Kiraware Yūsha ni Tensei Shitanode Aisare Yūsha o Mezashimasu! ~ Subete no 「Zama~a」Furagu o Heshiotte Kenjitsu ni Kurashitai!~


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In a certain popular web novel, the Hero Barrett repeatedly harasses the Protagonist Raul with malicious intent before eventually kicking him out of his party.

However, after being defeated by the awakened Raul, he ends up losing his status, honor, as well as his cute childhood friend-cum-fiancée, and then he disappears from the story.

The readers only have hate comments for him: “You reap what you sow,” “Beat it, you piece of tr*sh,” “Serves you right LOL.”

Having been reincarnated as Barrett, the hated hero, I will break all my destruction flags to overthrow my bleak future.

I vow to myself that I’ll work hard without getting drowned in my talents to become a Hero loved by the people, prevent my childhood friend from being stolen by the Protagonist Raul, and lead a peaceful life with her.

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Since I was reincarnated as a hated hero, I aim to become a beloved hero! ~ I want to break all the "Serves you right!" flags and live a steady life! ~
嫌われ勇者に転生したので愛され勇者を目指します! ~すべての「ざまぁ」フラグをへし折って堅実に暮らしたい!~
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TamaSaga rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: c10
I get to chapter 10 and I find this guy apologizing for what his "evil counterpart" does in the future in some other timeline.

Forget how pretentious that was if you think about it from the bullied's POV. I find that the lack of response from the peanut gallery surrounding them at the time says everything about what kind of story the writer is trying to make.

There was so much potential there... maybe it could've created an impression that the main character is a wallflower, or maybe someone would remind him... more>> that there are things you can and can't do at that time.

Instead, you realize that this is the kind of MC who will never think about the consequences. Instead his solution to conflicts is to blunder into them... and then they'll all somehow work out in his favor.

Like... if you're sitting on the side of the road in dirty clothes, he's the rich dude who walks up to you and hands you a loaf of bread. Nevermind that it's actually because you fell into a ditch and twisted your ankle, so you actually need a ride home. But no, the way the story works... instead of correcting his mistaken assumption, you're supposed to stay quiet, play along, smile, call him a good guy, and believe that the world is now a better place.

Quite frankly, I think the writer forgot the premise of the original story and the MC who's supposed to be a "villain escaping death" is never going to be in danger. The conflicts are whatever the writer tells us is bad. And the solution is going to be neatly bow tied with extra bonus points with the kingmakers of the world. <<less
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arifureta rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: c3
I know I shouldn't really be giving a review this early on but honestly I think anyone who's read a few chapters knows what's going to happen as novels like these are common place and predictable. Anyway the protagonist gets transported into a tr*sh novel that follows your typical banishment troupe where a guy gets banished by a s*upid leader and said guy goes on some adventure gets a sudden BS power up while the idiots party declines or said banished person was super powerful and taken for granted. The... more>> author expects people to believe it was a popular series with over 100, 000 reviews which we all know is BS and said novel wouldn't be given the time of day by anyone as they are all cheap mass produced crap. And from there he tries to change the fate of his character.


The MC is a s*upid naive beta male who doesn't even try to live his own type of life nor will he ever. Every character is shallow and lacks motivation and substance. The original hero became corrupted due to his immense and unchecked power but when you get down to it they all share blame for what happened. Since the story takes place in a tr*sh novel it was a mistake on my part to expect anything from the characters in the first place. If you hate stereotypical naive protagonists avoid this.

World building

It's a tr*sh banishment novel you know what to expect


Its extremely predicable and average


This is the one thing I can't quite predict based on the tags he could end up with just his s*upid naive shitty hypocritical childhood friend or the author could change his mind and give the rest of Raul's harem to the MC and they all have a "happy" ending regardless I don't give a f*ck.

I will read 50 chapters or less and see how the story goes at which I'll update this review just to be fare with more detail But I expect absolutely nothing from this series. That being said I wanted to give a warning to people beforehand

So after giving it a try all I can say is avoid this like the plague. <<less
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123alee123 rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: c181
The premise was fairly promising, and through the first 30 chapters or so I kept hoping at some point it would be good. It just... didn't. The plot armor is thicker than a tank and there isn't anything close to tension or difficulty. It would be fine if it were a fluffy school slice of life, but it's cosplaying as a dating sim with hero party elements where the route differs from the novel adaptation.

Instead it's a self-insert MC that is guided by an invisible hand which is using a... more>> walkthrough. The translator does an excellent job, but even by generic Isekai sludge standards the story strives for but doesn't quite reach mediocrity. <<less
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