Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Harem-ken (LN)


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“I’ll seize everything I want! And then, I’ll satisfy all my desires!”

Being transported to a different world after winning a prize from a lottery, every single one of Kakeru’s abilities was 777-fold strong, making him a cheat-like existence.

His power making him the strongest, 777-fold.

HIs magic power, 777-fold as well.

With all his abilities 777 times stronger, Kakeru decides to go on the harem route! And, whilst being able to use the lottery even in the other world, Kakeru’s cheat-like abilities only grow even further—nobody can stop the unparalleled harem anymore?!

Associated Names
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Grand Prize Unrivalled: Harem Ticket
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Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken (WN) (Web Novel)
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11/28/19 CClaw Translations v1c6
11/10/19 CClaw Translations v1c5
11/10/19 CClaw Translations v1c4
11/09/19 CClaw Translations v1c3
11/09/19 CClaw Translations v1c2
11/08/19 CClaw Translations v1c1
11/07/19 CClaw Translations v1 prologue
11/07/19 CClaw Translations v1 illustrations
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