Late Night Tales Of The Capital


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It was a time where demons roamed the earth and chaos reigned. The story took place in Luoyang, the legendary capital of the times. During the night, one could find people holding on to their food with dear lives as they faced off against stray dogs, people with weapons in hand vowing to fight against Fate to their very last breath. There was bloodshed everywhere as some died meaningless deaths, while the strong tyrannized the weak and the truth was frequently hidden. Some of the citizens had completely lost their mind, while some died on their travels. Most importantly, the words of a certain youth caused much panic in the human world. It was a time of little warmth as nights in the capital were frequently accompanied by gusts of wind and rain, and it would be covered with snow during winter. Such were the days…

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iWasDamned rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: c55
I'm surprised this is getting ignored it seems since there is no review.. so far this is a solid 4 for me...I'm quite enjoying reading this... first off im a little biased of second chance/rebirth stories I love them... the main character goes back to his teenage years after dying in battle he almost reached immortality in his last life.. he already lived a long life and went beyond the human realm.. so things that would seem important to the human realm mean little to him.. he has a cold... more>> sage like personality kind of like an old man... which is good in my opinion.. take tales of demons and gods for example the MC live thousands of years but still acted like an adolescent... and like a lot of second chancers who strive for stuff like revenge.. the MC has one goal become immortal.. he's a tiny bit of a know it all but it isn't to the annoying point..i mean it makes sense he's stuck in the human realm with knowledge beyond everybody... he also has a very realistic cold cultivator point of view.. but don't worry he has morals I doubt he will start raping girls and commit mass genocide like a lot of crazy MCs in xianxia.. also he's very calm but when he gets pissed his revenge is quite fun... anyways so far I enjoy it..i could change my mind but I haven't lost interest yet <<less
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Crezent rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: c88
This novel was probably one of the most disappointing novel that I have tried to read. I would have to agree with iWasDamned's review on the early chapters, but once it got to chapter 88 with the introduction of probably the female lead, my enjoyment of reading story just shot down. Out of nowhere, we got a 'girl' who suddenly saw Yu Que brilliant moments and say he's interesting to becoming the 'girl's' dog. You could say that we see these characters appearing in many novels as side characters. A... more>> ***** of a girl and a ***** bit*h of a guy, but for the MC to turn from badass to ***** was a major let down. I don't how it would turn out later on, but this type of character development was a major let down. <<less
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