Lady Savage Fang – History’s Greatest Mercenary Reincarnates as the World’s Cruelest Lady and Becomes Peerless in this Second Life


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With beautiful hair fluttering in the wind, the girl loved by God swings her blade with ferocious abandon.

She is the loveliest girl to be found across the kingdom… But beneath her beauty is the world’s strongest mercenary: Savage Fang! Thus begins the completely abnormal lady’s conquest!

Associated Names
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Miss Savage Fang (LN)
Savage Fang Ojou-sama
The Tale of Little Lady Who Conceals "Savage Fang"
サベージファングお嬢様 史上最強の傭兵は史上最凶の暴虐令嬢となって二度目の世界を無双する
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11/24/22 Headcanon TL v1c4
11/19/22 Headcanon TL v1c3
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4 Reviews

Feb 03, 2023
Status: v2 start
This is relatively weak work. It's inoffensive and easy to get through, and that's where it ends. I'm just going to do my usual bullet point analysis, this time not particularly broken out into any standardized format:

  • The gender bender tag is meaningless. He has literally zero episodes of actually really adjusting to his female body. All he really mentions is "gee I guess I need to build my muscle strength again" and "dang dude my magic is insane now holy crap"... and yet you look at these cover images and illustrations and see him wearing these incredibly frilly and sometimes exposing dresses... with makeup and nail polish, no less, and just... not making any note of it. I'm sure that his servants put in all of the work, but even then he's this supposedly badass no-nonsense mercenary that's a genius fighter, yet doesn't find his new combat-impractical clothing to be in any way restrictive...?
  • Speaking of no-nonsense mercenary, for being one he sure does meaninglessly long and sometimes meandering monologues a lot. And does a lot of s*upid things despite having been portrayed as kind of having high IQ in other similar situations.
  • That's not where the idiocy ends, honestly the s*upidity fully breaks out into its own by the second half of the first novel, where we see Colette

    do something incredibly s*upid and get kidnapped. So uh. We have this girl who's literally pretty much a military genius. Actually just a genius all around. She decides to go full idiot and charge into a base with unknown strength and numbers, of an enemy that she basically had little to no actual intelligence on.

    I'm sorry. What? You're going to do this just to give the main character a damsel?
Uh... yeah. I kind of expected to have more bullet points, but beyond all the filler text, this thing was so vapid that I'm not sure if I can pull out much else to even discuss. It's like a cake where you shove your fork in and find out that somehow they just made the frosting stay still in the shape of the cake, and there's no filling. Well in other words, a pretty standard light novel, to be honest. So, 3/5. Nothing cringe, nothing much there to begin with.
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Dec 13, 2022
Status: v1c5
I’m dropping this but I have a few concerns. The author clearly lacks the skills to construct a plot. The writing itself reminds me when I wrote my first chapter which was obviously god awful. There are a lot of random events that have no connection to each other. They somewhat do, in a very large picture, but the execution is atrocious. You can just read two sentences in the middle and probably move on to the next chapter.
which leads to my next concern, if the plot will be so weak the characters should be the main focus, but they are not. They aren’t complex and honestly they just have one personality trait...

I didn’t mean to rate this, but I miss clicked and I don’t know how to clear the star rating so...
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Nov 24, 2022
Status: --
This is great so far. What a badass the MC is. The pace is pretty smooth, there are none of the long, repetitive training or grinding sequences - just a nice, steady flow of events. The other characters are interesting, tho there has hardly been time to bring any in as of chap 4. Translation is really good, no complaints from me. Please keep it coming - thanks /
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Jun 02, 2023
Status: v1c6
A fairly mediocre and predictable read, but the art is top-notch. Honestly the art is wasted on this.

TL by Headcanon is great, no problems there. Here's hoping they pick up something better in the future.
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