Law of Space and Time


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Lackadaisical and rebellious in nature, Erwin Friar, a young noble, whiles away his days in the company of seductive hostesses and his equally lackadaisical friends. Little did he know that his life was about to take a drastic turn after a book by the name of “Laws of Space and Time” was bestowed upon him, seemingly by chance.

Soon, Erwin finds himself embroiled in the center of a series of sinister plots that tear his life apart by the seams. Armed with the mysterious copy of “Laws of Space and Time” and a newfound sense of purpose, Erwin sets off on a journey to uncover the truth behind his own past and space-time magic itself.

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09/26/22 Wuxiaworld c84c84
09/26/22 Wuxiaworld c83
09/26/22 Wuxiaworld c82
09/26/22 Wuxiaworld c81 part2
09/25/22 Wuxiaworld c81 part1
09/25/22 Wuxiaworld c80
09/24/22 Wuxiaworld c79
09/24/22 Wuxiaworld c78 part2
09/23/22 Wuxiaworld c78 part1
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09/22/22 Wuxiaworld c77 part1
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