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A new employee is hired in Chihiro’s department. Mukai, a refreshing and well-mannered guy, is the same age as Chihiro. His excellent talents are enough to get a stamp of approval from even HR. While feeling slight hostility towards the talented Mukai, Chihiro avoids competing with him directly, however, one day he notices a hidden passion in Mukai’s gaze.

Mukai likes him.

Mukai, who was in a completely different league than Chihiro, was being sweet only to Chihiro. Just as he was feeling good about that…?

Sweet and painful, a grown-up’s romance.

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miyabichama rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello, translator here~

I picked up this novel after reading The Liar Beside Me by the same author (highly recommended btw). I really loved her couple dynamic in that novel, so I searched for some other novels by her and this one caught my attention.

It's another light office romance setting with likeable characters and a protagonist that has some good positive character development in the second half.

Chihiro, our MC, is a sore-loser and when a new employee (ML) is hired to work with him (he's the only one in his department)... more>> he's instantly on the fence. Because the ML has way better qualifications than him and just overall much more talented (and handsome, definitely handsome!).

But, since he's sort of a two-faced guy, he acts as decently as he can towards the ML. Meanwhile, Mukai, our ML, looks a bit intimidating but is actually quite a pleasant and easy to get along with guy. The two hit it off and go out for drinks after work and get closer as coworkers.

Eventually, Chihiro realizes that Mukai definitely favors him, never saying no or denying him anything, and he gets a big head because of it, acting all arrogant.

Some chaos ensues, and the chaos leads to some unfortunate events. But from all that, Chihiro does acknowledge his own faults and tries to be better.

It's a short and sweet novel. Don't expect too much going into it, but if you want a nice light-hearted love story, give this one a try. Anzai Rika sensei is a gem in the BL light novel world!

This is my first translation project, but I hope I was able to bring justice to her story telling and characters. <<less
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raflow rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: Completed
i have no words to describe this with my poor english vocabulary, but I also would not be capable of saying everything i'd like to say in my maternal language as well. This masterpiece just runs me out of words!!

well written, well translated and with a pretty good development. Tho it has less than 20 chapters, it's still not that small considering how big the chapters are. Besides, reading it is fluid and enveloping.

it's one of my favorite novels ever!!
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twobada rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: c1
Another exceptionally cute and mature work from this author! God bless the translator for bringing out this gem.

The extras, in particular, were nice additions and honestly didn't feel like mere extras. Rather, I feel that they completed the story more fully.
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Wangxian604 rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is well written and I liked the translation as it is so smooth and understandable.

About the novel, it is a good light novel to read without feeling like you torment yourself because the MC is a dumbass and the ML is an @sshole. The MC and ML are written very well. I like Chiciro's character even though he was shown at the beginning of the novel that he is making little effort in his job in exchange for a better result but in reality, he is someone who... more>> wants motivation. When Mukai gave him this motivation he changed for the better. Mukai on the other hand because of his bad experience with homosexuality was always cautious toward dating straight people until found Chihiro the straight man who loved him for being Mukai only nothing else. This novel shows the deep emotions, anxiousness, and self-pity that the character feels. The plot is written very well and you can't feel dissatisfied with it. <<less
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yukicchi rated it
October 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Easy 5 stars. I love both of them especially Mukai!!

In the main story you will feel hurt cause of Chihiro's POV, that slight angst is so good. In the epilogue, I sympathize with Mukai's worries about their relationship.

The emotions are balanced, this is highly recommended!
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mau.kane rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I usually read this kind of story in short mangas. Reading this kind of story here in novel updates is giving me nostalgia when I'm first exploring bl stories. I would like to see more of these short novels here and I'm grateful to the translator for bringing this up here and giving it awesome translation. I will read The Liar Beside Me next which is by the same author. I'm sure it will not disappoint!!

Give this a go and I'm sure you'll not regret it!!!
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