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20 years ago, 「Talent Users」 appeared suddenly in the world. Due to the Talent Users who possessed mighty power, the world’s power balance collapse, and every large countries fight in the 「World Talent Great War」. After the long war which lasted for 10 years, the world map was redrawn due to the geographic changes and also the international treaty. It was rearranged from the world without Talent Users to the world with Talent Users…No, to 「the world ruled by Talent Users」.

Before one knows, Serizawa Atsushi, the protagonist awakens to his Talent and he dreams to be a hero. However, his Talent evaluation is 「【One who changes temperature】」. The lowest level of the 5 level evaluation, 「S-LEVEL 1 」. The level which the country treats the Talent as trash.

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Until I who possessed a trash Talent 【One who changes temperature】, become matchless
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NoobaLoob rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: c46
The story isn’t bad, but I’d argue that this isn’t a ‘weak-to-strong’ novel at all. The MC has an overpowered ‘Talent’ (he can manipulate the temperature of anything he touches, this includes the AIR - he can burn hotter than a star and drop it to absolute zero. By chapter 30 he’s able to heat up a rock so much he can split atoms and create nuclear explosions) and it takes him 1 week to learn stuff that took humanities hero 5 years to learn.

Perhaps this is because I speak... more>> English, but I absolutely hate these character names. The MC’s name is ‘Serizawa Atsushi’ and that is legitimately one of the easiest names to remember/pronounce in the novel. Again, it’s not necessarily a ‘fault’ of the story itself.. But when I can’t barely read a name, there’s no way I can remember that character. Even after 46 chapters I only think of characters based on their Talents.

The reason why I gave this 4 stars is two-fold. Firstly, it’s a cookie-cutter novel.. That’s not the worst thing in the world (at least, the MC has a backbone) - and secondly I took a star off because there’s the inevitable “school battle” arc and they have to try really hard because if they lose the ‘school will be closed’.

Now, remember the hero who I mentioned before? He’s the schools principal and his Talent allowed him to CONTROL TIME (he can literally stop/accelerate time.. At whim). I find it simply laughable that any government would be so irresponsible, the guy is a hero because he took down a world-ending level Talent user.. However much it costs to run a school, it’s worth the price if it keeps him happy and occupied. <<less
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Zerald rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c42
The protagonist is as strong as the author wills him to be. Training doesn't matter. It's just a pretense. He will get hit by an attack he could easily dodge if it's for a scene. Otherwise, he will dodge things that flies like a bullet. None of it matters.

Comedy relies on cringe comedy. You know, making someone act embarassing/pathetic so you can laugh at him.

It's also the same reason why all of his character interactions ends up disappointing.

It does have its exciting moments like battle scenes. The cringe comedy ruins... more>> all of it in the end though. I don't really recommend it. <<less
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CookieMonster rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c8
The MC finds out about his "low-level" Talent to change the temperature of things he touches, which can actually be a powerful ability. (Think freezing the planet). There is a hidden reason why the appraiser labelled it low-level, which will be explained in the novel.

MC is sent to the lowest-tier high school for Talents where only the low-level Talents or Talents with problematic personalities go.

So far, the people he meets have quirky and fun personalities. His interactions with them are amusing to read. They also have interesting abilities, a concept... more>> which the author further develops.

In short, don't let the 1-star ratings keep you from this novel! ^_^ <<less
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vusdruv rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c18
This novel is pretty generic, but in between all those isekais a refreshing read nonetheless.

What can you expect from this novel? Well, it's basically a high school action comedy. So far, all generic tropes are present.

... more>>
  • A protag with a seemingly useless ability
  • A perverted and slightly annoying childhood friend (male) who wants to hang out with MC
  • Living together with a beautiful girl (in this case his teacher even) for some reason
  • A potential first love interest who (possibly) fell for him because he taught her a way to use her ability efficiently
  • With the newest chapter we even have an incoming school tournament arc
Think Absolute Duo and the ever popular manga Boku no Hero Academia. I bet rom com elements will come soon, as well.

Of course, compared to those two, you can see how inexperienced the author is.

Still, I'm willing to give this a chance, since it has potential and seems promising.

For now, 4 stars and fingers crossed. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: c111
Inconsistencies everywhere. I'm not even sure what the author wants to do with this series.

You know that feeling when you were on minimart and saw that pack of beers that got a massive discount but you want to buy instant ramen and nice hot canned coffee for your dinner so you gone back and forth between both stands until you finally decided to buy cheap snacks and a bottle of Dr. Pepper instead?

Yea, the author was like that, except we are talking about the plot and the background preparation for... more>> that said plot.

I just wasted reading 100+ chapters expecting something to get straight for real but nooope~ not that easy, Ferguso.

Dropped. <<less
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ElianaDiana rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c19
Hilarious! It is indeed a refreshing kind of novel out there available to read.

The comedy element stems from the MC monologues and I was quite entertained by the slapstick scenes acted by the MC and the ppl around him.

It is quite promising for me to follow and thanks to translator for translating this novel!
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SeventhTale rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: c86
The plot of the story is something you can call cliche... in manga and anime that is. But comparing to isekai novels this one is very refreshing to read.

The "useless turn out to be useful" ability can be annoying, only if, it keep making itself looks useless even if it's obviously useful to the audience. This story is about the characters who didn't notice the potential of his talent, and the person that make him like that to protect him. Still, in the end he will know about his talent,... more>> though he still can't fully use that potential.

Somehow the character introduction of the students became overwhelming, but as the story goes, you will remember them from their talent. I like the school setting in this story as it's not only focus on our MC but also to the teachers and some students. School tournament is a little lacking compared to shounen manga but at least it's pretty enjoyable.

And overall, though you can say that the premise of the story is not new, it's still really enjoyable to read. It's not bad, I can assure that, though if you really want to compare, that characters, the writing, and the development to the best story you knew then I can't argue with that anymore. The comedy tag is also becoming like an addition to slice of life, but it's still fun.

I'd rate it 4.3 if possible, but I'll put 5 stars just to increase the rating of 3.5 a little bit. Cause I don't think it deserved that rating. <<less
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rassion rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: c85
The MC is still a child (teen) he has quick growth in his talent but still ends up knocked/passing out all the time.

MC has/gets major amounts of martial training from a young age, Reason... it just happens that way...

All non villian Characters in the story to this point are almost blindingly unique; their lack of similarity is almost unsettling. Then to the flip side the 'Bad Guys' are all disgusting in nature - if it is not a wanna be rapist, it is the guy who is like: "The boss... more>> will kill you if you damage the merchandise." etc.

The story runs and a couple basic JP highschool tropes; not outright amazing, but still done well enough. Everything makes sense and is hinted or explained rather well IF you read it properly, there are little to no surprises. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c22
Well.. we have male protagonist type that you will find everywhere in other school novel with special power yet claimed to be powerless by other for reason.

The story itself so far clueless how its goes, but its not bad.. since its still in early chapter introduction isnt bad either. For character, you can guess what inside.. theres a sensei, potential rival, potential heroine etc. Common one :D.

However the comedy are good. The journey of main character to find truth about himself talent also seems interesting to follow on. The talent... more>> power itself actually interesting for each character. What im afraid are theres would be so much character and author forget them, and so we are... Hopefully not. Would edit this review in future. <<less
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BigBadBoi rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c58
Not bad, enjoyable at the very least.

Basically a shounen manga in novel form.

Edit: Welp, I liked this better now, doesn't change the fact that it is slightly generic highschool superpowers trope but the fact that the MC will maybe not becoming a harem lord and sticking to one girl already gives it at least 4stars but actually giving the MC a personality makes it 5stars. And the side characters are also great.
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RedsFable rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c7
I am so excited about this story! The writing is great and the plot twists are fun and surprising.

Talent users are those who awaken their talents due anything between natural disasters or personal individual danger (from what I gather so far).

And our MC awakens his talent when a boiling hot pot falls on his head....


Yep so if you want more READ THIS! Lol.
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ABoringCrocodile rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c123
Never wrote a review before so it could be bad. To keep it short it's good for me. Edit- This might be a biased review as well just cause I like it, might not mean it's actually good.

Edit- The protagonist actually has backbone, so it's not like a has potential but ruined because of the protag type novel, in fact I think the protag makes the story better

This is one of those novels where you will either hate it or love it type, the main character at the start was... more>> a little slow to the whole op aspect but yet he still was vaguely hinted that he was strong I guess? More towards the like 2/5 into the novel he actually starts becoming op because he went into a week training with the school's principal to be op which in turn made him go from a level 1 (lowest) to beating a level 4 (second highest) and it isn't such an easy gap to cross going from 1 to 4 in their words it went something like this,

Level 1 = almost ordinary human, sort of a real street performer

Level 2 = can be useful

Level 3 = has military value

Level 4 = equivalent to a nuke, worst level 4 = 1 nuke, best level 4 = 99 nukes

Level 5 = can survive hundreds or thousands of nukes

So that's just how difficult the training is right? Not really it was because his talent was purposefully judged as trash because with his talent he could even be the 2nd level 6 (world threat) in existence and the examiner thought he was to naive for that type of power.

His over powered-ness is truly shown in the 3rd arc but I'm not gonna right an insanely long summary for something that is worth reading, but don't take it at face value this is my first review so it doesn't do it enough justice, I recommend you just read the novel and it will be much more enjoyable instead a random guy's opinion. :) <<less
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Aegis21 rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c100
I think the comedy is like baka to test but a Bit amateurish, overall it's nice, but I wish the character building is better, especially the MC.

Edit : the writing gets better as the chapter goes up.
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Alteration rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c78
My evaluation of this novel is "mediocre".

The MC doesn't really have much of a personality, the story has a tendency to jump around, there was a whole chapter devoted to "updating" character information.

I don't love the novel but I don't hate it either, but considering I generally like most "Overpowered Protagonist" novels the fact that this has not managed to maintain my interest shows something is lacking.

My first point of wanting to quit the novel was when ... more>>

the MC lost against the bean sprout kid

, especially considering how shortly before we had mention of the MC being able to react to things quickly as if they were in slow motion.

The second frustration would be their continued use of the perverted friend/mind trope, I was hoping we would get past it quickly yet here I am at 78 and it looks like it will keep going on. <<less
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Granlie rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c124
I rated this 4 stars.


I would've given this 5 stars if they didn't beat around the bush with character development.

There is no development in regards to the MC for a good 30 chapters. His mountain training doing kungfu under a waterfall was basically grazed over even though that could've been 2-3 chapters.

The author has so many essential characters it's causing the main character to lack this development.

I don't know, it just gets on my nerves.... more>>

I'm really hoping for them to delve deeper and uncover the emotions and possibly the personalities that reside in him


If you've neglected to read deep into the story, the whole point of him being underestimated is himself doing so.

He has seen fragments of what it can do, so he acts and lies to himself so his powers don't get the btter of himself. It starts to though


Another thing, this is a very comedic nonchalant type of read, but be prepared. At around c80, sh*t gets nasty and the writing gets dark and keeps foreshadowing a deeper hole into the darkness, so be prepared for a rollercoaster.

Overall summarization. It's a good read, I want to say it is good for filler if you're waiting on different novel updates but it is not, each chapter will have you coming back for more, you can tell the novels story has far advanced its actual publishings (It's packed with a large amount of backstory and lore to come). <<less
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December 7, 2018
Status: c109
This story is very very detail. So many character introductian. But that fine. I like whit MC & heroine. He is weak to the strong also heroine is cute in the illustrations. But.. In chapter 100 above. Very2 strange. What the f**k whit kagura talent. That very cheattt... Is cheater. You can revive a dead people. Whitout skinshipe and whitout the current location of target. But she cannot heal MC in capther 117. Hhhhhh. What relationships kagura and akai is diferent whit MC? Are they couple? No.

You must kidding me.... more>> I think Author is sloth <<less
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