Knight of Demise


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In solitude, he once walked the face of the earth

Bringing her death, dissolution, discord

He held dominion over that all-pervading, dreadful force

And his fearsome name was known through the sphere

Death is not an ending, but a new beginning …

When the flag of Rose and Sword flutters once again, beneath that same sky

Is it hope, or ruin, that it heralds anew?

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Zhong Yan De Qi Shi
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03/06/18 Citrus Fruit c8
12/07/17 Citrus Fruit c7
12/03/17 Citrus Fruit c6
11/30/17 Citrus Fruit c5
11/24/17 Citrus Fruit c4
11/20/17 Citrus Fruit c3
11/19/17 Citrus Fruit c2
11/18/17 Citrus Fruit c1
11/18/17 Citrus Fruit prologue
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c8
A decent story, but not very remarkable. MC is very contradicting. At least in the first 3 chapters he seems so capable, confident and has the aura of a ruler/leader with a iron fist. Then somehow he turn into a nice, kind, gentle person the next few chapters. He doesn't even act as a noble. He lack money, but somehow he bought a rare sword from a store, he is not willingly to pay low price for it. While a day ago he just took over a person body and... more>> crush it soul. And now he kindly ask for help from his own subjects and even help a girl in return for her service. Not even a contract, but he already expect her to help him and not even guarding against her. He basically knows nothing about her or the troubles she could bring because of her identity. So reckless and immature. A true veteran would have extracted all information from her and has full control of her life before letting her into his service. Almost seems like a fresh newbie instead a wise person that has lived a long time.

Another thing that is weird is the author that can't seem able to write a capable and mature MC that has already live 2 life's before. His actions and decision seems more toward a naive or should I say a person that has not yet experience much from the world. He get surprise way too much and doesn't possess a smart or flexible brain.

Story would have work better if the author didn't try to input the setting of the MC that already have lived 2 lifetimes and that he had achieve great power and success from the past. Basically the author just shot himself in the foot, because he lack the skills to write such a character. <<less
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Yuehan rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: Completed
My original rating is 4 out 5 since there are a lot of characters with their story background left hanging. Lot of plot holes and unresolved issues but still I enjoyed reading it. I'm also satisfied with the ending, not that good, but still better than a lot of Chinese novels out there. It's very relaxing to read resulting me giving it an additional 1 star making it full marks.

As for the summary of the story, It is a story of a man who betrayed his race (subjective) and became the guardian of the other world.

There are really no bad guys here since each are doing for the sake of their noble goals. They just have different beliefs and stand point so each can't co-exist with each other.

About the harem,... more>> romance and bed scenes, don't expect too much. If you had read the other work of the author "Summoning the Holy Sword", it's pretty much on the same level as that.

The fighting scenes, world and character descriptions are also brief which makes it quite good and relaxing to read.

Be warned as well that there are a lot of cruel depictions (e.g massacring hundreds of thousands of armies and civilians) so if you have issues with this kind of things, better stay off.

The only complain I have is that the author should at least expand the story background of each characters instead of giving a vague summary of part of their history. Overall, it's still relaxing and satisfying to read. <<less
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July 8, 2018
Status: prologue
Ok, I'm three chapters in, and already hooked. The quality of the writing and translation is A1.

The idea isn't new but an cool rendition of a typical reincarnation story,

but with a with a twist.


The reincarnated soul isn't a good guy. This time, the bad guy wins and a poor soul (who the author clever introduces to us, making us feel like he is our brave hero--not) is ruthlessly devoured as a sacrifice, disappearing from the world forever to bring our cool and eloquent villain back to life.


What a breath of fresh air from the typical stories where the a supposedly OP, evil, millennium year old soul that can clearly wipe out a weak spirited punk from the modern age and posses a new body to reign supreme in the world once more, only to be disappointingly vanquished by some fancy-shmancy artifact or some OP ability the the MC never even knew he had.

The realistic dialogue had me drooling. Even the descriptions, which were not overly verbose but still paint a vivid picture. It's kind of hard to explain how much I like it already.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I reaaaally hope the quality can remain the same, from both the author and the writer (\o/) I'm rooting for you.
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April 3, 2018
Status: c8
A promising start.

The novel so far has focused purely on storytelling. There is very little meandering - no training or cultivation scenes (obviously, because this is set in a Western-fantasy setting), no bullshit, cuts straight to the point. Most of the text is about interactions between characters, which is done fairly competently. See this exchange for an example:

“Do you really not have a single sword?”

“Uh... ”

The middle-aged man furrows his brow. He could see by now that the youth before him was in real need of a weapon, and the sincerity of country folk carries through; he wants nothing more than to help the young man out. Thus, the middle-aged man does not outright give a rejection, but musters all his strength in recall. Finally, he seems to remember something, and loudly claps his hands together.

For some reason, this exchange just felt so real and genuine to me. None of the characters feel cliched, not even nameless characters like the owner of this smithy here, but feel like real, living people, who think and act like real people might do. This is something I don't see in most webnovels.

I consider the translation to be of high quality. The text is highly readable (I don't know about the fidelity, haven't checked the source) and there are useful footnotes as well (for example on the jus primae noctis). The author seems interested in European history although some of the things he writes are somewhat dubious (e.g extracting tax from peasants in gold rather than food), but the translator helpfully points them out - so, kudos to Citrus Fruit for doing some factchecking, it makes the reading experience much more enjoyable.

One complaint I have is that there is a lack of backstory around the MC's abilities, not even a hint of what exactly a "knight of demise" is capable of. I don't like this "mysterious" attitude, I want there to be at least some hints of the MC's abilities so when he uses them in future it doesn't look like complete asspulls.

Another complaint, more serious, is that the MC displays very little self-reflection. For someone who has lived for presumably an ungodly amount of time, there is very little reflection that would be expected of someone who has lived for that long. Furthermore, if he has had that much experience then he should be recalling things from memory almost all the time. He does this at the smithy, but that's only for that particular place that he has been to before. It's very specific and localized ("oh, I remember this placed used to have swords, now it doesn't"), rather than of the more general type of recollection.

From my personal experiences dealing with very old people, they seem to have a large collection of proverbs they regularly use in ordinary conversation. Maybe the MC doesn't want to let people know that he's old, but surely he should have these thoughts? If indeed he has them, then at least they are not shown. So that's another disappointment for me.

All in all, this feels like the beginning of a good story, but I do not feel that the story so far has done a good job of showing the MC's age and experience. Since only 8 chapters are released, I will hold off on rating it, but at this point I'm guessing I will rate it either 4 or 5 stars depending on how good the scheming/plotting is in this story. Hopefully there will be more focus on MC's thoughts later on.
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