Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke


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Choosing not to follow in the footsteps of his father, who serves as legal advisor for the yakuza criminal organization Komine-kai, Fuyuki instead becomes a corporate lawyer and is looking forward to a life of smooth sailing. Those hopes are dashed, however, when his father falls ill, and Mitora, the head of the gang and Fuyuki’s childhood friend, pressures him to take over his father’s position. When he declines, Mitora imprisons him as his captive and plaything, and Fuyuki ends up losing both his job and his girlfriend. “Even as a kid I knew, nobody was gonna be my other half but you.” What will Fuyuki do when Mitora unleashes the full ferocity of his love…!?

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Kono Ai ni Oborero
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Date Group Release
07/26/20 translatingfujoshi v1c4
07/18/20 translatingfujoshi v1c3
07/12/20 translatingfujoshi v1c2
07/07/20 translatingfujoshi v1c1
07/06/20 translatingfujoshi v1 prologue
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