King of Commerce, Yeonsan-gun


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Meet Park Kyung-sik, a senior undergraduate student who made the rash decision to double major in History and Economics. Now, with his college years nearing their end, he’s looking forward to finally escaping the struggles of his intense academic life.

In a desperate attempt to finish his senior thesis in History, Kyung-sik hurriedly submits a half-baked paper. Unexpectedly, his professor calls him in—not to discuss graduate school opportunities, but to reveal a shocking secret. The professor claims to be a Mountain Spirit and suddenly transports Kyung-sik back in time!

When Kyung-sik regains consciousness, he finds himself enthroned as the king of Joseon.

Driven by his modern knowledge and the goal of achieving financial independence in a feudal society, Kyung-sik embarks on a journey to revolutionize Joseon. His quest to become the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) king involves overhauling everything from the kingdom’s economy to its political structures.

Join King Kyung-sik as he navigates the challenges of reforming an ancient dynasty with his contemporary insights and strategies.

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경제왕 연산군
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