King of Assassins


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The most dependable (sarcastic) assassin — Gao Xuan. Developing himself with an inventory of powerful gear. A master of biding his time, backstabbing, and brutalizing weaklings. Don’t love me. Nothing would come out of this. I am an assassin without feelings.

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  1. Assassin/Thief protagonist

Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/18/24 Novelhunters c64 part2
02/18/24 Novelhunters c64 part1
02/17/24 Novelhunters c63 part2
02/13/24 Novelhunters c63 part1
02/03/24 Novelhunters c62 part2
02/02/24 Novelhunters c62 part1
01/26/24 Novelhunters c61 part2
01/16/24 Novelhunters c61 part1
01/07/24 Novelhunters c60 part2
01/07/24 Novelhunters c60 part1
01/06/24 Novelhunters c59 part2
01/02/24 Novelhunters c59 part1
12/25/23 Novelhunters c58 part2
12/19/23 Novelhunters c58 part1
12/17/23 Novelhunters c57 part2
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