Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler


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My lady. I have prepared delicious black tea with cakes and outstanding mysteries.

What’s Hakoniwa Detective Agency?

It is a detective agency that handles extraordinary cases. It accepts cases that are related to the supernatural, urban legends, or rumors that people do not consult with common detective agencies. It also provides delicious black tea and desserts to our clients.

Koushirou Kujou
He is the butler of Hakoniwa Detective Agency, but is also a famous detective. He is not only erudite, but also insightful with eloquence. He is overprotective of Yui, but is very invective to Akira.

Yui Mikami
She appears to be a petite girl; however, she is able to see and be possessed by spirits. She is the master of Hakoniwa Detective Agency. She is fond of desserts.

Akira Satou
He is searching for “the phantom of that day” which stays by him at the time he was once distressed. He is a high schooler finally arriving at Hakoniwa Detective Agency. He has a positive way of thinking and is resilient.

Koushirou Kujou the Detective Butler average rating 3.6/5 - 24 user ratings
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Tantei Shitsuji ・ Kujou Koushirou
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notjoining rated it
December 1, 2016
Status: --
Eh, it's okay. Short enough to satiate your mystery cravings. There are some points that are eyebrow-raising, but an otherwise decent read to kill time.

For those who are further interested in the characters, look up Hakoniwa no Fräulein, the prequel to the series. It's in manga though.

Also, note that in Fräulein, the focal detective is Yui, so expect a lot of supernatural nonsense to your mystery. Enjoyable nonetheless, and easier to swallow, since it's an a manga format.

4/5, enjoyable mediocrity.
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