Landing in the Fantastic World


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Mu Yu, who had just started university, unintentionally downloaded a mysterious hand tour and was brought to a strange and bizarre world, becoming the first player of the ‘Mystical World’.

By chance, Mu Yu joined an ancient sect that had declined for a thousand years. He successfully repaired the sect’s supreme technique, the Secret Manual of Space and Time, and became its spacetime descendant.

After three months, players officially logged into the Mystical World game. Mu Yu was already the pride of South Sky.

Two years later, when the players had grown up, Mu Yu had already become the most dazzling Saint under the starry sky.


At the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain, a young girl in a white dress nestled in Mu Yu’s embrace as she cried, “I, Nalan Yanran, would rather die than marry that young master of the Xiao family. I only wish to marry you in this life.”

“Ding!” You have successfully triggered a 3-star mission! to help Nalan Yanran go to the Xiao family to end the engagement! ”

“Wait a minute, this script isn’t right. Can’t we just not do it?” Mu Yu felt like crying.

“Either way! Either die! ” The System pulled out a 10m long broadsword.

“Stop, can’t I do it…” Mu Yu submitted.

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CJ993 rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: c514
Okay novel but has ton of problems. Villains are all essentially the same. The same events keep playing out. Mu Yu gets constantly looked down on just to progress what semblance of a plot is left. Girls are constantly brought in to either add more problems or become problems and characters made to bring him out of a bind and then then left out for convince sake.
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Rextraos rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c76
Extremely promising novel with game elements, solid translation rate as well as good translation itself, the main character doesn't have any personality traits which I hate yet and the MC is being forced by the system against his own will somewhat. I have no clue if this novel is supposed to have the tag comedy or not due to some of the stuff that happens. Probably not.

My only problem is the proofreading. It is in serious need of editing and the terms used in the novel are being used... more>> interchangeably with many different other terms, sometimes and frequently on the same chapters they are introduced on. For instance I have spotted three different names for the sect that the MC joins, Boundless Sect, Immeasurable Sect and Infinite Sect. He, she, her, him, and his are mixed up constantly.

Furthermore the grading system of cultivation techniques is unusable, that is to say it doesn't use it to begin with, with the exception of Heaven Grade. Xuan = Yellow? Sacred Book of Purple Vine/Purple Hair Holy Grimoire, which one? I prefer the former. Mysterious Iron? What is that? Profound Grade?

The start of some sentences are missing or need merging with the sentences below them to make sense.

(This is what it looks like as an example)

are missing or need merging.

With the sentences below them to make sense.

In the words of my fellow reader mrsplashy775 "God, the grammar is a bit unbearable. For the love of god at least proofread your translations."


C50 - Up to this point I have been in admiration for the MC. He knowingly provokes young masters or jealous people that are in love with the girls he saves just so he can fight them and get free exp. It's as if this novel is doing what an mediocre xuanhuan novel does but with logical and sound reasoning. Like playing the "NO U" card. Add comedy to the tags or I'll never forgive you.

**Also, as a side offer I am willing to proofread and organize all the chapters/terminology in exchange for access to the chapters past Chapter 76. (Heh, reminds me of fallout 76.) ** <<less
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