Lack of Love


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it is a story about a male protagonist who lost his memory after a car accident and hurt his head and lost part of his memories, divorced his spouse, but later chased him and made all efforts in an attempt to win him back~ It can probably be regarded as a broken mirror reunion, the plot is , half-abuse, half-sweet love and romance.

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New earlgreyt rated it
May 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Although the novel is marked as finished, the story ended quite abruptly on Chapter 21. I hope that it was a mistaken label.

Update: the rest of the novel has been linked on NU, so total amount of chapters is actually 50.

It was pretty interesting to read. Despite not being very long, there were a lot of events that happened. Both MC and ML were mature and it's more of a story about a mature relationship rather than a juvenile one, which I appreciated.

I liked that the MC and ML got... more>> distance from each other, and the misunderstandings weren't so horrible that the ML had to make up for a lot of past abuse like other wife-chasing novels.

It was also really interesting how the author wrote the ML's mom (aka, wicked stepmother). The generosity, understanding, and forgiving the MC displayed, as well as the maturity in handling the family situation was very unique.

My bias is amnesia, so it was an enjoyable read. <<less
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New Rida rated it
May 25, 2023
Status: Completed
It's okay. Because it was such a short story, the angst wasn't very drawn out. There were a lot of time skips so I couldn't really get attached to the characters. I did end up skimming the last few chapters but I will say that both the MC and ML were quite mature and calm in their reactions, so an extra point for that.
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