Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo, Aruiha Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen


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The Empire endowed with an advanced level of knowledge, and the Nebulis Imperial Household Agency feared as the ‘Country of Witches.’ On the long lasting battlefield between these two countries, a boy and girl met.

The swordsman who became the ultimate force on the battlefield at the youngest age throughout all the Empire’s history―Iska.

The ice witch princess praised as the strongest in all of the Imperial Household Agency―Aliceliese.

“If you capture me, your dream may also be fulfilled.”
“Likewise, if you defeat me, it will become a step in the unification of your world.”

The two arch enemies were to kill each other. However, the boy had his heart stolen by the girl’s beauty and nobility. And the girl was attracted to the boy’s strength and way of living. Even if walking alongside one another would not be permitted and the only path before them was to defeat each other.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World
The Last Battlefield Between You and I, or Perhaps the Beginning of the World’s Holy War
The War Ends the World/Raises the World
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Bugis-san rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: v1c1
It's about war between two sides. But it did not feel like war at all. Utter disappointment. Totally lack the feel of seriousness/urgency. Can you believe that the protagonist didn't kill a single enemy during a war?!! It's a fking war!!! He just knocked them out. This is no seinen. Blabbing while fighting. Lovey-dovey atmosphere despite at war. It is to the point that telling your skill/power to the enemies is nothing news at all.

Tl;dr : Complete misleading tag. It is Shounen.

Edit: Tag has been changed to Shounen
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bkwrm rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: v1
Not terrible but nowhere near good. Waaay too predictable, you can see what the author is going to do every step of the way. Characters are also pretty one note and follow the usual tropes. No new or interesting character twists if you've read any other light novels. And I like romantic bits normally but the setup for each scene was so obvious that it wasn't much fun.

And the MCs base idea is terrible. He really thinks he's going to stop the war that way? He knows what his superiors... more>> and the other uber holy warriors are like. And he still thinks that plan would actually do anything...

Also the super convenient neutral territory between the 2 enemies, wtf? It already embodies what they both want yet the author only uses it as a place for the two to meet each other. Think that's the main problem with the story, far too much feels contrived by the author instead of feeling natural. <<less
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posinw rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: v1c3
Since other people already talk about the story I will talk about other thing.

This is how a good novel should be. Great story board, characters that feel real and alive this element is what most of novels these day lack but this one has to offer.

I think this story deserve a full mark in my eye. Not only its pace is good it also has characters feel much more real than some of my actual friends. I make this statement twice solely because I strongly think this is what differ... more>> between a generic novel and a good one. It dive into an emotion of two main leads and make us feel convince in their way of thinking.

All in all I think this story deserve so much more praise than it got. If you are thinking about finding a good novel that’ll not bored you I think this one is worth a tried <<less
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Renaxan rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: v2 prologue
Throw off your expectation about bloody war, strategy or high performance battle. So far, the main point of the story are romance, that's actually not bad at all. Its like story of man and girl met and likes each other, has same perspective fated to fight each other. Then also fated (or you can call it cliche romcom development) that make them coindence meet each other all time whenever they're going out, for sake of romance. There's a lot generic romance-shounen plot happen here, even towards end of volume 1.

MC... more>> isnt edgy, I see him as idealist, hold much power he is not consumed by bad will's and same with heroine. Story so far has a good pace, clear background with unrevealed mystery. I smell epic plot later, but I didnt expect much from them since its clearly romance as main point of story. So far, its interesting and enjoyable to read for me. In my assumsion, This kind of story would have anime adaptation in future if goes well.

Gonna edit this later in future. <<less
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Alec157 rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: v1c1

If you are wondering if this is another generic harem/ecchi novel it is most definitely not (as of yet). I've only read the prologue and first chapter and yet im already fully entranced into the story. We have already gotten character development for both leads while world building seems believable and interesting. However my favorite point is how much you feel happens in such a small amount of time. In 1 chapter I've read what usually happens in 2-4 normal LN chapters. It isn't that they're extremely long but the... more>> writing is top notch and so is the rest. Some doubts remain in me though since as I said before only one chapter is out for now. High expectations and haven't been deceived yet.

Good day to all. ?? Edit: I forgot to mention that this author is great and the other works are very good if not a bit slow in romance aspect. <<less
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anokatax rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: v2c1
I'm really loving this story's beginning and cute romance. The two main characters are so sweet with their interactions and romance, and I also love the "war torn enemies" aspect of their relationship complicating things. Its a classic star crossed lovers tale with a good blend of fantasy magic vs scifi technology. I think both MCs are enjoyable with pasts I'm curious of, and I enjoy the magic system, star swords, cast and overall fun of the series.
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Thesoloplayeramv rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: v1c4
Found this light novel randomly on amazon japan. I was struggling while trying to find something that would please me and many novels fell behind because of this. Well, I ended up buying the first two volumes, but since I can't read japanese very well, I thought I would have had problems finding an english/spanish/italian translation. Guess I was wrong after all, because searching here and there, in the myanimelist page for the novel, I read about the beginning of the translation.

So far so good, I should say. I'm currently... more>> at volume 1 chapter 4 and I started reading it yesterday night. The story does not talk about war itself, but the difference between the two institutions currently at war with each other and these two MCs, Iska and Aliceliese. One comes from the Empire (Iska) and the other one comes from the Imperial Household Agency (Aliceliese). They're both strong, but only the "Ice Witch of Calamity" Alice has a high status, just beacuse Iska has been imprisoned for some years in the Empire Capital.

In the first chapters we can see how Iska is not willing to murder anyone, even if the war itself requires bloodshed from both parts. I do apprecciate his toughtfullness tho, this is what makes a man different from the rest of the army.

Alice struck me as an evil MC at first, just a little bit further with the reading, I was surprised at my own s*upidity. She is a beautiful princess and also very clumsy, but this is what makes it interesting. She faced Iska in a well written battle, but he ended up saving her from falling and form there, the story of the two starts.

It's like a Romeo and Juliet type of story, and it's a lot promising. I just hope none of the MC and MisMis dies after that T.T

The art is also something that convinced me to buy KimiBoku... Well yes, we could say i'ts cause of Aliceliese, the cover of the first volume. When I obtained the pshysical copies, I remember running through pages just to look at the illustrations and... Yes, they were and are pretty fantastic.

If you like romance in the time of war, just go for it and read Kimi to Boku no Senjou, I think it's worth a try :D <<less
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February 9, 2018
Status: --
This novel is shallow.

I won't go as far as to say its bad, it can be enjoyable, and its not completely superficial like a xianxia. Sapassde made a good point in comparing it to a magical school, the war truly doesn't feel like one. The author tries to make a deep world and characters but its hard for him.

My main recommendation is to try reading the first chapter, if you enjoyed it and didn't find anything that urns you away, proceed bravely and ignore whatever everyone else is saying. Anyways,... more>> the novel isnt tr*sh, the translation is ok. <<less
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notbk rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: v1c5
This is a good read. It's translator's quality is top tier (probably the best in the space) and you can expect constant, consistent updates with a clean website.

The illustrations are relatively good too and I believe the illustrations do help with the success of a light novel.

In terms of the story, it is as you would expect from a Japanese novel. Light, fun, and quick. If you come into this space expecting actual good stories, then you will find none, but it doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. Sometimes you might... more>> find a meal at a 5 star restaurant appealing, while other times you might prefer a bowl of ice cream.

Give this a try, because it has a good translator, a good illustrator, and will probably be superior to the alternative novels in the space. <<less
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feu_xb rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: v1c1
I just read the prologue and first chapter and have to say this is already a great novel. Interesting story, the right amount of cliché, interesting MC and heroine.

The MC is strong (based on v1c1 he is OP), but the heroine is at the same level.

There are girls that are interested in the MC, so I hope it won't turn in a harem, but as of now it is moving towards the MC having feelings for one of the heroines (as basically stated in the summary on NU).

This novel is... more>> also well written and translated. This is definitely going up on my favorites list. <<less
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