous sword artist that did not have cultivation, but later got a mysterious skill. He is OP, right now he is focus on elevating his sword skills and getting revenge on his family. Everything has been straight-forward and no such sightings of arrogant young masters so far.
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SliceDice rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c1000
I tried, I really did but I have to drop it. The story isn't bad if you haven't read plenty of xuanhuan novels (unfortunately I have). The first problem I found in the novel is all the clichés. Every novel has some cliche's now and then but this author collected them all, and dumped them in the novel. Second I get that it has fast cultivation but come on. His skills level up speed is insane, the time it takes him to level up a skill is just crazy. In... more>> one chapter he's in the first level of a skill and suddenly he's on the second a few chapters later. We don't even understand how strong the first level is or its profundities.

Then his trump cards, he has like ten of them so you can't beat him. And when he looses to someone of a higher realm, he comes back a week later far stronger than the opponent, and proceeds to dominate him. I mean where's the challenge? Plus this is a cultivation novel so I expect some detail about his cultivatio and skill level up, but the details are vague. That's just a few problems out of many. The novel would have done better if the author had taken time to provide deeper description of cultivation in his/her world. <<less
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Wakashii rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: c2490
FIRST OF ALL, IGNORE Jojofann's review, he's talking about another novel LMAO

Ok, this is really strange. I saw this a few years ago and because of the low rating I thought it was some random shit, but I was wrong, since I didn't have anything better to read, I tried and It's really good.

First of all, I think most ppl don't have enough brain to understand that EVERY SINGLE NOVEL with more than 3k chaps will have the endless cicle of weak > new plane > weak > new plane.... more>> So, whenever you see a novel with more than 3k chaps, you must understand and expect that, the problem is how the author is going to do it.

In this novel, it's nice, there are a lot of different planes and plots, its not always the same thing about messing with young masters and sects. No, it's pretty different for every new plane, but it's always going to be against a super powerhouse. Anyways, it's not perfect.

The novel is about a swordsman but he's becames really op in sword only at the 2200 chap. Before that, he's a genius but he has a lot of different powers and that's something I didn't enjoy too much, since I wanted him to rely on the sword principle.

Besides that, there is his wife's plot, It's not well done, and its always: oh you are not strong enough... So, yeah, kinda lame.

But besides those two problems, the novel its really nice, the MC is not even close of being an hypocritical, that's something I was not expecting, when a random guy tried to get revenge for his senior's death doing things that could f*ck the MC, I though he would be insanely angry and torture the guy for years, but no, he just killed him, and he said that both he and the guy were not wrong, the strengh is what matters and that day, he was stronger. That was pretty mature and the novel shows a lot of his family and friends even after a lot of years. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: c1944
Great story overall but things are dragging out a bit too much at this point in the story. I decided to drop it since there's not much I really care about at this point and ... more>>

it's obvious that it's going to take forever for the MC to save his wife. It's hundreds of chapters between each time he meets her and every time it's just another "you're too weak" situation and the wait continues.


That's the last thread I care about and I've run out of patience. So yeah, dropped, but it's definitely not a bad story. <<less
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Bikersmoke rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: --
This novel for the most part is ok, but there are two times so far that would be a novel killer for me usually, but I have nothing else to read. This MC sometimes becomes a yes man, to people stronger than him on the same side. I would much rather him go it alone than to be happy under someones boot. That is not an MC quality, that is a little b*tch quality. I guess you can tell by now this novel has really pissed me off.

... more>>

The start of the novel his mother has been kidnapped, and his father severely damaged. The whole first of the novel is about going to save his mom, and get revenge, from her clan that has imprisoned her and hurt his father. After almost 200 chapter he gits to her, savers her, and kills one nobody. It took two chapters, and then he helps them out Wtf. Well at least they learned there lesson right? (Smh) That was the first time I almost dropped this, and there are a couple more just as bad.


The real men in the world are going the way off the dodo, and may go extinct. The new men are becoming sissy, and dont mind if people walk over them, or take there women. When I say real men I do not mean jocks and bully's. The real men Im talking about, are the head of the house a rock that all can depend on, he would be the one in front if his family needs him. He wouldn't let himself get weak, because how could he protect anyone then? There are less and less, and one day you may not even be able to find one no matter how you look, and thats a sad world if you ask me. If there are no real men around to take as role models then how can the kids become real men? I really think that is what happened to japan, too many of there fearless real men died protecting there country now they are left like this, and America now seems to be going this direction as well. The reason I put this here, is because as time goes on you can feel it coming through the novels. Im not targeting this novel, because Japanese novels are far worse, and seeing this coming about is making me feel sick to my stomach. Well sorry for the rant review, but this is the first time in all the years I have been here to do such a thing. I just feel sorry for the family's, because who will the depend on when there scared or hurt, and need someone to block the storm for them? Ill stop ill stop damn lol, guess im getting truly triggered. The only example of a real man I have seen is my granddad, and even he is gone now. One example, of the last time I saw him stand up and protect our family he was already almost seventy years old, and there should have already been another real man by then so he cold just rest, but no. A guy around 30 or younger come to our house cussing us and beating on the door, as a kid that's scary shit. My Grand dad took over like he always would, and opened the door, before the guy broke it down. The first thing that guy did was hit my granddad right in the face, but it wasn't over lol. My granddad grabbed that guy by the shirt and first hit busted that guys face wide open, blood was everywhere. He then proceeded to throw the guy on the ground and almost beat the guy to death, and told him he better never come around his family again. He stood out there over the guy till the cops and ambulance came and took care of that as well. We have guns but, he would take care of thing like a man, not with a gun unless needed. How did women razing children and keeping the family straight become a derogatory thing? I would say the women have an even more important roll, because you may only need protection once or twice. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c420
Pretty generic Wuxia novel with an OP MC - MC overcomes one enemy, another stronger one appears. He defeats that enemy and an even more stronger one appears, and so on...

MC fights -> He keeps winning -> enemy calls big brother/master/helper/elder w/e -> MC loses big time -> He powers up -> Back to MC fights. So far, that's what has been happening...

Not badly written - MC actually has brains, and likes to use them sometimes, he doesn't arrogantly picks up fights, knows when to lower his head. There are... more>> no useless Harem members, no crassness or unnecessary drama, fights/events are pretty fast-paced. For a change, MC's friends and his father are not useless hanger-ons, and are OP in their own ways... interestingly, MC's father is so OP, he can be MC in his own novel...

The translations are a bit crappy, besides sentences sometimes not making sense, there is no fixed translations to some words like cultivation levels, places names - they change very often, making it confusing to read, sometimes even within the same sentence, same thing is translated differently... <<less
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AriaR3vy rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: c1093
Honestly, this novel is pretty generic but it is one of the better generic novels.

... more>>

We start off with the MC getting betrayed by his childhood sweetheart, this already rang alarm bells that this was going to be generic but at least it wasn't dragged out for too much in this novel.


One point I find negative about this novel is that there are too many 'skies above the skies'. The MC is constantly going to a higher world (more than I can remember in any novels) which gets tedious at some point to be honest.

Another point is that the author forgets about the MC's skills or other things completely at times. Whenever the MC stops using a skill, the author never bothers to explain until randomly many chapters later like 'oh this skill isn't useful to me anymore'.

A guy was suppressed in his weapon for 100 over chapters and was forgotten until he needed to use that weapon to suppress anothee guy, then it was just 'oh he exists!'.


Imo the character building for side characters aren't too great either. It's mostly about the MC in the novel and not many about his friends. It just seems that the author felt that sworn brothers drinking with the MC means that they are close and so they are just always drinking when they meet. They never adventure together, or do anything honestly after the early days.

Another problem is that there are way too many timeskips in this novel. Unsure whether the author just can't think of compelling small arcs, but many of the MCs powerups are just he meditated for abit and then 3years later, he just becomes strong.

Some positives are that at least the MC tries to have a semblance of a brain at times, his family isn't complete deadweight and actually might even overpower him at times.

With all that said though, this novel is a fantastic timesinker and at least there weren't too many annoying tropes and cliche. If you do not mind plotholes/no explanation at times, this novel is probably for you. Sorry for the bad english <<less
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chiii rated it
November 23, 2019
Status: c967
Honestly, this is one of the best cultivation novels I've ever read. Although generic, the plot is well thought out and the MC is consistent in his character. The power ups and his higher strength compared to other people is actually quite logical, compared to other protagonists from other novels as well. Although the story is a little bland, it keeps you intrigued because of the progression in the MC's power. Although the cannon fodders are obviously arrogant and such, it isn't taken to a whole new level. What I... more>> like the most is that the story has no harem and that the MC is set on one girl. Honestly, this novel deserves better reviews because it is most definitely worth a read. <<less
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May 8, 2022
Status: c10
this is a novel about swordsmanship and yet it cannot paint a picture
of the fights to save the authors life...
... more>>

if you read chapter 10 you will notice that the sword is coming for his hands holding
the spear now if I was to picture that and the man swung his hands even further down
i would be able to lop his head or arms off.



The sword and spear clashed with a crisp clanging sound. Jian Wushuang twisted his wrist, inclining his Long Sword forward. With a ghostly jumping movement, the sword crossed the body of the spear and sliced towards Spear Devil’s hands.

“This sword art!” In his shock, Spear Devil’s disdain for his opponent vanished at once.

Though it was just a simple sword movement, he realized that Jian Wushuang possessed marvelous swordsmanship.

“Get out!” he thundered, forcefully swinging down his arms holding the long spear. His fearsome strength instantly repelled Jian Wushuang’s attack. He turned around, wanting to launch a counteroffensive.

it had me interested with the story at the start but lost me as soon as the fighting is mentioned
its all about the fighting and if its not described well its worse than garbage. <<less
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Jojofann rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c1900
Story is ok for the first 400 chapters. In fact, it is pretty generic but solid.

However it gets out of hand by 1900 chapters which is 30, 000 years later.

Everyone by now is dead so it is kinda pointless for all the earlier characters to exist.

... more>> Then everyone is a reincarnator, even his father, mother, ex-wife, even villains. So it becomes a endless cycle.

I only give 3 stars because I don't like the way the author reincarnates father and mother. I not reading a family novel... sorry. But if you like it, then it is 4 or 5 stars for you.

There is no pains in this story. Meaning; the MC is going to have a smooth ride.

I stop reading ard the 1900-2000 chapters because I can't stand the reason the MC disguises himself and how his enemy even know he is Hong Chen. It is not mentioned in the translation. He was just in the cave and ppl thinks he is Hong Chen and he isn't even say a single word.

Then he has to pretend to sneak into the imperial palace to do his killing. Turn up no one is his match. Because he only have to kill them all. But he makes a great hassle to pretend to go inside, only to provoke people by killing people. You know what I mean?

My brain shatters on this. <<less
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Qyy rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: c5141
Okay so, I thought this was decent. Didn't mind the usual layers of 'frog in the well' scenario because that's to be expected from xianxia stories. I find his character okay-ish, not too dull but also not eye catching either. The love interest felt- a bit rushed?? All of a sudden he just liked her, and she vice versa (albeit kinda understand the love interest but the MC liking her took me off guard because, hello when did you??? Why??). Other than that I think his 'OP'-ness is balanced, still... more>> op but not invincible to the extreme like some ones I've read before.

There was also the part when his soul reincarnates to a new family on the 'bigger world' and tbh, I completely skipped his childhood on that part because it was boring aha-

Lastly, I don't know if it's because of the translation error on the site I was reading on but on 4000ish I think (?), I got confused on how he suddenly went onto the other world and current situation. Felt disoriented too with the new cultivation levels and couldn't keep up with the new information even after just going with the flow until chapter 5kish, I usually would still be able to piece out information but this time nope. So I haven't continued where I last read because of it 🤷 <<less
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dweenator rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c667
I have only read up to chapter 667 as of the writing of this review meanwhile there are more than 3000 chapters waiting for me to read so keep that in mind. Most importantly, writing this review is just an impulse of mine and it has been a few days since I started reading this novel. So I come into this without any preparation which is to say, my thoughts and opinions won't be a 100% accurate therefore I'll try not to write in specifics which is also good spoiler-wise.

Story: It has its cliches but it sometimes deviates from the usual development which is refreshing. My main annoyance of this novel is the author's tendency to write events out of thin air. Like during fights, MC will suddenly do a new stronger technique which author explains MC learned during the previous training period but this was never mentioned, not even a trace of it, in said training period. Or when author suddenly writes that MC has been to x tower and completed x level of said tower but MC has never been there in the past few chapters.

Characters: The only character that matters in my opinion is the main character so I will only talk about him. Sometimes the MC shows some level of intellect but sometimes the MC can be borderline ret*rded. This isn't new though, if you've read plenty of other CN novels you'll find this familiar where MCs does questionable things that leads to one crisis after another for the sake of plot advancement.

... more>> World Building: It's typical CN world building, Grand scale but not much substance.

Translation Quality: It's readable. Alot better than MTL but its littered with errors. Some are spelling errors which in best case scenarios won't confuse you. There was this arc where Human territory was misspelled as Huaman Territory and translator kept on using Huaman Territory, I think at some point translator was confused and thought that the name of the human territory is huaman (but who knows, maybe its really called huaman but I doubt it). Some chapters will have terms constantly changing, one time it was multiple changes in one chapter. This is true for names too. Some have pinyin names but will then be translated to english but return to pinyin again. Lastly, Misgendering is a constant in this translation so you'll have to keep track of who is who otherwise you'll be confused.

I have read A LOT of CN cultivation webnovels. Some of which I couldn't get past 10 chapters, some I dropped after hundreds of chapters after being fed up. So far, there has been times where I would grumble but most of them were due to the translation quality and I've been reading this novel for a few days straight now. That shows alot but maybe its more likely due to my preferences. Anyways if ever it comes to a point where I have to drop this novel, I'll let you guys know by updating this review. Until then, try it out for yourself. <<less
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leoff rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: с4505
This author is the king of wrong priorities. I'm not talking about the quality of the writing or the idea, but the main character never once made the right choice. Of course, it kind of feeds the story and creates a lot of problems that MC solves. The classic "He created the problem, he solved it." But seriously, absolutely all decisions are idiotic, and the fact that he comes out a winner with such decisions, thanks to the author, shows the level of his development.. 4500 chapters, the character does... more>> first, then thinks. The word "idiot" doesn't even come close to him. As they said in one famous sitcom - "He passed this station a long time ago. <<less
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atomsphere rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: c1210
This is pretty subpar all the way around. Even for mediocre xianxia novels this is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel.

Characters and relationships aren't meaningful or even engaging. Other novels with flat side characters will at least include some amusing personalities. Another reviewer mentioned that time and specifically lifespans invalidated previous characters, I'd posit that none of these characters ever mattered to begin with. That they can define the MC by dying, showing his excellence by how extra old he can be, is the best service they could... more>> possibly make to this story. Also, I've read here and elsewhere that the MC is smart. However, he has no impulse control. He generally flies by the seat of his pants and things just kind of work out for him. At best, he has clever moments.

Cultivation and skill progression isn't great. It's all just always counting to some number to a little over 10 and then picking up some new skill to count again. There isn't much description attached to anything he's doing. Also, everything is just a power multiplier. It's boring AF in patch notes for MMOs. It's beyond boring in a book. One of the minor things that really bothered me is that the author, or at least the MC, seems to have no idea about diminishing returns.

All of this would be fine if it fed into a greater system, namely combat. There's a ton of combat in this novel. However, instead of having his simplified cultivation/progress system lead to something elegant it drops into a show of sword lights and power level comparisons. The author is very quick to take a sword light break to remind you of all the s*upid multipliers that make it so that the MC can beat someone a realm ahead of him. A very common topic, at least as far as I've read, is that he's really a level ahead of the level he's at, so it's fine, but it's really awesome that he's below the level at the same time. There's not really else to mention with the mechanics of combat except that they chuuni style yell out their moves as they make them.

He carries a dao he never uses. The MC is an absolute ape. The only thing he knows how to do is run around and boink things with his sword. But the author gave him world dao anyways. But he never uses it. In the 769 (now 1200+, still not relevant) chapters I've read, it's been relevant beyond just "it's so much stronger right now, sword lights with world energies!" maybe in like 5 or 6 chapters. He made a couple of attempts at defining world energies at some point but I think he just gave up.

TLDR: Read if you're bored or need something to pass out to. Skip if you haven't read everything else that you're interested in. <<less
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Celestial Potatoe
Celestial Potatoe rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c2565
I created an account only to say that this novel is really good. I have been reading this kind of novel for years and this one deserve your time. It's not perfect but clearly deserve more than a little 3/5, at least 4/5 maybe 4, 5/5. Please read at least c100 before give bad reviews, I'm still impressed by people explaining you how a 2500 chapter novel is bad when they have only read 5-50 of them.

This novel isn't perfect but the long-term plot is really well prepared, the progression... more>> is fluid and even if MC is overpowered he is fighting against strong people too.

(Sorry if there is some mistakes in the review, English isn't my mother tong) <<less
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