Knight, the Dragon Snatched a Princess Again!


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The dragon felt that the worst thing that could happen in the world was to suddenly become a super fierce dragon without knowing anything!

He felt bored.

He wanted to go snatch a princess and have some fun.

As a result, he fell in love with the knight.

––Then, he should be even more persistent about snatching the princess.

The stupid dragon seriously thought so.

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07/11/19 XIIN c14
07/09/19 XIIN c13
07/09/19 XIIN c12
07/08/19 XIIN c11
07/08/19 XIIN c10
07/07/19 XIIN c9
07/06/19 XIIN c8
07/05/19 XIIN c7
07/02/19 XIIN c6
07/02/19 XIIN c5
06/30/19 XIIN c4
06/30/19 XIIN c3
06/29/19 XIIN c2
06/29/19 XIIN c1
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New Hweianime rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Hella cute, not gonna lie I think I would have wanted some more angst or

Eliza the princess throwing down some of her grievances against the ML for doing what he did to her bro (the MC)

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New hibatsu rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: c14
Quite light-hearted, but with some angst introduced in one chapter, only to get resolved half-heartedly, as the author rushed through the end. But it's a short story, it's good enough to pass the time without thinking so much. Jsut consider this one having a one-track mind like Tammy (The MC).

Would've been nice if their outset had more details, instead of the already established setting that the author wrote. Their origin was the most interesting, but it was a topic that was said in a passing conversation/ few sentences.
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human rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c3
I've only read the first 3 chapters, but so far I can confidently say this story is absolutely adorable. The dragon is a little silly but very very meng. I'm guessing this story will be very fluffy :)
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RiiRu rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: c11
The story is very adorable, full of humor and fluff.
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