Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita 2


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It is the after story of “KIMI NO SHIAWASE WO NEGATTEITA” Aka “I wish you happiness”.

Be aware, it’s not a happy ending yet.

An old family friend appeared in front of Wakaba, who was starting a friendship with Sasanami.

When he felt the most lost and couldn’ find his way, Raizo-san points to him another path to take.

Still, Wakaba couldn’t decide which way to go.

Associated Names
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I Wished For Your Happiness 2
君の幸せを願っていた 2
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February 9, 2021
Status: --
I'm happy to see that it has a continuation, but look like there are no new chapters for months!!!

I'm scared it will have a sad ending like the prequel, I hope it has a happy ending for our MC, specially because here the author is giving a lot of hope for our MC!!!

I hope they continue to translate, this novel is breaking my heart!!!
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ylial rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This is not over yet there is Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita 3 and has several chapters (36 chapters and 8 side stories). So don't worry about the cliff hanger ending in this! The main plot will happen in book 3 and their first night is so sweet ❤️ I want someone like ML too lolXD

The MC is afraid to be hated by ML so he doesn't say anything about his soul mate identity. He's a coward in terms of love; can't blame him since he's defective and... more>> lives all his life being looked down by others. I like how understanding he is to everyone esp to ML. He is also hard working and rational (except in book3 he suddenly becomes s*upid to forward the plot). His action is somewhat contradictory but humane and portrayed realistically

he is a coward, afraid to be hated. But can't leave the ML. The MC also doesn't want to marry other since he's afraid to rob them of their soul mate but he is okay if the ML gets his happiness with another. Doesn't that another person has a soulmate too?

. For the ML, he's a gentleman in a world where alphas look down on omega. I am greatly amazed by the MC's and ML's self control.

Great story building!! I really love the story and slow love development. Each chapter doesn't divulge much so I'm surprised how d book 2 ended. For book 3, it has full of angst but it is resolved half-way through the story.

I skimmed some chapters 27 onwards <<less
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Wyld rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c2 part1
I ship him with raize I secretly wish to see him in a relationship with a non fated partner



kyaaaaa so I mtled it up to chapter 3 (the last chapter that there is rn I think) raize asks the MC to marry him and the MC tells him that he has to think about it the MC kept telling himself that he should distance himself from ren but remembering how much he liked him

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