Lady, Is This Really Revenge?


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“I will marry Duke Caspar Meridium in a year.”
“I salute you, lady. “You will be a happy bride.”
“thank you. But you will kill me that day and marry my husband.”

… yes? Me?

A maid’s contract with the Marquis Inain, whom she accepted for asylum.
There is only one condition for termination of this contract.
The only thing I will attend is the safe marriage of the Marquis’s daughter, Ibrosa Inain.

Even though it was sad, he endured it and was mistreated at Inain’s mansion for 6 years.
When she gets married at the end of this year, I will finally be free.
One morning, this wicked, tyrant, and immature girl turned into someone else?

As the young lady’s ‘prophecy’ suddenly changed, everything begins to progress quickly… … .

It turns out that my reality is like a novel full of tricks.
Can I really just trust the lady like this?

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아가씨, 이거 정말 복수 맞나요?
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