King’s Proposal


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The boy’s strongest first love, a witch who rules over the world with her body and strength! Kuozaki Saika. The most powerful witch who has been saving the world from destruction every 3XX hours, and the director of the magicians’ school.

“…I entrust you, my world…”

And then… the first girl the boy ever loved died, entrusting her body and power to Kuga Mushiki.

Instructed by the servant of Saika, Kuga Mushiki is tasked with attending school as his now-deceased lover so that no one finds out the truth…

He’s feared by his classmates and even his teachers. His life becomes even more troublesome as he reunites with his younger sister who asks for counseling about her love for her own brother- him!

Associated Names
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King Propose Brilliant Colors Witch
Lời cầu hôn của quân vương
Ousama no Propose
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Date Group Release
04/03/22 Sugoi Translations v1c2 part3
03/31/22 Sugoi Translations v1c2 part2
03/29/22 Sugoi Translations c2 part1
12/02/21 ElloMTL c1
11/11/21 ElloMTL prologue
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Harekaze-0812 rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: --
The story was good from the very beginning.

Things like the "Disaster Factor" and etc. Were so interesting. Especially that the MC (Inside the body of the strongest witch) is going to attend the school academy as a student!

I hope the author continue writing more on this story.
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