Le Festin de Vampire


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Though it was not a mistake of god, the protagonist has died and found himself in a white space with his only best friend who claims to be a god, who told him he could go through a reincarnation where he found that he had become a vampire girl and was now in a fantasy world!!

Le Festin de Vampire average rating 3.5/5 - 80 user ratings
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A God’s Time-killer: Vampire’s Banquet
神の暇つぶし 吸血鬼の饗宴~Le Festin de Vampire.
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New Tsushiki rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: v3c5
MC is an op vampire. Who is literally training to be at a level of a god. There is a weird transition and somehow ... more>>

MC suddenly learn to use mystic power, even though there was nothing saying she trained to use it.

A cute/fluffy story as others have said and some Yuri added in there. The only dissapointing aspect is that translators seems to be dead. So if you pick this up and read, expect not having any content to read after catching up to where I am.

(Berserk's translation on his site is deleted, not sure why its still in the list) <<less
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admira rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
I read part-way through the 2nd arc before I couldn't take it any more.

There's a somewhat interesting premise, but the logical jumps in this story just frustrates me. On more than one occasion, it feels like the author is just too lazy to have the characters react properly to the situations.
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DevilScarlet rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
I would say, it’s a classic fluffy-japanese-gender bender-transport to other world-loli story.

We have a loli vampire really OP (at least x10 power than ppl of her age) a bit carefree (I mean, ppl attempted to her life multiple time but it was like “everything is fine”)

You can find some hole in the story and huge time leap (like 100 years?) but don’t worry the plot is here for this.

But apart from this, our loli vampire is cute, her harem is cute as well and the plot isn’t really heavy... more>> so it’s an heart-warming story. And the MC don’t seems to want to create a harem and isn’t perverted, thanks god.

4/5 but don’t expect too much, I just rate the setting, not the actual story. <<less
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rllbcheese rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: v3c4
This fighting in this novel makes no sense. Literally none at all. One moment the MC is displaying extrodinary feats well beyond the other residents of the world, and the next, is getting caught in mundane, weak traps that she should be able to simply ignore. The author needs a fair bit more practice at writing combat scenes, to say the least.

On the other hand, the story is warm, fun, and overall has a not-too-serious tone to it. There's a fair bit of deus-ex-machina to it, but if you can... more>> overlook that the slice-of-life elements are the strong point of the series.

All in all, 2/5 for the fighting, 4/5 for the rest, resulting in a mediocre 3/5 <<less
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Aria Red
Aria Red rated it
November 26, 2016
Status: v3c3
A fluffy genderbender story that I love. The main character is an adorable yet feracious in fighting, our favourite vampire girl Alysia. It's not a serious story and there's not much plot going on to boot. It is mostly about heartwarming and lighthearted stories and experiences of our little vampire. There are some dark parts, which aren't really focused on.

It's really fun to read but some parts are really dragged on forever by the author such as the tournament and the bandits arc. The amount of endless fighting was horrendous... more>> and a bit of chore to translate. It's still such a shame on how the author decided to leave this one hanging without giving it a conclusion. Even a rushed one or an open one is much appreciated. <<less
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Dodeca rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: v3c2
It's very good so far. I expected a lot worse, so I may be biased a bit not taking this from an objective standpoint. However it really is one of the better reincarnation novels I've read. Although I do have to warn you. The translator is currently on a break as of writing this. Luckily he hasn't dropped it yet, but he may.

Characters: 4
Idea: 3.5
Story: 5
Clichés: Too many to count, but I'm already used to it

Final Judgement: 5 (A pretty good novel)
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