Koukando ga Mieru you ni natta n da ga, Heroine ga Count Stop shite iru Ken


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High-school student Touma Kirisaki can view his affinity stats with other individuals after an incident. Acquaintances are around 30, friends are around 70.

Even though he is confused about these affinity statistics, he found out that one of the four goddesses at school, Kujou Momoka, has maxed out the affinity count-!?

The perfect girl has fallen in love with me, why?!

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I can view others' affinity stats, but she has maxed out the affinity meter!
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TheOneEye rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: --
God this is so infuriating to read so the premise is he can see affection level of people around him and even with reference like strangers have level of 30 and 80 for familiar or freiend zone below 30 means acquaintances but not good impression or some hate and below 0 means absolutely hate obliviously author is dumb so all this values are vague

so our s*upid MC sees that a beautiful girl (supposedly top 4 in school but they all look same as childhood friend so f*ck that) has 100... more>> at first he was sceptical that “yeah no way she loves me like I haven’t even met her” I said resonable strangers loving you 100% is obviously sus but then it turns out


She met him at entrance ceremony and he gave him a pencil a motherf*cking pencil and bcz of that she loved him full throttle


And what infuriating is that the moron of MC is so coward that he can’t even ask her to be friends poor girl has to give her contact info but that wasn’t it the moron can’t even text her like dude she has 100 % affection it may not be love but she definitely won’t hate you at first contact at the end the childhood friend has to give her beating so he can talk to the girl even after this much sh*t he doesn’t realise that she likes him and he is still in denial then come bodyguard of fMC obliviously she hates him but somewhat comes to agreement not much on her and then comes a character with absolute hate for MC and reason


Nothing. She hates him bcz she hates him just like giving a pencil can make a girl head over heals for you not giving a pencil or not knowing or just seeing you can make a girl hate you too


But just in next chapter after some talking her affection goes to 70 from -100 like what the f*ck girl aren’t you too easy?? Oh yeah between this all MC asks fMC for a dates and her reply was she is “very much looking forward for it” the moron still Denys that she likes him MC is such an moron that you just want to kill him

only good character are the bodyguard girl and childhood friend girl all other characters are from meh to ‘oh I so want you dead’

Absolute rubbish the dumb author wants to make a dense MC and hare situations but giving him super power to see affection and still deny it shows how much idiot of author is

Look I have nothing against dense protagonist it’s necessity for plot sometimes but giving him super power such that he shouldn’t be dense but still is dense just shows how ret*rd MC is (thus the author)

Not recommended if you want to save your brain cells or your iPad I was not even gonna give 1star to translator bcz he dare to translate this garbage but rules are rules atleast I respect him (the translator not you author, you are just s*upid) to put up with this shit <<less
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