Kingdom’s Bloodline


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A lowly child beggar, a noble prince, a monster viewed as the enemy of the entire world. If you possess all three identities at the same time, which identity would you choose to help you earn a better ending?

Thales did not have the answer.

He only knew that he came to a different and magnificent world, and he had to face a future that was as difficult to handle as a nightmare.

The glorious Empire had already been destroyed for one thousand years, the dying royal family suffered many problems, the legendary sacred battle had plenty of conspiracies, the divided world was in chaos.

But Thales had nothing.

The only thing he had left was an unswerving determination to preserve his own identity, bravery which would allow him to survive in a perilous situation, and a belief that he would never submit to principles he did not believe.

“A King does not gain respect by virtue of his bloodline. The bloodline’s glory rests on the deeds of the King.”

Darkness will baptize light. Fire will create true steel. The forbidden prince’s story starts here.

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Wang Guo Xue Mai
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Ner0 rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c297
Interesting background and characters.
However, the plot focus is suffocating.

Through the story, the author build plot-lines for their challenge.
It makes the story realistic but the issue is that the author seems to have an obsession with making his MC go through challenge after challenge. Unveiling new hard modes the moment the MC thought he completed the normal mode.

It's fine for one plot-line, or one arc, but the author abuse this. There's nothing else in the story. No relief period after a victory, the MC is always at death's door,... more>> with his fate in his opponent's hands and it's tiresome.

This is why, reading the story is suffocating. It's a complete focus on challenges where the MC must beat opponents who are stronger or have leverage on him.
The only emotions we see in the story are those experienced by the characters who are fighting, struggling, being plotted against or plotting against others.

It's a bit sad that the author didn't spend more time on something between the scheming, struggles and battles.
Because the world building is really superb (though I wouldn't want to visit that cruel, blood stained world) and the author really manage to get me immersed in the story.

On the characters side, it's well described. They are fleshed out and appear to have motives for their actions and goals.
However, the only minus I would take is that they all seem to be made from the same mould. Even if taking two characters who are opposite in their personality, they still appear to see the world with the same lens and have the same worries (thinking of you blond cop, Jines, Gilbert...).

In my mind, to get 5 stars, the story would have required for the MC to have more easy moments in between challenges. Where he's taking things easy, where he shows what he likes, to show a hopeful view of his future.
Despite his cheery appearance, the MC almost always project anxiousness, fear and pessimism. Either in his thoughts or the direction the author make him go for the plot.

I'll stop reading here. This is too suffocating for me. <<less
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CookieMonster rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c14
The chapters definitely aren't fillers. The world-building is well-thought-out. The power system and setting seem different from other novels, and the side characters get really fleshed out, with their own backstories and motivations.

The MC is just the right balance. He's smart, clever enough to infer things and motivations based only on details. At the same time, he cares about and tries to protect the children in his group (he's 7-8 years old physically), but he's not the selfless, s*upid kind of MC. He's trying to make the best of his... more>> situation with calculated decisions, but he still has a heart.

He's not a wimp. He can take beatings but he has a back-up plan. He's not OP yet either. In the first 14 chapters, he already meets plenty of people who could kill him in a heartbeat.

The first few chapters do have dark violence and a bit of gore, but there are hints of comedy afterward, so there's a chance the tone might lighten up after the action-packed buildup finishes.

Overall, it seems like a promising novel without the braindead, obvious plotlines other novels have. Don't mind the 1-star ratings. Give it a try first~! <<less
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GodlyCash rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: c257
Are you a

masochist and a shotacon? Well this is the perfect novel for you.


    • Almost all situations are solved by the mc's strategy, plannings, and a little bit of luck.
        • This novel is full of scheming which adds to our MC.
    • Super complex world that starts out mysterious and interesting before giving you the explanations later when you actually care about it. Instead of other Chinese novels where they shove all the exposition in the most boring fashion on chapter 1.
    • Every character as some sort of story making them more complex, interesting, and memorable when they are actually some sort of focus

    • Story likes to jump around in perspectives making it super confusing as 10 more characters are mentioned and you have no idea who they are. Nothing is really explained, we only understand as much as the MC.
      • Even in perspectives you do know, side characters, there is still alot of jumping around. When a large event happens and there are multiple things happening, instead of finishing one scene before going to the next, the author likes to jump around left, right, down, and everywhere else. It breaks the flow of each scene and situation.
    • The author likes to omit information making the story even more confusing. When the information is finally revealed near the end of a section or chapter, it's more annoying than the impact it creates. I hate this way of story telling because it ruins the pacing. Not that this novel had good pacing anyways.
        • There is no break, no downtime. Everything happens, just like every other Chinese novels, except on a 7 year old boy
    • I'm like 100+ chapters in and the amount of time that past is like around a month. The pacing is disgusting.
      • The conversations beat around the bush too much. They always delay the final conclusion of the argument and scheming too. Everything is extremely extended and sometimes by several chapters.
      • There is alot of exposition about the world. They show it after you get into the story so you're more interested, but it takes up so much time. These expositions can range several chapters and what happened in the story was just the group traveling or something.
      • Something that would've taken a paragraph to explain and do, takes up to several chapters sometimes. It can take so freaking long that as a reader, I've figured out the entire plan before the characters even finished their introductions. So much Business Jargon it's terrible. Nobody wants to read that stuff.
    • MC gets stronger, but it doesn't matter because he is 7 years old and he powers cannot be known by others too widely. He is never able to defend himself.
    • There are any too many "stunned" expressions. It get unrealistic fast.

I need to take a break from this novel. I don't find torturing a little boy pleasing.
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BellMarsT rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c62
Ok, I don't usually write reviews because I am a very lazy person; however, this story is a gem, and you all who are skimming through here should know that you should read this. I don't listen to rap, but my brother does, and he forces me to listen sometimes, so let me make this comparison: this story is lyrical rap and most of the stuff you have read - I am sure, like me- is mumble rap. In other words, this piece of work is a 5-star restaurant while... more>> we are accustomed to eating junk food at McDonald's or your near junk food joint.

I see that one of the things that many people are whining about is the pace of the story. Well, just like Mao Ni's Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices) the author takes his (?) time in world-building and character-building, and that is not something wrong but good. The story starts with THALES, our MC, who has reincarnated and is having flashes of memories from his past life, sometimes at inopportune moments. We see him going from a beggar to being recognized as the only offspring left of the current king. We are dealing with a smart MC here, and a complicated power dynamic in a feudal society, which can be a disenchantment for some.

The author takes his times building his secondary characters which some people seem not to like. However, the author does it for a purpose, because we, the reader, need to know what drives this "villains." There is face slapping and the MC has a "cheat"

he is a Mystic one of the most powerful people in this verse

, but he has yet to nurture it, so he is fighting now more with his brain than brawn. I am in ch 62, the latest released by this date, and I am waiting for more. You all will regret it if you don't read this. This is not only entertaining like all the junk food we read (Gourmet of Another World, The Daily Life of an Immortal King, Otherworldly Evil Monarch, etc., .), but it also makes you think and be like "WTH, this is so freaking smart, " or something. The point to all this is, give the story a chance. There will not be takebacks. At least get to ch 62, we are I am now.

Finally, the chapters are long and the release consistent, so yeah! <<less
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wait321 rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c285
Only read this if you're a masochist. I like the storyline but the chapters are far too frustrating to read. It's like 70% filler. Entire chapters are devoted to pep talks before a fight. Every small tremble or thought is described in excruciating detail. Unrealistically, twenty thoughts go through the character's mind in the second it takes for a punch. There are useless and meaningless flashbacks everywhere. And everybody goes to extremes to hide the main mysteries. I ended up skimming most of the chapters and still had trouble weeding... more>> out all of the useless filler. It's like the author buried a great story under a pile of garbage. <<less
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dotdot rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: c272
Starting with why people dislike it, also me sometimes dislike it for this reason.. the slow and fully detailed display of information. Oh God. It really does make me sleep or go read something else sometimes...

But please believe me, IT IS f*ckING WORTH IT !

Why ? The plots that you can figure out because the author gives you some tips, the *BRAIN* working, the NOT USUALLY SUPERFICIOUS CHARACTERS, yes people here really have brains and feelings, things are done for reasons, and has feelings to back it up O.O OMG... more>> IT CANT BE ! R-REALLY ?

it's incredible how many times you think, omg why again, when will it ends, why our beloved MC can't have some PEACE (#leavemealone), even so, it's exciting how he play with his cards, how good ours villains is, how our young MC do his show time, yes hes not OP.



Until now, the 270 chapters I had read, our MC Thales Jadestar, still has 7 years old, and only one/two months had been passed since he lefts Constalations for his diplomatic trips to Eckstein the Northland's, but SO MUCH THING HAPPENED, he learned more about MYSTIC, even has contact with one of them, even has already... Okay won't tell you what because its really cool to read be yourself, and I promise that you won't find out, only when it happens you will know that it's was about that that I was talking about.. he got more mature, blablabla.. the good way of MC development, the good way I say, because he's not the only one that evolves, every character in this novels is SUPERB and could be the MC.. real talk there. No jokes.

If you can endure some, or too much information you MUST READ IT!

there is others platform that has already updated farted then what I read, and it just hadn't uploaded it in here, in case you r looking for more chapters.. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: c45
Decent read, isekai + dark fantasy + political intrigue (aka Game of Thrones).
Identical to several sci-fi/fantasy opera novels out there, so if you've read a lot of those before, this is kinda boring. Basically a poorer version of "Release that Witch".
Good world building. But gets bogged down with pedantic details/filler with slow plot progression. It does show the impressive translation quality though.
MC being an intellectual transmigrator/child is pointless and ruined the story. Note that Vol 1 is Chapter 1-17, Vol 2 is 18-66, Vol 3 is 67-82. Chapters are LONG.

PhD level MC gets transported to a dark fantasy world. While struggling to survive in the harsh environment with his prior knowledge, he learns of his true heritage and must find new meaning/responsibility with his gained position.

MC was an academic in his previous life (unclear if he died). His past life memories are vague, but enables him to approach problems with maturity and calmness. That said, despite his previous life memories + 4 yrs of street smarts, he is sometimes emotionally immature which can be quite frustrating. Side characters are well developed with their own backgrounds/motivations. Everyone has different layers of morality.

A "mercenary" female assassin who shelters beggar children. A "righteous" knight who won't hesitate to kill. A "just and wise" king who is completely callous to familial relations.


(1) A carbon copy of most sci-fi/fantasy opera in the 90s, nothing original
Lookup "Star of the Guardians" by Margaret Weis (Dragonlance fame), "Star Wars", etc. The plot development is identical, from a constantly struggling lost prince to all the side characters that he meets and recruits. But I guess it's reasonable to expect some plagiarism from a Chinese author.

(2) Detailed world building, with some mistakes
Kudos to the author for at least being able to flesh out detailed environments, political factions, character builds. Very similar to "Overlord", you can tell author must've been an AD&D fan too.
Some parts of the world building/lore don't make sense though.

Natural disaster happened. Famine broke out. Everyone rioted. Most of the royal family was assassinated. All that happened within 1 year (named "The Bloody Year"). Huh?? Anyone who studies any world history in school would tell you such nonsense couldn't happen.

Poor attempts by author at describing political changes. The kingdom was supposed to be absolute monarchy, then lost control to feudalism due to wars (lords granted land and powers to assist in governing the country), then back to absolute monarchy again, but everyone is now doing a power grab.


(3) Frustrating inconsistency of the MC
Commentators have pointed this out. MC is a mature PhD level person (likely philosophy/sociology).
He's a PhD (on average 30+) who isekai'd into a child's body (3 yrs old, currently 7 yrs old), demonstrated years of street smarts and emotional control, so he's at least mentally 37 yrs old, but suffers from several bouts of whininess and immaturity when confronted with occasional unexpected situations. This is not supposed to be a coming-of-age story since MC is old.
In other novels ("Mushoku Tensei"), being a child has a unique advantage of jump starting their learning process, power-up, etc. In this novel there is ZERO purpose to being a child.

All of his theoretical knowledge is also pathetically applied. MC launches into pedantic exposition of various modern day theorems on inconsequential problems. There's no significant advantage or purpose of being a transmigrator. Utterly s*upid, ruins most of the initial premise of the story.


Chapters and chapters were devoted to showing how MC was emotionally mature. He stabbed a gang leader to death, witnesses large scale carnage and massacre, but can regain his emotional control in a span of a few moments. He can even talk down a vampire after being kidnapped.

But when MC meets his callous father (a King), he gets completely tongue-tied like some kinda shoujo. When MC is confronted with zealous fervor of his subjects, rather than argue sensibly that their fanaticism was misplaced despite his own strong misgivings, he goes along with it. SO PAINFUL TO READ.

Whenever MC gets into a difficult situation, it's only his adult mature mind that allows him to assess the situation calmly and see if he can negotiate/use his cunning to find a way out. It never relates to his previous life's skills/knowledge as a bookish academic. What's the point of the PhD?? "Release that Witch"'s MC did something with his knowledge. What is this guy doing?

(4) The repeated, pointless references to modern-day philosophy
There are multiple quotes of modern-day philosophy/sociology (Kant, Durkheim, etc). These quotes usually come to the MC in the form of memories.
It gets old really quickly and has no plot bearing since MC doesn't capitalize on the knowledge. Author is just making up the word count, or attempting to sound sophisticated/sesquipedalian.

(5) Pedantic writing and nonsense exposition
-- A ridiculous amount of detail explaining and summarizing things that have no consequence, way beyond typical Chinese webnovel filler.
Does it matter if there were 223 casualties, 514 house burned down?? Is this a statistical report? Or do we need the MC constantly "organizing his thoughts" by summarizing what happened in the last 6 chapters (or even previous lengthy paragraph) ? This nonsense constantly distracts from the plot.

To figure out how to recreate his power (which appeared to be incited through anger/emotion), MC goes through nonsense exposition of various modern day theorems. Such as:

'There are too few samples, too many variables, and the mechanism is too simple. The overly complicated Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) cannot be used. I can just use the most basic Mill's Methods of induction. First of all, with 'bleeding' and 'losing control' as the keywords, select relevant cases and events.'

WTF?? Why expound all this crap, just go ahead and test it??! And many chapters later, author realizes what he wrote was s*upid, so he contrived a scenario (which should be the normal way of doing things) for MC to activate his power. Because author realized there was no theoretical way to explain what mystic power was. So he came up with this nonsensical crap:
"Blood had acted as a medium with the previous two times he 'lost control' by bringing the dagger, which was a material object, and the mysterious sphere, which was an energy, before him in a mysterious manner. Hence, he made a tentative guess that the power might be related to dimensional teleportation." WHAT??


-- It's also REALLY annoying to write sentences in parenthesis for a fictional novel, especially when it's a random 3rd person injecting a DIFFERENT viewpoint. Poor sentence structure, wondering if they went to writing school for this.

-- Nonsensical fillers of characters talking to each other with no resolution

An entire chapter devoted to a crazed gang leader murdering children in excruciating detail. I get the point of the occasional gratuitous violence depiction, but was there a point to this chapter at all? Could have been done in less than half. And this repeated itself throughout the entire novel, likely to make up word count.

Entire chapters with either: Exposition about historical events, which at the end become a fake out and we're told isn't true, OR
Fake pleasantries between characters, then all the pretense drops and we're told all the earlier discussion was false. WTF. This is why other commentators said the plot goes NOWHERE.


(6) Mired in useless plot lines
Mentioned by other commenters, author tries to be too clever and introduces many inconsequential plot lines/factions/characters without prior introduction. That style of writing has rightfully disappeared in recent popular media because it's pointlessly confusing, especially for a web novel with serialized chapter releases. If you were following this chapter-by-chapter instead of binge reading, you would be hard pressed to remember what happened.
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deathcoy rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c578
Well written and intriguing plotline. The world building is well thought out, the narrative is meticulous and detailed and the storyboard is well planned. A mix of fantasy, magic, medieval with more focus on court politics, military bureaucracy and conspiracies. Kinda gave me the vibes of Game of Thrones.

However its not without the flaws. The pacing is excruciatingly slow, hundred chapters down the road and the plot only progressed slightly.

Too much redundant details or at least unnecessarily elaborate descriptions, this contributes to the snail's pacing and also more often then... more>> not causes the story to be complicated. Theres a difference between complicated and complex, the latter defines a good read. I feel the author is trying too hard to impress that it backfires. *Edit* I still stand by this statement. So many political maneuvers just to come to a stalemate. Basically this is the essence. To be honest I'm not sure its a good or bad thing. Somehow the global politics in the novel is a mirror of our real world, where every powerhouse just want to maintain the status quo and sphere of influence. Yes, some things do change hands but theres like a precarious balance.

The story switches character perspective too often, literally every chapter is from a pov of a different character, it breaks the flow of the story and only serves to confuse the reader. *Edit* After further reading, I believe this is necessary. Otherwise readers will be totally left in the dark and utterly confused. It also helps connect different subplots together and show how actions of each character cause cascading ripples in the storyline, very well done. Varied and colorful characters totally different and unique from each other, even minor pawns get heavy character development. Each of them have their own motivations and agenda (there is no good or bad guy) which eventually all tie in to the main plot, their actions, the cause and effect that follows. They feel more alive and real compared to other novels.

Despite the political focus, theres an underlying main plot involving the supernatural, fantasy elements and involving diety level beings. This is what I'm also excited about but author suppresses them though he heavily hints that this is gonna be the main focus of the story. For now the protagonist is merely playing the game of mortals that is spectated (or probably puppeted) by higher beings. I'm waiting for when he gets pulled to the real battlefield.

As for battles, there are few and far between but they are pretty well written. When a battle happens, author goes all out and it has a lot of importance to the storyline (not just merely for the sake of war) but you'll need to connect the dots or wait for future chapters to explain its significance, thats all I gotta say.

I'd say plenty of readers expecting battle focus plot or overpowered protagonist will be disappointed in this novel. However I would like to point out: swords and shield can win the battle but the true essence of war is a battle of words and wits.

This novel is more for the intellectual reader rather than one who is just looking for a fix. Keep that in mind. Also this is one of the few novels where the agenda is not made clear early on, you'll really need to read further in to enjoy it hence why I edit my review from 2 years ago (200+ chapters ago) and give it a more favorable rating. Sadly, raw releases are pretty slow. <<less
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zavita rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: c10
There are rarely detailed novels like this, usually Chinese novels full of rotating narratives. I like the writing style like this in almost every conversation has the purpose of being heard. MC is a transmigrator who doesn't have any cheats and he doesn't always just rely on himself in every face of a problem, like in other Chinese novels, the self-contained and cold MC is really boring.

Togetherness, trust and friendship become points that cover their weaknesses. At least that's the beginning of the story, for the development of the... more>> story I don't know, but because I like the beginning of the story I gave five stars for a while. <<less
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Ananya rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: c465
Best Chinese novel I have read so far (Yes, even better than Death Sutra.. IMO) and I have been reading Chinese novels for three years now. What really sets this novel apart from the usual CN novels are the characters, you can remember all of them (Well... most anyway), and even if the characters show up for only a chapter or two, they still make an impression on you.

The Structure of the novel is unique too..... if you have observed, while reading most novels we (readers) tend to know more... more>> about the plot than the MC but not in this novel, here the reader journeys along with the MC and learns about the plot and it's unveiled through the interactions between the various characters including MC as opposed to in a prosaic manner (info dumps!).

Next good thing about the novel are the twists and turns! There are a lots of them, they keep u hooked......I mean really hooked!

Combat is also really good but build-up to the combat is fantastic....... they give the necessary intensity to the fight scenes...... kinda like the Japanese anime-lvl intensity...... where the characters r not only fighting physically but also for their ideologies.....

Above are some unique aspects of the novel which sets it apart from the rest of CN novels.... having said that the novel has some draw backs too...... like sometimes it drags a lot and things are exaggerated but these are some minor issues in an otherwise fantastic novel! <<less
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March 16, 2018
Status: c9
This novel has quickly become one of my favourite. The MC isn't just handed things he has to struggle fight for his right to survive. Ignore Ra3ie1 review because his review has nothing to do with the novel, and I wish there was dislike button because his review is for a totally different novel.
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Zulfi rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: c480
I read the above reviews and seriously the words don't do justice to the novel, I read it cos I wanted to read stuff like way of choices, this is similar to that just that the MC is the prince of a kingdom and is not as well read as the protagonist of way of choices.

The book is sooo good it you see there is a time skip of 6 years only after like 300 or so chapters each arc is lengthy like you expect it to end at a... more>> place but that's not even the the end of the beginning

MC is smart but his opponents are even smarter, that's the beauty the way MC manages around people stronger and smarter than him,

Spoiler spoiler spoiler

As soon as the MC turns from a child beggar to prince he is kidnapped, in a day that just makes you curse the author but that's the actual beauty the MC finds himself in situations that would make a person give up like tens of times and converts them to his strength

The author is a genius, the plot is great

The protagonist is a mystic hated by the world, ps mystics don't die but MC can be killed as he has not completely become a mystic

The plotlines, the face slaps

Damn the face slaps ar elike absolute choice without any system or cheats

This a book with a very strong mc

Not the tr*sh that kill people to gain power and respect but the

The truly strong who strive to accomplish their goal inspire of their weakness

Let me introduce you

"Hello, I am thales jadestar, I don't need to become king to make your life miserable "

Thale jadestar, the mystic prince

As of chapter 480

So concluding the reviews ar unfair, the chapters are very long, but this is no tr*sh

Ps (to another review)

The bloody year, yes riots famine invasions assassination that left only the prince's father as the only blood of jadestar occurred in a single year, you say it's not possible read the BOOK before you say that

Even at 480 the bloody year mystery is not known fully

From the chapter 250 or so all plots are relate to the bloody year, they are all a result of the bloody year or a cause of bloody year

The bloody year is very important to the MC and the book <<less
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Ironman96 rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: c501
TLDR: Great novel, but can be a bit difficult to read due to the amount of politics/schemes/different powers involved (think of it like Game of Thrones). This is also a slow novel and MC is not OP at all, in fact he is pretty weak (he slowly gets stronger but still weak compared to literally every single important person in the novel)

One thing this novel really nails down is the struggle of the MC. We see him struggle all the way from surviving on the streets as a beggar... more>> up to surviving as a prince with multiple assassination attempts from all kinds of people/kingdoms. We see the MC grow up and learn to scheme better as the story starts off as a kid and being weak and having to scheme (literally every single person is stronger than the MC at the beginning). We see the MC lose in schemes and pay the price as he does not understand the whole picture of the kingdom he is part of and all the complicated things that the public does not know of. I loved this part of the novel as it makes sense in how the MC becomes smarter and able to handle himself in schemes against other lords.

However, I will say one thing - the MC never catches a break or if he does, its a time skip. I wish we had some room to take a break, have MC do something which doesn't involve him almost dying, instead, we are constantly in action/politics/schemes and fearing for MC's safety. There are a ton of well-done twists and certain times, you really fear for the MC's life where it feels like everyone is against him.

The power is handled well, people have reasons for being strong and there is still a lot of mystery about the MC's powers and how they originated in the world and its fun learning more about them and the other super powerful people that have them. People have different powers and are used well.

Something else I enjoyed about this novel would be the side characters, there are entire chapters without MC involved and they have their own thought processes and reasons behind their actions. There are no arrogant young masters and people put on a facade like real life, what we read in the novel is mostly from MC's perspective and that's not always accurate (this is where we get a lot of great twists from and its handled quite well by the author).

Overall great novel with amazing schemes and twists, great use of power and nice side characters to bring the novel together. It is very political and schemes heavy instead of more action/fights so if you don't like that, you may not like this novel. <<less
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ziki rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c457
Probably the best novel or even story in general that I read in recent years. As other reviews point out though, it does have a lot of weak points though because with this novel, the author truly set out on a grand undertaking of making a great story but fails at making it enjoyable read.

When reading this novel, it takes a long time before I could appreciate it's greatness, but even then I will curse it flaws. For example MC... I could write an essay about how I didn't like... more>> MC from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 457.

This is a morally grey, realistic world, which has complex side characters that with their own individual motives, plot endless schemes whose each reveal brings a major plot-twist. But MC continues to be this one selfless existence whose only goal is to be a good guy and bring the world peace. For the most of the story, MC is usually a spectator watching things unfold. But whenever he makes any decision on his part, it's always for the sake of others.

This novel has a lot of great side characters, a lot. And if I had to make my top 30 favourite characters of this novel. MC would still not make the list. <<less
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Sosseres rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: c337
I quite liked the opening of the book. A very disadvantaged person slowly trying to grind his way to a normal life. This then moves on to him having minimal agency by being swept up in others actions. We learn more about a complex world that could be interesting.

Then the already slow pacing becomes glacial. Time wise in the story we hit climax after climax of plot lines set up by others and impacting the MC. Yet it still feels so slow. Constant shifts of viewpoints, expanding cast and making... more>> sure to hide things so they can be talked about another 10 times (minimum). A side character fight can easily take 5 chapters to resolve, while you are waiting on the main plot to move forward.

Before I dropped the novel I constantly found myself skipping entire pages of text. They simply didn't matter. The amount of filler that crept into the novel made Wheel of Time feel fast-paced with good connection of the current content and the overall plot.

Finally the worst part, the characters outside the main character. There is 1 or maybe 2 other characters I care about. Sadly the screen time will go to another 10 ones that neither we nor the MC care about. In the same glacial pace as everything else. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: c215
Story is not bad and have potential. But is also no masterpiece. So many readers overrated and hype up way too much then what is truly is. I do gave it credit for the well written drama and emotion in the chapters which even made me shed tears reading some part. But the story itself also has a lot of problems. The whole plot is a mess and sometimes I think author is just overdoing it and many plots turn pretty dumb if you truly think it through.

Worse things about... more>> the book: Legends, titles and names that are so massive and ridiculous that the author is just messing around. Like author constantly come up with tales of heroes, events and about the past. Worse is every little rumor or story is left with a cliffhanger and author try to be mysterious. This left the whole setting 1 big pile of mess and confusing. He is just overusing this whole concept. It's so ridiculous that no reader would bother even remembering 1 % of all the things told.

Secondly author try to be way to mysterious about every single detail. Just get straight to the point! 1-2 times being mysterious is ok, but for almost every chapter to be like this, then you just frustrate the readers.

Thirdly is the damn MC itself. Author should have never made him a 7 years old setting and start the story with it. Is amazing he is still alive for a 7 years old. The amount of incidents and danger situation he has to witness in just 1 year alone is bullshit. Does the author even understand how a 7 year old body is and what it limitation are?

Fourth is the plot itself. Is going way too fast for the 67 year old person body (even if his soul is a mature one). It almost make no sense how he even survived. For example the MC has less than 1 month to prepare himself with history lesson, language writing, combat and also etiquette. He was even kidnap and injure in that month alone. Is bullsh*t to tell me that he manage to cramp up all the things he needed to survive while still have time to teach someone else silent language. Then you tell me he can actually read many different types of books after just learning some basic in 1 month. The most irrational thing is the the father plothole itself. He only met his son like 2-3 times during the period of a month and expect him to survive and know exactly what to say in sticky situations. With his brain he actually though his son would survive these events just because he has fate in him. If the MC didn't had that mystic power in him, he would have died dozens of times already just in 1 year alone.

Fifth is the information itself. Freaking author keep trying to use cliffhangers and being mysterious. Things that could be explain needed countless chapters to do it. All MC had to do is get 1 important character and spend a whole day with that person and ask all the question he needed to know. History, combat, background etc. Like literally any important character he met could have easily told him things that he lack. For example that ramon, he could have explain to him what wizard do, but author actually needed to separate 2 chapters just to inform the MC the information. And the excuse was someone interrupt their conversation and MC needed another day to ask him.

Lastly are the villains. The villains schemes are written well by author, but the aftermath is a whole mess. Like these villains are way too chatty and confess way too early. There is no proof for their crimes but the villains already confess to everything just because the other side suspect them and pointed them out. For example that duke who had betray the king. After the king ask him if he is the traitor, the guy literally confess every scheme right on the spot. I mean seriously? Or that vampire queen big sister who is a fugitive. She talk way too much and her scheme seems so dumb. She keep trying to incite her little sister to kill the prince. But she herself could have just snap his neck, kill her sister and lay the blame on her sister. Sometimes I think author is just overdoing it with all the schemes and plots. Is full of plotholes.

Also the MC is kinda annoying and average. He is sometimes smart and turn dumb and clueless the next chapter. What I don't like about him is that he has no goal or ambition in life. And he does is go with the flow and try to survive the path others set for him. That is irritable, because the whole 200chapters is just him constantly talking about how unlucky he is and how he can't escape fate. Look, if you like reading Tale of the reincarnated lord then you probably enjoy this one too. Is is also heavily inspire A Song of Fire and Ice books. Author can write a lot of unnecessary stuff sometimes but overall, this novel is still better that many of the other stories out there. <<less
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Ruthless rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: v2c7
This some bullshit. The author sure does f*cking take his time with the start, but that's fine, but to then reveal to me that he is a Mystic, which here is basically extremely powerful, like ridiculously powerful, and then not focus on that, but focus on politics? One of the most ret*rded things in novels like this?

Like seriously, modern day, politics are important, sure. But here? Where Mystics, who are basically impossible to kill, participate in politics?
Disagree with the MC who is a Mystic, who (if he focused on... more>> training his mystic powers) would be immortal basically, is suicide.
There should be 0 aspects of politics in this story, maybe as a thing for mortal side characters, but otherwise, 0!
Disagree with me? Die. Test my kingdom's strength? Die. And so on and so forth.
Giving it a 2 star only because it attracted my attention enough to read it. <<less
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Chourou rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: c68

The novel. Intresting setting, we have the usual cliché of transmigration bla bla bla, bloodline power slowly awakening and him becoming overpowered in the future, cope with an adult mind.

And yet I still feel there is a little annoyance around the atmosphere by the main character Thales and his surrounding acquaintances.

Another part that really really irritates me is that, this writer leaves so many riddles and mysteries and questions all the time. Novel is in 70+ chapters and there are tons of unawnsered questions. If I were to take out... more>> my old books, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Joe AberCrombie, Trudy Canavan, Nick Perumov, and the list goes on, they also leave mysteries and questions to be anwsered later. BUT NOT THIS MUCH (KINGDOMS BLOODLINE). It is a good novel. But irritating at a same time. Is that still a good novel? Yes but not to that degree of being an awesome novel, in my experience and my own personal opinion.

We are in for an adventure to see how his personality will change and how he will change his world. (Hopefully he will change) Expect xianxia kind of fights where magic and aura or qi energy will fly around and things will explode. Sometimes I just feel lost in the context when reading this translation. Gender bender translation. A character was one time he and changed to her in another chapter. Strange wordings, basically strange context and paragraphs that made me lost in the reading, not often but it happens in some chapters.


I want to give this novel a higher rating but I feel more irritated than enjoyment when reading this novel. The "plot/story" is intressting, the world is intressting. But the writing is irritating. Cliff hangers every chapter. Unsolved mysteries and riddles all the time, and too many to keep track of. I dont have photographic memory. Annoying main character, Thales. Annoying flashbacks in the middle of situations or conversations that just suddenly happens and half the time I dont connect the dots. Whatever. Writer/Author trying to not make the novel into the usual cliché transmigration stuffs by trying to make it more complicated, filled with questions everywhere. Sure, I dont mind that, but its executed in such an annoying and complicated way. As I mentioned earlier, the chapters often ends with cliffhangers, and sometimes the novel continues where it left off at cliffhangers, SOMETIMES the next chapter does not continue where the cliffhangers left off. PoV = Point of view changes a A LOT - ANNOYING WRITING TECHNIQUE

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March 25, 2021
Status: c131
From where I've read, the story is fairly good. If you're into detailed worlds and in-depth explorations into not only the MC but the people around him, you'll like this novel. A lot of people complain about several points, which are kind of fair as they are personal preferences but I'll try to defend this novel, cause it's cool.

1: It's boring/long-winded.

This is kinda true. Events go on for what feels likes forever, whether it's a battle scene or a conversation. This might turn off those who aren't into long descriptions... more>> of battles but it also allows for a better understanding of what is happening. Like a staircase, you see how each tiny step leads to the next, building up to a conclusion that is easy to understand. Same with conversations. This is a political intrigue novel, so most characters will talk in circles to confuse or hide their motives. As such, all the long conversations and explanations are needed so we who aren't proficient in 'politician speak' can understand not only what is being said but how the MC managed to dissect it all.

2: It's dark

Not gonna lie, it is a dark novel. The world the MC lives in is not, in any way, friendly. There are scenes of major violence toward children and it doesn't hold back. There are also depictions of cruelty that make one want to stop reading. Sometimes the hero doesn't win. It's that kind of story. But this a world that we, the readers, want to see change, even just a little. This is also a world that the MC wants to change as well and he has to go through a lot of suffering to learn how to accomplish this goal. He experiences loss and learns harsh lessons so that when he grows up, he won't be defeated by those things. This novel is about a young boy who travels down a thorny and mud-ridden path so that when he gets to the other side, he isn't afraid of pain or muck.

3: Shifts in POV

Often, we'll cut away from the MC and his adventures to see what other characters are doing. Some complain as they feel the shift is unnecessary or confusing (in the cases where the POV is unclear). I disagree with this, as shifting the POV allows us to see the events taking place either at the same time or that are relevant to the main plot. Most of the shifts are used to relay information that can't be brought up in the main plotline since the MC has no connection to that information. It also allows for an expansion of the side characters we either have met or will meet. We learn about the world, their motivations and the things that happen either as a result of the MC's actions or will affect the MC later.

4: MC doesn't get a break

It's true. The MC goes from one danger to another seemingly without a moment of rest. If there is downtime, it's skipped. The upside is that the novel doesn't try to one-up itself each time a major event happens. This shows how the MC is not so much the catalyst for these major events so much as he's been thrust into the middle of a year's long conflict. Many sides are all vying to get their way and the MC just happens to be a pawn in a lot of their games. Really, the story is about how the MC gets out of their traps and creates his own.


If you are into detailed worlds with varied and nuanced views on conflicts with an MC who is smarter than the average child, you'll like this novel. If you appreciate a world that isn't sunshine and rainbows for... anyone really, you'll like this. If you desire a novel where smart people explain their smartness in a way that even the most confused reader can understand, you'll love this. The novel is filled with action scenes, compelling characters and rich lore. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: --
This is a novel that takes A LOT of patience to read. Because there are many cliffhangers, a lot of mystery and unraveled plot points that keep recurring but only get resolved way later. Sometimes it's just plain frustrating with how many things the author hints at but keeps from us. You should also be able to stand the main character being helpless in a lot of situations like an 8 years old kid is. And that he's being mercilessly tossed around like a pawn on a chessboard by the... more>> experienced old players.
If you can stand this kind of novel, you'll be in for a nice ride with some good world building, a well written main character and side characters, and good villains. And last but not least, schemes that go beyond your expectations as you unravel the mystery behind the overarching plot piece by piece.

And a tip; if there is a certain plot progression you don't like, except for deaths, things are not like what they seem to be on the surface in this novel. <<less
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