Kyouran Reijou Nia Liston


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In this era, the name of the newest hero will be written down in the pages of history.

The red rain who slaughters demonic beasts with her bare hands.

The white healer who helps the wounded and the fallen.

The knight killer who can penetrate even the toughest armor.

The death seeker who wants to fight to the death.

In addition, she is also sometimes called the runaway young lady, the roaring angel, the tyrannical princess, the dancer of ruin, etc., etc.

Throughout her lifetime, she was called by various nicknames, but the most famous of her nicknames would probably be “The Mad Daughter”.

From now on, her name will be inscribed on the pages of the history books.

This is the record of the splendid battles of the Mad Daughter, worthy to be called a hero.

And the trails that she left behind while walking forward without listening to anyone if she didn’t like it.

The Mad Daughter Nia Liston.

Her story began one night.

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Mad Daughter Nia Liston
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