Kusoge Online (BETA)


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“Sword & Magic Online,” a VRMMO consisting of 255 floors to clear, harbors a horrible secret: Everything from floor two onwards hasn’t been implemented yet. And all the devs ran away.

“What are you gonna do about this?!” “We’re gonna make them now!” “People are already close to beating the first floor, you know?!” “No problem, I’ll let everyone die at the boss!”

Also, there is no magic in this world of swords and magic, the gold value has inflated indefinitely due to a dupe glitch, this kusoge (fixed term for a shitty game) is going down the toilet.

And yet, there are friends enjoying this kind of game. For that reason and to avoid this world’s destruction (end of service), a youth named “Sasaraki” continues developing this kusoge world together with the mysterious girl Alice who dwells in the debugging room, and…? A VR kusoge development rom-com!

Associated Names
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Kusogē Online (Kari)
The Junk! Kuso Game Online
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Date Group Release
12/26/17 cautr’s v3 epilogue + extra
12/20/17 cautr’s v3c3
12/16/17 cautr’s v3c2
12/16/17 cautr’s v3c1
11/22/17 cautr’s v3c1 part4
10/28/17 cautr’s v3 illustrations
10/27/17 cautr’s v3c1 part3
10/27/17 cautr’s v3c1 part2
04/27/17 cautr’s v3c1 part1
04/10/17 cautr’s v2 extra
04/02/17 cautr’s v2c3
03/27/17 cautr’s v2c2
01/22/17 cautr’s v2c1
12/27/16 cautr’s v2 illustrations
12/24/16 cautr’s v1 extra
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Dayfinder rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: v1c1
As someone who avoids most LN due to slow-paced translation and how they seem to fall into a few common shortcomings that WN can (but don't always) dodge, I still recommend highly this novel. The quality of translation is great, and the quality of the work itself is solid. So far, I've been impressed enough to preemptively write this review due to having read a good chunk of Nekomimi Neko Offline and really seeing how the author drives the story in a more successful direction.

I would predict this story to... more>> be a solid read for people who like Kono Subarashii due a few parallels in subject and direction. <<less
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illusorum rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: v2 illustrations
This is a very light hearted and hilarious slice of life. To be honest, this could be one of the best comedy light hearted stories out here in nu. Although skeptical in the beginning, it was enjoyable for me. You won't regret reading.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: v1c3
To be honest this the title and the story pretty much sums it up to what you will get..

Sorry but this this too much for me..

... more>>

Normal (eccentric) Players turned into GMs sounds nice?

GMs are pretty much useless, they have pretty much limited authority. Full authority? It got shredded by its AI-support system.

AI support? She's pure evil and 100% ANNOYING, and GMs are basically helpless to delete her.

Also no one on the capable side, mostly are surprisingly normal kids trying their best despite having no professinal experience.

Chapter 2 was so annoying that it was painful for me to read.

Then chapter 3 they finally started to try fixing bugs yet it just turned into fan service near the end.

Yup its just rom-con. Trying to expect even the tiniest bit of seriousness in the story will make your head hurt.


The author is too much as there are too many problems being thrown to MC and party while they have not even started solving the problems. Even when they already had a time limit of 1 month author just cut it to 3 weeks then suddenly added another problem which may reduce the time limit to a few days. What can a bunch of kids do in just a few days? Ending will probably make no sense..

Well players still playing the kusoge already makes no sense. I mean if a player explodes three times a week without reason then given an explanation that "it's not a bug. It's a feature" and not quit already makes no sense or retarded. <<less
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JapaneseFandom rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: v2 epilogue
After finishing 2 volumes of this I felt that I should point out how nice this novel is. At first it might seem a but bland but later on it gets better and better, and I personally loved the comedy in this series. The comedy is great and the story is also light hearted (at least up until now), you should give this a go if you're looking for a comedy romcom.
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