King of Mercenaries


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Marin found himself in the body of a young wandering knight who was driven out of the house. Forced into the 15th Century, he was armed with only a horse, a breastplate, and a lance.

He was soon caught up in the era of German mercenaries established by Maximilian I. And so he decided to become a mercenary. Relying on his half-baked internet knowledge, he will establish his own mercenary force. Waging war with French knights and Swiss armies, even Emperors and Kings must beg of him.

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King of German Mercenaries
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MingDelta rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: Completed
So, Translator's reviews.

Honestly, I really like this series. It reminds me a lot of series like Release that Witch and Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki. Albeit not until like chapter 40 or 50. (I'm going to be mentioning RTW a lot in this review)

The title may be a bit misleading, the book is more focused on kingdom building than actual battles. However, that's not to say there are none. Much like Release that Witch, the battles are spread out and have some moderate build-up. Which is nice.

As much as I like... more>> RTW, the one complaint I have is that the battles are so stinking short. In this novel, it gets a bit better but it still lasts only several chapters. Which is to be expected in any novel with a technological gap between armies.

Being that this is a historical series, there will be a lot of domestic affairs. Not so much politics but quite a bit of explaining by the author.

Btw, this series has a direct sequel that is still ongoing. <<less
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c20
Story is nice, I read ahead and found that the pace is good. So far, there's no heavy conflict, to where I was left off, he's gone back to his family's fief to temporary stay there as he waits for the Emperor to conscript mercenaries. While he's at it, he tried to improve his family's way of living, consequently introducing money-making stuffs. I look forward to his future exploits since I expect him to turn out more or slightly less like RTW's MC.

PS: Translator-sama!!!!! Please update this story!!!!!
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po-po rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: 600
I don't know how to rate this series.

(I dropped it by ch. 300 in the second book because this doesn't suit my taste)


This is the genre I love the most but, this story is quite the disappointment.


    • This is ultra-realistic = unlike the fantasy, xiaxnxia & wuxia novels. the author has TOOOOO much information. and he is not shy about flaunting his massive Wikipedia knowledge. you can constantly skip5 chapters and still be able to follow the story = massive info dump.
    • Maron behaves just like any other guy would react in that situation. he faces medievalsituation. and makes ruthless choices despite knowing it's bad, there are a lot of massacres, and noble pandering and he acts like any other guy would do. (except the part for willingly committing mass murder and promoting slavery) and the author clearly meant it to be that way. (it just doesn't suit my taste)
    • He takes no measure to promote technological development. yes, he faces real issues and real threats that inhibit him from doing that. again too realistic, there is no point in reading a fictional story, if it's written like a alternate history book.
      LOOK I AM NOT ASKING FOR UNREALISTIC DEVELOPMENT LIKE "RELEASE THAT WITCH" But taking 8 years to build a steam engine is just too slow. I know, the story lays out clear reasons for doing that but.......
    • AUTHOR IS LOK KEY RACIST. or at least his writing feels like it. like many Chinese authors, he hates black people for some reason. the reason he gies for not supporting African blacks in 1500' is just too unbearable.
    • At the end author portrays Marlon as a guy who would do anything for the development of his kingdom, he hinders massive global development just to make his country stronger and richer.


Reason = it will prove that the author doesn't have double standards while writing the story

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Diskat rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: Completed
This review is based off of this and its sequel.


    • Kingdom building, political and army battles using strategies; fun stuff
    • Has Industrialization!
    • It has a sequel where it left off at chapter 350

    • Slow paced at times; often I would skip a few chapters if it's going too slow
    • Protagonist knows too much
Other thoughts

    • Again, Protagonist knows too much! He knows map coordinates of resources of both America and Europe, knows how to fight in his previous life, knows how to counterfeit, knows strategy and tactics, knows American and European history extremely well (Including what islands are famous for resources), and knows and remembers chemistry and metallurgy, such as getting zinc and certain alloys, even after a decade since he got there.
    • Protagonist is not a "good" person. In fact, he commits many atrocities, and would not hesitate to kill innocent families if they get in the way, but there is a general line where he draws at. However, I do think he uses castration as the solution for many problems is a bit too much.
    • Industrialization is too slow! Steam engines gets built courtesy of handing it off to Da Vinci, but he hasn't publicly nor privately used yet for any production tasks or in creating better technology via precision machining (lathe, etc), even after 500 chapters into the sequel. While it's fine he's repressing technology because he's afraid of other countries getting a hold of it, he shouldn't stop development just because he's waiting for resources and instead should focus for his own private development.
    • His army upgrades are also slow. Yes, he got matchlocks while everyone else are still knights, and got flintlocks as well, but those are special troops and are generally not used due to repressing his technology advantage. He also uses Napoleonic-style cannons, which is technically still a large upgrade compared to those wooden seats of medieval cannons. I kind of want him to be 2 steps ahead technologically, but its only half-granted due to him not investing as much into research
    • He actually has a steel mill, but he tends to focus on making armor rather than using it for more tech development usages.
    • There are moments where I feel like the protagonist is drunk despite not drinking, due to out of character actions, but those moments are rare.
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