Legend of Swordsman


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Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew into a peerless genius from an ordinary practitioner. With a sword in hand, no one is his match. Using his extraordinary Sword Principle, he killed all his opponents and eventually became number one Sword Master from time immemorial.

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01/19/19 Webnovel c235
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01/19/19 Webnovel c233
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New vaserick rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c126
The MC is a tremendous sword artist that did not have cultivation, but later got a mysterious skill. He is OP, right now he is focus on elevating his sword skills and getting revenge on his family. Everything has been straight-forward and no such sightings of arrogant young masters so far.
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New novaes
January 3, 2019
Status: c48
Feels like I've read this story a million times already. Not really spoilers, just a list of tropes.

... more>>
  • parents missing
  • MC is trash and looked down on
  • MC isn't actually trash but magical MacGuffin he's really super duper special
  • beautiful childhood friend betrayal
  • room temperature IQ
  • MC seems to be alone in a sea of people, none of which seem to stop him from being retarded
  • trips over himself to find magical power up plot devices
  • face slapping and arrogance
  • super strong people out of nowhere who exist just to plot the MC or oppress him
  • and more!

So far this is generic as heck, almost as if it's a just a book written by a committee of bots fed cultivation novel tropes, and it is nearly totally lacking in charm or grace. The only "adversity" the MC goes through is plot that exists to highlight how far his hand travels to slap someone in the face. So many cliches! <<less
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orario rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: c147
Weird that there are no reviews. I will try to give you an idea of what to expect from it. I'll start by saying that it is quite different compared to most xianxia. While it is about getting revenge, the way it goes about it is pleasant. The good points:

1. It's a fast paced novel. The MC doesn't take 200 chapters to finally gain a rank-up.

2. MC is actually smart. Yeah, not kidding. He knows when it's time to lay low and when it's time to stand out. He knows... more>> when to attack and when to back off. It's basic wisdom that most MCs of Chinese novels sorely lack.

For example

while he was on the run from some assassins, he had to lay low. Someone sent his disciple to attack the MC right before a trial was about to start.

But knowing that his enemies' spies could be lurking around, the MC pretended to be weak and let himself be defeated easily. Ofc, he got even with him when the time came, but the point is that the MC has common sense.


3. The fight scenes are very good. In this novel, fights don't stretch over tens of chapters in which the enemies speak so much that you'd think they're having a chat over a cup of tea and biscuits, not fighting to death. They are rather concise. But satisfying.

4. The MC does not get poweful at an outrageous pace nor does he bump every chapter into some heavenly treasure. (WuDongQianKun flashbacks). There are plently of other talented and powerful enough characters to give him a run for his money.

5. So far, there has been no romance - for which I am glad because most Chinese novels authors seem to unable not to transfer their wet dreams in their works. Most xianxia are sh*tty harems, with women sooo attractive that they could topple empires, popping up at every step of the MC and all gunning for his d*ck as if he were the last man alive in the world. This novel is not like that. At least not until now

The bad points:

1. There isn't much that I dislike about this novel. Only the "frog and the well" cliche that makes its appearance towards the end of the first volume. But this is a minor thing considering that it's a Chinese novel we're talking about.

2. The translation. Yeah, unfortunately, there are some issues with it. The translator will confuse you greatly in regards with the cultivation system because of how often he partially changes the names of various ranks/stages. But it's still readable <<less
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