Koi wa Yozora wo Watatte


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“… Huh, isn’t that Misuno’s voice?”

One evening, a familiar voice came over the stream that I had randomly selected.

The voice belonged to a petite but mature, stylish and beautiful, cool-headed junior with a cold demeanor named Misuno Saki.

That Misuno Saki was live streaming!? What’s more, the stream’s contents were related to love. She’s taking consultations from listeners, and also talking about her own love life… isn’t this totally different from how she normally is!?

On top of that, I realized that the “senpai she liked” that Misuno was talking about… No matter how I think of it, it has to be me…

A youth romantic comedy where the two of them are brought together by the radio stream!

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Love Crosses the Night Sky
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4 Reviews

Aug 08, 2023
Status: v1 intermission

I really dig this story. The heroine is a total kuudere, blank expression, seems super unsocible but when she talks on stream she turns super dere and whenever she talks about the MC, it's super romanticized which is just hilarious to think about. Like, what she see thinks their interactions were and what they actually had been, lmao.
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Jun 18, 2024
Status: c5
Both main characters, especially the ML are incredibly akward... in the worst way possible.

The entire conflict of the story is based upon neither of them having even the slightest human communication ability. Their behaviour can also be very... cringy, I hate using that word but I am not sure how many here know what the German word Fremdschämen means.

... more>>

Much of the love advice the chick gives is also just s*upid and not in a ''she is too idealistic way'', just plain s*upid.

''What should I do if the person I like has an amazing ex boyfriend and I feel bad about it?''

''Just feel good about it instead.''

Truly genius, she truly reached the level of ''Oh, you are depressed, have you tried just not being already?'' <<less
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Jan 29, 2024
Status: v1c5
In short, it is a little bland.

The premise was interesting at first, but it seems there will not be as much drama as I hoped there would come out of that. At some point, I even felt like the MC listening to the stream started to be a little revolting.

There are only three characters so far, and they all feel flat. It is not explained very well why the couple should be together, other than with the MC's "gut instinct". Needless to say, if even the protagonist cannot describe why... more>> he is attracted to the FMC, how are we supposed to tell as a reader? I feel like the sister is only there to make things progress. If that is her only role, why not make the MC a little shrewder instead? Right now, even though he knows about the FMC's feelings, he seems as dense as any run-of-the-mill protagonist.

Finally, I feel like the chronology is a little messed up. They supposedly meet once per week, and the livestream happens on that same night. However, here and there, either their daily discussion or the livestream is completely skipped. This would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that it sometimes happens right after key moments from the week before, in which case, it feels really odd that we do not see how the MC behaves when meeting her face to face after hearing the livestream from the week before.

At any rate, this novel did not manage to hook me, even though I have read more than half of the first volume. <<less
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Aug 09, 2023
Status: v1 intermission
Wow, this is good, super well written. The pacing is well done and each of the characters is interesting. I'm not sure yet but I'm quite curious to how this story will develop yet. Huge room for growth in for the male lead, we haven't gotten much insight into the female leads thoughts and emotions yet, only what she says. I'm excited to see how this develops!
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