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The story revolves around five members—two boys and three girls—of a school cultural club who end up switching bodies through an unknown effect.

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Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun (1)
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Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka!? (1)
The Elf Is a Freeloader (1)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
06/23/17 Nanodesu v5 epilogue
05/03/17 Nanodesu v5c6
03/29/17 Nanodesu v5c5
01/25/17 Nanodesu v5c4
12/31/16 Nanodesu v5c3
11/10/16 Nanodesu v5c2
10/16/16 Nanodesu v5c1
10/16/16 Nanodesu v5c0
08/19/16 defan’s... v5c8
08/18/16 defan’s... v5c7
12/30/15 Baka-Tsuki v8.5 illustrations
12/29/15 Baka-Tsuki v8 illustrations
06/22/13 Baka-Tsuki v6.5c3
08/29/15 Baka-Tsuki v6.5c1
09/04/12 Baka-Tsuki v6.5 illustrations
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