Koukyuu no Karasu


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Deep within the inner palace, there lives a special consort called the “Raven Consort” who does not serve the Emperor. Some of those who saw her say she is an old woman, while others say she is a young girl. It is said that she wields a mysterious magic and accepts any request from curse killings to finding lost things. The current Emperor, Koushun, visits her with a certain favor. No one knows that their encounter is a taboo that will overturn history.

Associated Names
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Kōkyū no Karasu
Quạ chốn hậu cung
Raven of the Inner Palace
The Raven Consort
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/22/23 Sasaranomiya v4c1 part3
10/01/23 Sasaranomiya v4c1 part2
09/02/23 Sasaranomiya v4c1 part1
07/24/23 Sasaranomiya c2019-12
06/27/23 Sasaranomiya v3c4 part3
06/24/23 Sasaranomiya v3c4 part2
06/17/23 Sasaranomiya v3c4 part1
06/02/23 Sasaranomiya v3c3 part2
05/25/23 Sasaranomiya v3c3 part1
05/08/23 Sasaranomiya v3c2 part3
05/02/23 Sasaranomiya v3c2 part2
04/13/23 Sasaranomiya v3c2 part1
03/25/23 Sasaranomiya v3c1 part2
03/10/23 Sasaranomiya v3c1 part1
01/03/23 Sasaranomiya v2c4 part3
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2 Reviews

New Anecdotey
Nov 28, 2023
Status: --
Having read ac253's review, I decided to give this novel a chance even with the low ratings. But I just could not enjoy.

From beginning to end, till where I had read, a shallow writing, beautified words to dazzle the inexperienced.

A fumbled pacing, with no consistency to the character, truly, a Japanese light novel. I shouldn't have had my hopes up.

... more>> And like many Japanese works, solutions are... Uninteresting, even though this world has "qi", "fantasy" and "ghosts".

In the end, it is only a shoujo-esque drama fit for those who wish to turn off their thoughts and/or intellect. <<less
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Oct 06, 2022
Status: v3c1 part1
It's been ages since I've written a review on this website, having been heavily distracted by all the officially translated and published LNs (and thank lord, I'm so glad publishing companies recognize there's a huge market here), but I had to pipe in. There are not many spoilers in this review, but as usual, if you'd like to read this with your own fresh interpretation, please skim or skip my review.

Honestly, I was completely curious about this due to its anime adaptation announced a few months ago, and the trailer... more>> looked stunning. Unfortunately, the anime doesn't seem to be shaping up to par, and I was shocked to see the number of low ratings here. I can be a pretty harsh and obviously biased rater; if you look through some of my ratings from years prior, you'd find them averaging two to three stars. But I honestly have no idea where the influx of one stars came from. Maybe it's from a previous translator or troll, but whatever translations are up now are clean and super high quality, or maybe it's because

of the lack of romance from those who've read the raws. To be honest, I actually prefer the way Koushun and Jusetsu's relationship as canon, but that's likely because I enjoy life-long platonic relationships between characters of opposite genders.

The story itself is reminiscent of The Apothecary Diaries and other novels based in the inner courts of Ancient China with its mystery premise, but it completely holds its own.

The characters are lovely to follow, and I enjoy the holier-than-thou protagonist's way of speaking juxtaposed with the childishness that naturally comes from her youth. I enjoy the world-building, the atmosphere, and the lore of their kingdom's history. This wasn't as spellbinding as some of the novels I've rated five stars, and it isn't a game changer in its genre, but this novel series holds its own very well. The translator has done an amazing job, and if the localization doesn't hold up to par, I'd be pretty annoyed.

Edit: The official translations did, indeed, not hold up to par. This is one of the few series where I'd recommend reading the unofficial translations over the official ones while still buying the volumes and supporting the author if possible. There's a lifeless quality to the prose of the official translations, and it doesn't quite manage to capture the peculiar atmosphere surrounding Jusetsu as artfully as Sasaranomiya does.

The only reason I wrote this review was to perhaps inspire other curious people to give it a chance. The low ratings nearly threw me off, and anyone who would watch the anime would likely be disappointed. Anyone a fan of this genre I would strongly recommend giving this series a chance. Of course, I'm only two volumes in, and if my thoughts or opinions change with the later releases then I shall update my review accordingly. <<less
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