Later On, I Was Known As A Fake Actor!


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Chu Yun Tian who was trapped in a scandal, was forced to end his singer career. The president of the new company told him to go act. He originally thought he would just be acting once, but he didn’t expect that he would actually be particularly talented in this area, almost entering the play in seconds. This couldn’t help but make Chu Yun Tian think perhaps he was a fake singer before. But very soon he found out that he was actually also a fake actor, because what he really was, was the president’s wife.

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ColaArcie rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I think the title is not suited to the story...

The is about Chu Yun Tian who have boyfriend. They are happy and love each other. But things change when Chu Gun Tian account hacked and their love videos licked... Chu Gun Tian's boyfriend chose to save himself...

This story is really good...... more>>

Chu Gun Tian is a good singer and actor. It just happened that humor said that his achievements are because of the president which is not true... The truth is, the president is his "fan"😂 and he got his roles through natural talent!

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